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  1. I, too, don't see the point of a wind up. I don't think it is a wind up. When I see certain posts, I think I do need to think more about your second paragraph. This is a very true statement. I just see the disrespect toward Smith, from this and many other posts and it frustrates me. I keep talking about last season and the season before because we need to think about all this when looking at posts like the one I quoted. Not in relation to constructive criticism. Is it fair to say 'we can be too soft in the middle sometimes'.. yes absolutely. I wouldn't bring up Smith's achievem
  2. Thanks John. If I remember rightly, the weather was pretty wet when they went on that trip? The beacons can be brutal, I live about a half hour drive away. They are an amazing place. Would've been a real eye opener for them. A great idea for a bonding trip. Love to hear little snippets about this kind of thing.
  3. Posts saying 'we give the ball away too much' are absolutely fine tro. I'd agree, we can be very careless at times. These sorts of posts aren't the issue, not in the slightest. Areas which we can improve. It's this kind of one that gets people's goats. And it's from multiple sources across multiple threads. The ratings and reactions thread, the match thread, the Dean Smith thread, virtually any thread it remotely links in too. Absolutely baseless rubbish. Not when you consider the base was a game in isolation against Sheffield United. This happens alot. It didn't take me long to find the
  4. If you don't have players that can find the net regularly, across the park, then you won't be a top top team. They either need to recruit or find a way that their current players find the net more regularly. It's not a coincidence they keep losing games and not scoring enough. That's a theme. Just had a look, maupay with 7 is decent. They have no other player with more than 3 goals. Macalister with all his good play, 1 goal. Trossard, 2 goals. Lallana scored his first goal the other day. Gross, 2 goals. Alazate, 1 goal. This is a running theme across their team. Are they all suddenly
  5. The problem is, starting el ghazi and trezeguet isnt the answer. Traore, despite being out of form, still creates our best chances and that's the most important thing when we don't have jack.
  6. Very misleading stats to me, I get very frustrated when we have good positions and he shoots from 20/25/30 yards. Quite often wasting our good position by shooting high and wide or a weak shot towards the keeper. Burnley at home was the prime example of this.
  7. I've noticed how, now you're not getting so many bites, you've reverted to asking questions to get responses. You've clearly been waiting to make this post for quite some time, it's funny though that despite him being 'shit', he's still created the best 2 chances in our last 2 games. Better finishing is more assists and goals to the already pretty decent tally he has this season. Do I think he is good enough to take us to top 4? No. He's not consistent enough for that. Do I think he's our biggest threat when jack isn't available? Absolutely yes. He's our second best winger be
  8. I wouldnt disagree. But let's not confuse a sliding tackle with a sliding block to stop a cross, which Targett does alot very adeptly. Show his man down the line and stop the cross. It's the job of a full back and Targett does it very well. He rarely slide tackles, he slide blocks. Full backs are usually up against the quickest players and it's not a slight on a player to be beaten for pace, but if said player can still stop the cross then his job is done. Targett hasn't been beaten many times this season, not sure why you had to drag him into this. Guilbert, yes, would get caught out alo
  9. The same posters who, in the pre match thread, were expecting us to get beat are now moaning we didn't win. From outside, it's look an agenda. It looks like certain people don't trust Smith, so think we will lose. If we don't lose, and overachieve against these posters expectations... It's still not good enough and the manager gets the blame. I'm struggling with it. I don't post in the match thread. I don't post immediately after in the post match thread because it's so clear. I usually post the morning after so as not to get caught up in the completely overreactions. This place is
  10. Spot on, he is. Going with mcgoldrick takes him further away from where he should be, however. The reason he is in no man's land is because is because he is pressuring the left back in the build up (a job Elmo should be doing?) Nakamba closes mcgoldrick who switches it... Nakamba works hard and gets back in, goal side of his man, as you can see from the still. If you want to criticise Mcginn, it should be for not working hard enough to get close to his man (the man he ends up 20 yards away from). He knows that's where he should be because when the original shot comes in.. he makes a
  11. I notice from this still you conveniently leave out the man completely unmarked about 25 yards out (just to the right of this shot). HE is mcginns man. Konsa is marking Brewster. Nakamba is marking the 3. Mings is spare/cover for the left side. Ramsey is clearly trying to get in and help out targett who gets caught. If mcginn follows Mcgoldrick and the ball gets laid to the man 25 yards out, you criticise Mcginn for being in Elmo's position. Any still can make anything look bad and make you interpret it the way you want, particularly when it doesn't show the wh
  12. He also ran past Elmo whilst Elmo drifted inside. There's 2 centre backs marking 1 man. 1 is spare. Elmo is not needed as a spare man too. His domain is the back post. He drifts inside from his supposed defensive position. If mcginn goes with mcgoldrick, the guy 25 yards out is left unmarked for a free shot on goal. You can see mcginn drift towards him. It is never and has never been a midfielders job to mark a striker, wether he's running from deep or not, when there's 2 free defenders to do that job. He could've perhaps communicated with Elmo 'thats your man', who's to say he didn't? We
  13. Mcgoldrick, a striker, scored. I don't want my midfielder ... Who has 3 men to contend with in there, to be made to pick a runner. It's a defenders job to do that. Elmo had to be aware of the back post movement from mcgoldrick. He didn't and drifted inside for some strange reason. If cash was playing, I think we may have seen a simple clearance made. The difference between our first XI and what's behind it will cost us this season, as said all along. This is another example of that.
  14. Another club that absolutely bloody hates us and I don't know why. Add to the list alongside Leeds, west ham, Newcastle . I don't get it Tough game for sure tonight, will absolutely snap your hand off for a 1-0 win. Just hope we are motivated and there's no complacency. Sheff united will be pretty physical I'd imagine, certainly the front players will work hard even if they aren't prolific. Need to be at it to bring home the points.. Sheffield United 0-1 Aston Villa
  15. I watched the first half last night, it was absolutely abysmal. That's both sides. Probably the worst level of football I've watched in a couple of years. And I've watched ALOT of football!
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