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  1. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Can you elaborate please because this means absolutely nothing to me. Where has harry said any of this? What verbal dig?
  2. Steve Bruce

    Me 3
  3. Steve Bruce

    But also, you must remember, palace had a pretty decent squad when big Sam took over so all the pieces were there from the start for him. Give the players a bit of belief, a system as you say and after a few weeks the resulsts started coming. Bruce inherited an absolute bag of shit so the job is 1 millions times harder and therefore a mediocre job is about all id have thought most managers would do. I can completely understand the need for a playing system like you say and we don't have that at The moment but we're getting results so he's earned the time to have a go next year. In my opinion, but I can completely understand your point of view.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Organisation, becoming harder to beat, defending well and allowing players like zaha, puncheon, benteke to express themselves going forward but also have them tracking back. I'm not trying to make a comparison with bruce, because big Sam is doing a fantastic job whilst Bruce is doing a mediocre job. Just saying that a lot has been made of style and brand of football. Palace don't have the best style and brand of football but they are well organised and do their jobs well and they are getting results.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I wish we had a manager that could get us playing like that brilliant new manager, I presume he must be playing the most delightful football in the world right now, at palace. With recent wins at anfield and Stamford bridge and a home hammering of arsenal. Who is this brilliant, dynamic young manager with a brilliant philosophy who's picking up results like these?
  6. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    I thought as much, it's why I bought it up! Thanks BOF
  7. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    I may have missed this at some point, but did he ever sign a new contract?
  8. Jonathan Kodjia

    One match for a straight red??
  9. Tony Xia

    Sorry GH, just re-read all that and realised I read it all wrong. Still think Xia is admitting that the playing style is wrong but it will come in time.
  10. Tony Xia

    Hence why he says we need to get the 'right' environment and style, id have thought? Using every single thing in the history of avfc to bash Bruce becomes tiresome, especially when the evidence is right there for you to read. in actual fact, I'd say xia is backing you up here by saying the style isn't right at this moment in time?
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Injuries would be the main worry for me here. Didn't he do cruciate and he's struggled since then?
  12. Steve Bruce

    I agree and shall remember that. Thanks sheepy, enlightening as ever.
  13. Steve Bruce

    It's a different Tim sherwood that @sheepyvillianis talking about though isn't it?
  14. Steve Bruce

    Which players have been instrumental in guiding hull into a position they have a fighting chance? Niasse, grosicki, markovic, rannochia? Id say these 4 have been pretty dame influential. Granted players like clucas and McGuire too have been huge. Not bad, though, for a manager who has had 1 window to turn relegation certainties into relegation survivors wouldn't you say? Now imagine what he could do as a long-term project. This argument has actually made me think I want Bruce gone and pushed me off the fence because I can't see Bruce having done anywhere near the job silva has done. Thanks for that dem. that was all of the top of my head. Even more impressive is that he's done this with the loss of snodgrass and Livermore in January. Two of the more influential hull players wouldn't you say?
  15. Steve Bruce

    So, because it's the same team they're doing the same quality job? That doesn't make sense. Im still not in the Bruce put camp, just trying to put a name out there of who could come in and do a good job (something 95% of the staunch Bruce outists won't do)