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  1. Mjvilla

    January transfer window 2018

    I think Tarkowski is having a brilliant season at Burnley. I think you could argue about gray too.
  2. Mjvilla

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    No, it doesn’t. But, the form table for the last 6 or 10 games posted above gives hope, or at least it should. It’s not 1 win, its 5 wins in 7.
  3. Mjvilla

    Steve Bruce

    We will have a whip round...
  4. Mjvilla

    Steve Bruce

    It’s what you do when playing against this Calibre of player the issue though! Neves was sat really deep dictating play. If we had started 1 up top and say Callum o’hare buzzing round neves and then trying to break and support kodjia when we attack, do you think neves would’ve been able to play the quarterback role so effectively! I agree, he’s a class act... but you do all you can to at least slow him down and we didn’t, we let him play. Even when it was blindingly obvious what was going on.
  5. Mjvilla

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Watched this years ago and it is definitely Worth a watch for anyone that hasn’t! Very, very funny!
  6. Mjvilla

    Martin O'Neill

    I actually agree with this. I thought we had opportunities to really, really kick on under MON and we wasted them. With the side we had, 1 or 2 really good additions and we would have got top 4. But MON was too stubborn for his own good and like you say, bought a lot of very average players. Brilliant at getting a team fired up and we played counter attacking football and done that well. good motivational manager but not much else!
  7. Mjvilla

    Jordan Amavi

    Good luck to him I say. He was very poor the few times I saw him last season so you can’t blame anyone for letting him go. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. He is obviously at home in France and doing well in France so I can’t see much of a career for him away from the French league. Being called up to a French squad, although obviously great news for him, is not an indicator of being a brilliant talent. Look at the amount of shite that has got international caps down the years. Bruno N’Gotty got 6 caps for France. Bruno **** N’Gotty! If he makes regular appearances in that position then good on him. It’s more down to injury than his ability in my opinion.
  8. Mjvilla

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    This the same wolves that lost at Sheffield united just a few days ago? That Sheffield united that lost away to Nottingham forest yesterday? The same Nottingham forest we beat last weekend? When we won 4-0 at burton, the opposition was weak. Now wolves win there 4-0, they are the psg of the championship! Do yourself a favour, stop wanking over wolves and focus on our 4 wins on the spin. You might feel better for it.
  9. Mjvilla

    Robert Snodgrass

    I remember @NottingVilla making a post about us not having a flair players that can light up the league. Can't remember the exact terms he used. He used knockaert from Brighton and Shelvey from Newcastle as his examples. I think snodgrass can be that player for us. He has the ability to run it for us at this level and be our go to guy when we are struggling.
  10. Mjvilla

    Steve Bruce

    Definitely. They aren't a bad side and I went in with an open mind that I want 3 points but 1 wouldn't be the end of the world. The performance and score line has shocked me about.
  11. Mjvilla

    Steve Bruce

    What about the performances of snodgrass, adomah, hourihane, Davis and others? Or is it all on kodjia, in your 'trained eyes' perspective?! Are you able to enjoy this current form? Are you able to enjoy 3 wins on the spin? Because, I remember you saying that the thing you were looking forward to the most was the run of defeats that gets Bruce sacked. Are you still waiting for that to happen before you can enjoy yourself or are you enjoying 3 wins on the spin and 7 unbeaten? P.S Another good result for leonid slutsky tonight!
  12. Mjvilla

    Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    What's today's moan going to be?
  13. Mjvilla

    Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    What's today's moan going to be?
  14. Mjvilla

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Not quite getting the Leeds love in as much as others. They've had a VERY fortunate fixture list thus far. They go to Cardiff and Wednesday next 2. Much better barometer of where they are, in my opinion. I also think 1 or 2 of their players are luxury like and may struggle during the long winter.