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  1. Yes, of course. Added to original post.
  2. Wondering if there's anyone here who knows a bit about bikes? We have a really good cycle to work scheme with my work and I'm considering doing it. I have no idea what I need to be looking at buying though. I want a bike that I can use on the road but also take off for picnics with the kids and stuff. I've looked at hybrids but just wondering what everyone's opinions on hybrids were? They sound ideal for what I need. Somewhere between £700 and £1000 is what I'd be looking to spend.
  3. I wonder if Southampton fans have spent the last evening bickering amongst themselves as to why they've given up the most amount of points from winning positions for the last couple of years considering their league position against where it was last year. Or if they just appreciate the journey they are on under the manager. And, also, when you consider that stat. And the fact we almost pegged them back and only started playing when they allowed us too (apparently) , wether there is something a bit deeper there in the mentality. Are they calling all this into question and questioning the
  4. Really? We were linked to many strikers, not all were wanted and there certainly wasn't calls to sign them all. That's just hyperbole. You can't blame the medias links on the club or fans? The only time there were calls to sign an extra one, I guess, would be rashica. To add strength to the attack line. I'd still argue to high heaven we need that now. I would also agree that depth is needed in the back line to faze out hause and Taylor for starters. But, we are a work in progress clearly. It's not really any of this that is the issue, it's the comment about wanting 10 Grealishs when
  5. Burnley taking a lead against palace with some amateurish defending. These players should surely know better, hundreds of premier league appearances between them!
  6. Looks to me like Konsa has maupay who is laying the ball back. He can't leave maupay to go into that area and have Mings up against both strikers. He has to follow. Welbeck, who scores the goal, is Mings man clearly behind him there. Mings should sense the danger and drop in deeper 5 yards to cover any run his man makes. If he had done that, it's not an option to play the through ball. And there would be no danger.
  7. Not just that @Keyblade, but Leicester didn't have to come up and buy a whole new squad because of so much previous Mis management. We had 2/3 players worthy of a shirt in a premier league side. Leicester, the season they came up, added 3/4 players to the already decent squad they had. Then added a couple more. Recruitment was obviously very good. Mahrez, Kante stand out. Our recruitment, now the players have had time to settle and develop, looks ok. One or two excellent signings with players still developing and increasing in value too. The variables are so different between u
  8. This is the exact kind of thing you jump on other people for. No one has said they want 10 jack Grealishs. Most have said they appreciate the importance of hard work and defending right. So, why this comment? How would you react if I said 'we would have 10 Roy keanes if it was left to some'? It's not fair on other people who have differing views to criticise their opinion in this backhanded, sly way.
  9. Keep up, I've even said in a post no more than an hour ago it was a sending off. I suppose though, Bamford continued: “It’s like when you try to murder someone and don’t kill them, you still get done.” “Yeah, but you get done for attempted murder," explained Ayling.
  10. Can you tell me with full confidence that if, instead of going down he flags it to the ref we see the same outcome? Yes, you are
  11. Isn't that pretty simple? The lower you are in the table, the more amateurish defending you tend to see? And Vice-versa? We are inconsistent, but we are not going from surviving by a scrape to top 6 in one season. We are a slow build. Piece by piece, we are getting there. Smith has been integral to the whole damn thing. We didn't defend well, we looked extremely tired. We don't have the squad to cope with key players playing 200+ minutes internationally, all across the globe. This is part of the building process. There is such speed to jump and look for fault in defeats. We ar
  12. I absolutely cannot do that. But the post I originally quoted, you said and I quote 'alioski isn't changing any outcome'. You're now changing the argument to he had to go down clutching his face, feigning injury to get the player sent off. Which is the argument for the retrospective punishment. Kind of backing up everybodies point really.
  13. Not really. He's gone down with the full intention of making it seem as bad as possible to try and get an opponent sent off. Hes feigned injury, by staying on the floor clutching his face for 5 minutes, in an attempt to make the referees mind up for him. Which he has done. You cannot move your head towards an opponent, no matter if you hit them hard or gently caress the opposition's head. It's a red card offence. Here, he didn't even gently caress the opposition's head. It was that soft. It's playacting and feigning injury. It should be punished.
  14. Just went back randomly to page 500 and found a quote from myself criticising someone for saying he is a poor man's Barry bannan. A poor man's Barry bannan!! Going back can be quite fun!
  15. Mjvilla

    John Terry

    Just noticed we have a new reaction. How long have we had this?? 'shocked' I like the new addition.
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