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  1. I've missed large parts of games doing just that but minus a megaphone, it's not as if you're going to miss anything on the pitch.
  2. We sing various songs, classics like "in 1982", "Nigel Spink rolls the ball", "Come to Birmingham and you will see",then a couple of others that weve made up. We don't expect everything to catch on immediately and in the Holte it can be hard to get some songs to spread, especially in the current climate at the club. I think the english support traditionally been better but has died on it's arse in nearly all home grounds in the premier league in recent years, that's down to many things from all seater stadium, over the top stewarding and ticket pricing, all parts of the modern game I personall
  3. The blurred faces are for various reasons P3te, a) people might not want their mugs plastered all over the internet without permisson in the past we've had a bit of grief from stewards and even police for persistent standing c) some members might not want their employer to know their association with the group, the "ultra" tag has quite negative connotations for some who's only udnerstanding of the scene comes from the tabloid press and i don't think people would want to have to have the conversation with their boss about what being part of such a group in the uk means. Certainly not a fi
  4. Brigada 1874 highlights from the 2013/14 season. Hopefully be more of the same next season. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYYGsnYkKME
  5. I am a Villa Fan It's the way i'm made I am a Villa fan The way i'll always stay Standing on the Holte End We are always there Aston Villa FC My one and only care http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usYgf8cVfvU
  6. The two men arrested are Roma fans. They're being charged with attempted murder, which is unusual in Italy since part of the reason fans are slashed across the buttocks is that generally people aren't charged with attempted murder if they attack someone with a weapon below waist height.
  7. This happens every time an English team plays in Rome, but it also happens to other Italian teams supporters in Rome. The use of knives by Italian hooligans isn't common but does happen in both Rome and Naples. Interestingly police are saying they suspect at least one Roma fan to be involved in the attack so it seems like members of Lazio and Roma firms teamed up. It has also been suggested that anti-semitic shouts were heard during the attack so it's quite likely that this was far-right fans from both Rome clubs. The police in Italy generally do **** all to combat hooliganism, they ha
  8. I predict this to be a damp squib. There doesn't seem to be any logic behind the protest nor any idea how this will actually help the team. Everyone knew this season was going to be difficult having lost our two most creative players and gained a new boss and while things aren't going great that's just football. If some fans spent as much energy getting behind the team as they do protesting and whinging we'd have a cracking atmosphere for this game.
  9. The word going round is that the police and security services let the Al Masry fans attack the Al Ahly fans and players. Apparently the al ahly ultras have been heavily involved in the protests against Mubarak and the military government and this may have been the police giving them their commupance as they see it. There was also a fire started at a game in Cairo possibly as a show of protest at what was happening at the al masry v al ahly game.
  10. Great to hear that the club are backing this. Another lad and I raised this at one of the past supporter consultation meetings and it's something the fans have wanted for some time. It'd be absolutely fantastic to have terracing back at VP, seats are a proven liability to your legs whenever we score, safe standing is surely going to involve a lot less pain!
  11. with the whole crowd with their arms up swaying left to right to centre That's a cracking idea, if you got everyone to sway from the left to the right in time with that it would look the dogs.
  12. My bold: Only in Egypt so far and I think international pressure will ensure a hand over to civil control. The danger is that although this is being led now by idealised youth dreaming of democracy, the civil structures to make it happen don't exist - indeed they've been ruthlessly smashed by the secular dictators who are now getting the good news from their people. By some distance the most organised opposition groups are Islamists and they generally have an agenda that does not include liberal democracy. Worth noting that in 1979 Iranian youth was far and away the most Westernised in the
  13. Undesirable


    Last time i went to Holland i couldn't work out whether their pre-rolled splliffs had tobacco in or not, but i presume they must not have. However reading around it sounds like some of the shops have designated smoking areas inside the establishments where you can smoke cannabis/tobacco spliffs, while others will ask you to smoke them outside. Best to just ask the propierter of the joint (excuse the pun). I'm heading out there for the penultimate weekend in April and can't wait, it's all about smoking the hash out there for me because it's very hard to get hold of in the UK where as
  14. Thanks for passing my query onto the relevant people General, much appreciated.
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