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PL: Spurs a Ratings & Reactions


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Dunne
    • Cuéllar
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Carew (for Heskey 21)
    • Sidwell (for Downing 87)

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We dont look like scoring. At all. I have sympathy for Gabby, Its almost like he's playing up front on his own.... even when Heskey/Carew are on. It's a good job the defence are superb, they have the right to ask questions about why we aren't doing more up front.

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glad I didn't watch that. Sounds like we were battered again by a much more fluent Spurs and jammed our way out of it thanks to a great defensive performance.

would be nice if we actually gave a shit about trying to win games like these and act like a big club.

hey ho point it is though, and we'll be happier than spurs.


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Brad - 9

Cuellar - 8

Dunne - 9

Collins - 8

L.Young - 7

A.Young - 6

Milner - 6

Petrov - 6

Downing - 6

Agbonlahor - 7

Carew - 5

People will say we were lucky to get a draw. In my opinion, no luck whatsoever. If a team can defend like we do then they will always have a chance of a point, no matter how much pressure is put on them.

We didn't play well, but that is what is glorious about the team we have. We can go away from home, to (let's face it) a very good team who have won 13 out of the last 16 at home and keep a clean sheet even when playing badly. It always gives us a chance to get points.

I don't think there should be a massive reaction to the manner of the draw. We went there, got a clean and got a point.

3 points off forth with a game in hand and we haven't let Sperms get away from us. Objective for the day complete I thinks.....

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It seemed as if we were conserving energy last 20 minutes. End of the day a point at WHL atm is an excellent result and as the away side you're always going to be under the cosh there. Unfortunately we didn't seem to counter well at all.

Dunne and Collins immense.

Cuellar, Young, Brad, Gabby good.

Rest average.

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That's a very good point.

It means that we won't be a mile behind coming out of the Man Utd game and we have a good run through to the end of the season.

I though Friedel, Dunne and particularly Collins were excellent but I don't think we did enough at the other end of the field.

I think that might be Delfouneso's best game of the season because it's clear that Gabby needs a partner and equally clear that Carew isn't it. Hopefully Heskey will be back soon.

Spurs were the better side, but hardly Barcelona, I think the famous Spurs ego seems to have persuaded them that this was Brazil 82 vs. Wimbledon 93. They were very, very wrong, this was two nervous teams not reaching their best levels.

I think we can finish above these this season, Citeh don't seem to want to take the chance that's being offered to them, but Liverpool are looking ominous. Today was Liverpool's best day of the season.

If we can get something working up front either by going 4-5-1 or finding a partner for Gabby who offers more than we've got today then I can't see us being the team that misses out in seventh.

We're hard to beat and we can play a lot better than we did today.

It's a very good point well stolen.

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Last half hour was a mare to watch. We need to learn to keep the ball better, well keep the ball at all, especially from throw-ins. Long throw - concede possession, time and time again, in every game.

Happy with the point, defence was immense, but we showed little else which is worryingly becoming the norm in games like this.

I have noticed something with throw-ins. On opposition throws we always seem to give them an option of a free man to get them going (strange when they are one man down ie the thrower) whereas on our throws we always seem to be fully marked up and we resort to a hopeful lob to someone tightly marked. Watch for this as it seesm to happen every week and you'd imagine that if I can see it then the coaching staff could too.

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Guest Ricardomeister

Dunne, Collins and Friedel were excellent but, yet again, there was very little creativity from midfield and very little threat from the strikers. A draw is a decent result but we will have to play much better to get anything on Wednesday imo. 0-0 draws will not get us where we need to be.

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i'm sorry but we made spurs look like world beaters today.

ourmidfield is fast becomeing jokeworthy again

Our midfield couldn't exactly do much about Spurs gameplan of 'Dawson to Crouch at every opportunity' to be honest.

Dunne is immense, far better than any defender Citeh have at the moment.

Poor game from us overall, Carew did himself no favours as he gave the ball away everytime he touched it. How **** slow is he on the ball? He just gets caught in posession all the time.

how about taking part when our defenders have possession???????

like you have conveiniently left out of the quote above petrov just stands around pointing when our defenders have possession which helps no one. he should be making space for himself to recieve the ball and bring us forward rather than encouraging the defenders to go route one

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Sick of people starting to call us boring because Wenger made that stupid comment. Anyone that says we are boring doesn't have a clue.

Sure, some games we do play badly, however there are other times when we are immense. People really need to learn about football. Sometimes it is necessary to set out for a draw.

We came out with the point today away from home despite supposedly being 'boring'. I'll take that if it means boredom.....

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glad I didn't watch that. Sounds like we were battered again by a much more fluent Spurs

Fluent? I bet if they did stats for this kind of thing, the 'most common pass' would have been Dawson to Crouch, they did **** all but lump it in the box and we dealt with it. Nout fluent about them really.

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glad I didn't watch that. Sounds like we were battered again by a much more fluent Spurs and jammed our way out of it thanks to a great defensive performance.

Fluent? Is it fluent to hoof the ball up from their back four to Crouch all the time?

Or as the Bentley stats showed after first half: 0 completed passes but 6 or 8 (dont quite remember) crosses (all into the box toward Crouch).

Stoke is more fluent.

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good point,


- centre-backs defended like trojans, cuellar and young both had iffy starts but finished as well as the cb's;

- friedel made a couple of decent saves;

- it was a point we didnt deserve.


- hardly any attacking threat;

- other than a 5 minute spell we was under the cosh most of the game;

- Carew did very little when he was on;

- Milner looked average at best, not for the first time when coming up against a top class midfield;

- another game without a goal is it 4 in 5 or 5 in 6 now??

so overall good point, but poor performance

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