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  1. What an utter moron. Glad his fine has been given to a needy cause at the moment. The next best step would be to make him volunteer for the NHS during this pandemic. The money will mean **** all to him. Take his precious time away from him. Idiot.
  2. Every interview, comment I see him make he is taking the piss out of himself and his music. Big respect for the guy as a result.
  3. I'm literally the least technically minded person in the world, but if so many people get this message, there must be a way of working out where it comes from, surely?
  4. I actually saw this without reading this on here. Our next door neighbour shouted at us to come and have a look. Id not seen it before, was quite fascinating watching it!!
  5. I think the numbers are clearly well underrwporfedy too.
  6. Just read up on this and it's very rare for it to spread from human to human. I think the express is just trying to make a story from nothing here. Let's focus on where we are now rather than something which probably won't affect us.
  7. @Villarocker Hows it going this morning mate?
  8. Please do, I hear Bergamo is lovely.
  9. That's ok though because @bannedfromHandV isn't going to Barry. Sick
  10. Although very sceptical about this, it would fit in with one or two on here who thought that they had the symptoms a while back. I think @limpid was one of those. Probably alot more out there too. I've spoken to a few people who said they'd had symptoms like it during February.
  11. Good luck @Villarocker , we are all with you.
  12. To be honest, I don't find anything about football and what could happen/will happen when it starts back up 'interesting'. I'm more focused on making I stay safe and my family stays safe. I'm **** terrified of this virus. Nothing is interesting about football right now.
  13. I've been feeling this too. Feel like we should be tied to a chair and not allowed to move without someone thinking were doing wrong. I spent the weekend, with the help of the kids, mowing the lawn and cleaning all the garden toys off so they have their play haven outside. And then I saw someone on here include in a list of activities they saw people doing 'mowing their lawn'. What's wrong with that? The weather is nice, I have a 6,4 and 1 year old that have had a brilliant couple of days in the back garden (which will continue through this week). We have stopped dog walks with them(too much to ask kids to stay off parks, don't touch anything), they don't go to supermarket. We live rural and we know a few very quiet locations which we shall frequent. But we will do that once the public flocking outdoors calm down a bit. I don't want my kids, Mrs or myself to get this. They are isolated at home. I work shifts, shop when I finish wearing gloves, shower immediately on my return home and sanitise anything I've been near. Just because I've been playing outside and stuff, doesn't mean I'm not being safe in trying to fight this.
  14. The supermarket I use, I tend to know everyone working there as I used to work there myself. A few years ago. I can tell you this kind of comment would've been worth all the work. Retail seems like a thankless task at the best of times... So to receive a thanks would literally make people's day. My mum did it in another supermarket, and the response was cracking. The guy walked away with the biggest smile on his face and told a group of workers stood at the end of the aisle. It's easy enough to do. They may not seem as important as nurses etc, but they will help keep your cupboards full. Say 'thanks' once in a while. It doesn't hurt.
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