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  1. I bought this up with another poster. Toney failed at Newcastle in his big move and has a generally terrible scoring record before this season. I'm still waiting to find out what it is that makes people think he could score premier league goals. I'm not advocating Benteke at all, just stating that the answer isn't as easy as picking the top scorer in league 1.
  2. Mjvilla

    The Film Thread

    A bit late on this, watched the first one the other night. Loved it. This looks really good. Can't wait for that!!
  3. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    Completely agree with this. I remember @TRO defending Bruce against grasshopper in almost every thread. I was with you on most of it too. T'is why I'm baffled by the criticism of Smith. He's done a far superior job and yet comes in for far more criticism. Then I see you commenting on the work ethic and desire of the players (which I agree upon) and it makes me think that perhaps it's a generational thing. You're more of a 'pull up your sleeves and work hard' type fan than a 'i wanna play silky football and score lots of goals' type fan. And these seem to be the different types of manager too. It's not a criticism, just a pondering I've had reading your posts in the last 4/5 weeks.
  4. Any idea why he didn't quite make it at Newcastle mate? Toneys goalscoring record was very, very average (in league 1) before this season. What do you see in him to suggest he would become a player on the level of Maddison or Wilson in the prem?
  5. Why do you make of kieron Morris? I know him, is from the same town as me!
  6. Bruce took Bowen to Hull from Hereford too so I guess that would add to the Newcastle rumour.
  7. Should have put some bloody money on it!
  8. After watching that game last night, I would take what Smith is trying to do rather than Bruce every single second of every day of every week. They may be 1 point ahead of us still but those 2 sides were world's apart. I wanted to know your thoughts on the different styles of management after last night's game?
  9. Let's wait and see then shall we. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  10. Before that west ham game (which they won 3-2, not 3-0) they scored 2 goals in 5 games. You can't pick 1 game, get the score wrong, and then think you're right. Anyway, back on topic. We will have a lot of the ball and have chances when we attack which opens itself up for hourihane to be involved going forward. I think he will score tomorrow.
  11. Newcastle will more than likely sit in and try to hit us on the counter. Typical Bruce, hope for something to sneak a 1-0. We need players that can score goals and although luiz has shown he can, I'd still trust hourihane to take a chance over luiz. Definite starter for tomorrow for me. And will hopefully score in a 2-0 win.
  12. Hull have a year option to extend Bowens contract and wouldn't be surprised to see them extend it for that year. Will add some value to him.
  13. I presume he will be fit for tomorrow night?
  14. Is there a reason you go this way? Seems like an awful long way round with some terrible roads.
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