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  1. I've never seen den beek play... But if he isn't a DM, then why have they spent £40m on him? Thought it was pretty clear that's what they needed? Poor recruitment if you're correct.
  2. Mjvilla


    Beat Gillingham and it could've then been us... A chance to knock you out 2 years on the spin... Gone.
  3. Seems a bit harsh to me. His finish against arsenal was excellent. That was by no means easy, and it travelled across the whole box so he had plenty of time to think what he was going to do. Similar to Leicester in the semi final. The ball travelled along way before he finished. He finished really well here too. Seems odd to criticise someone because of the TYPES of goal they score. Any goal scored is a good goal and scorer must've done something right. The thing I will criticise him on is that he heads down blind alleys and is about of a headless chicken sometimes. I think that's coachable and his decision making can improve.
  4. You can have an opinion without watching a player. To have a respected opinion, I'd suggest watching said players first.
  5. The stats do back it up, they showed a stat in the Brighton v Chelsea game last night about goals conceded from corners. We were in the top 3 conceded. Which is a worry. And, I did make the facetious comment yesterday about Allan being 5"9, but I'm with yourself and @TRO on this, a big powerful CDM is what we need. This would also present help in defending set pieces like you suggested!
  6. What are you hoping to see @TRO? Do you want Grealish from the left and 3 midfielders (mcginn, Luiz, CDM 6"+) OR Grealish central alongside Luiz and another (Grealish, Luiz, CDM 6"+) meaning mcginn drops to the bench? (Obviously, second scenario would see jack pushing much further forward than the other 2) I only ask, because if it's the second scenario, it's something I've been thinking for some time now. As harsh as it seems on mcginn, if it meant putting a proper CDM in there alongside Luiz and allowing a front 4 to 'do their thing', I'd be all for it. The good thing for me, however, would be that it creates options and different ways to play. Which is something we didn't have last year and it showed. We were very one dimensional and it's why, I think, we were so easy to play against.
  7. I have only seen him a few times, but I'm not convinced by havertz? I'm sure he's an incredible talent, and I'm sure some of you who watch more European football will laugh at me, but I'm yet to see him have a good game!
  8. We found out very quickly, last season, you can't go toe to toe week in week out. They will get found out at this level. Their squad is very mediocre. They need points on the board early or they will have their usual mid/late season struggles. They had 3 shots on target, are they planning on having 100% goal to shot on target ratio throughout the whole season? It won't happen. They wil come up against some very stubborn sides (palace, newcastle) and they won't like it. Survival should be their aim. I'm hoping their arrogance sees them thinking they should do better and faltering. Also, £27m on a striker and he gives away a penalty on his debut to guarantee they lose the game! Couldn't have gone much better could it??
  9. 3 consecutive promotions from national League to championship. 3 years of consolidation in said division with easily the smallest budget in the league. Signing players from the Irish league, loans and young players not wanted by premier league teams and selling them for profit. 3 years in a row broke the record for league position - this is all at Yeovil. Culminating in missing the playoffs by 2 points in the third season. SACKED - 2 weeks after the final game for not playing enough youth players - something I said I'd do to get a facilities upgrade and then never did do it. Couldn't be more fuming. I hope they get relegated and I meet them when I'm going back up with walsall. Arseholes. Huge hatred for Yeovil now.
  10. If this comes off rigo, itll be considered up there with mystery man and all the other genuine ITKers. You haven't faltered since day 1! Fair play
  11. I think it's more we are being ambitious to keep players like Jack happy. I think he will sign a new contract with a bumper pay rise.
  12. Can't see it. He's a guaranteed starter here. Brighton have Mat Ryan and as far as I'm aware, they seem to like him there. I don't think he would move without a guaranteed starting berth.
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