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  1. Easily the best youth player we have for me, gonna be hard to keep a hold of him in a few years I reckon.
  2. Agree with that, a very good Premier League debut, especially being out of position. A lot better then he was at LB for England U19's in the summer.
  3. Good debut, as others have said he looked a bit off the pace but that will come with time. For someone who has probably had two training sessions he always seemed to know where his teammates were and instinctively read some of the runs our attackers made.
  4. You're either trying to be funny, which you're not. Or you have some terrible thoughts going through your mind.
  5. Le Prophete Excellent film about a young guys rise in prison. Shot superbly with several subtle touches.
  6. I dream of Ash sitting next to Bent at the press conference and signing a new contract
  7. Just ignore him, bitterness is expected, he doesn't really mean that. I bet Bent would have finished off that Gyan chance v us though.
  8. Brilliant news! Even if overpriced, when you want a good striker sometimes you have to take this risk.
  9. Legendary stuff. Totally! :notworthy: Need to see this. Big fan too, coincidentally I watched him in Lars and the Real Girl just, hilarious film!
  10. I'd renew even if we got relegated to the conference. Football is about supporting your team under any circumstances, not just when they're doing well.
  11. Irreversible :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Fire extinguisher scene Tunnel scene :X, a long scene too... :X
  12. Agreed, very much back to his best. It's amazing how comitted he is to his job, (slimming down, regaining the weight etc). The whole cast was very good infact, even Mark Wahlberg who I'm not usually a fan of. Also watched 127 Hours, Franco was a lot better then I expected and the film got me gripped all the way through. Really is a horrifying situation to be in.
  13. Yes it is, but I'm not going to laugh as he'll probably end up scoring against us like Zigic
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