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  1. Steve Bruce

    Decided to read back through the thread like others suggested! This absolutely cracked me up bearing in mind who posted it! Just a few months later, Bruce is a dinosaur and we should've gone for nuno or slutsky (who's doing fantastically well at hull btw).
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Exactly what I wanted to say but put far more intelligently and eloquently!
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Expected goals is what we could/should've scored based on the chances and clear cut chances we create per game. So, I'd presume that the graph means, based on the chances we create and give away, we should be doing better than we are?
  4. Scott Hogan

    Sorry @Michael118, it wasn't you. I actually read about 4 posts in the thread and realised it was @hippo.
  5. Scott Hogan

    Also the one where Onomah I think it was tried to put him through 1 on 1 and over-cooked the pass. He's pulled off the centre half and got acres and it was a poor ball to him. Someone on here questioned his acceleration and pace too (may have been @Michael118), but that one instance where he breezed past one and would've got round another had his shirt not been pulled back was explosive acceleration and pace. Would've liked him to play alongside kodjia or Davis with the likes of adomah and snodgrass feeding. Hopefully that is something we see as the season progresses!
  6. Sam Johnstone

    I love going back through old posts in some threads and looking at the extreme views which are the complete opposite to what actually happens. I'm guilty of being wrong as much as the next person but it's the extreme nature of views like this that make it so laughable. And the bit in bold, this is literally the opposite of what has happened because without SJ, some of those draws would be defeats and almost certainly see Bruce out his job. I think he's been excellent this season, he's progressing nicely and could be our number 1 for many years to come if we get him permanently!
  7. Neil Taylor

    I liked Amavi, especially before the injury. But I have to ask, which one of the errors which gifted the opposition a goal or a good chance was it that made you think swapping Taylor with Amavi one of the 'stupidest decisions we've ever made'? Taylor isn't as glamorous as Amavi, but he's certainly a lot more solid and consistent based on what I've seen of Taylor in the championship and what I've seen of Amavi in the championship.
  8. Scottish Fitba

    I'm not so sure. A lot of players who play in the English leagues (prem and champ) and struggle down here do well up there because the quality of that league is so poor. We saw with Sinclair that he was barely involved in a number of games for us. Leigh Griffiths struggled at Wolves. How many Celtic players would do well down here? I think Dembele, maybe Simunovic and then I'd be struggling. They most certainly would struggle south of the border. They would be perennial relegation battlers in my opinion.
  9. Ciaran Clark

    Doesn't mention here diouf having free headers and missing from 6 yards out amongst one or 2 other chances does it? This is also the local Newcastle rag, after 3 wins on the spin and a place in the top 4 do you really think many players will get a low grade. 5 players got 8, 1 got a 9 and a number of 7's also. In a 2-1 win... against Stoke at home. Make of that what you will. He is very prone to error and always will be! Also, noticed you weren't in the Bacuna or Westwood threads today!
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It was 10 points this morning. Saying that, 7 sounds a much better figure doesn't it?
  11. Steve Bruce

    Yes and I've just seen the Barnsley manager say the same thing. A comfortable 3-0 away victory on the sky cameras. I'm a happy happy tonight.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I only watched from 50 minutes onwards, so I think I've missed the worst half (ironically when we scored more goals), but this post is misleading to me because I saw us completely control the game and I felt like there was always another gear to go and score if needed. The first half may have been completely different but perhaps that bit of luck in the first half allowed us to open up in the second? Like I said, I missed the first half but from catching up in here, it seems we were poor.
  13. The Championship thread

    Liam Lindsay is **** woeful and Barnsley are just as bad. If you're wrong about this, then it is highly possible you're wrong about Bacuna, Westwood, amongst others. If you keep trying to prove yourself right by dragging Bacuna and Westwood threads up from nowhere, then I can do the same.
  14. Ashley Westwood

    He's been influential and had a good start don't you know!
  15. Steve Bruce

    I agree with the sentiment, but you seriously think Norwich will settle for mid table and Middlesboro will be hoping to be in the top half but probably not the playoffs?