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  1. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    But Bruce has been promoted 4 times and he's well out of his depth if you believe everything you read. As stated before, his back room team were massive. They won the league just after he only just kept them up! He's a shite manager and an absolute cockwomble
  2. Steve Bruce

    He's retired. He's now unrealistic for us and any club. If he wanted to carry on, he wouldn't have left palace.
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think he was found out at derby. He was out of his depth. If you can't get derby scoring goals (can't recall the stats but they really struggled) then how you going to get middlesboro scoring goals when they already struggle. Will be a terrible appointment for boro, fortunately.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Like he was for derby?
  5. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    You bloody terrible fan, you.
  6. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    Top post. I used to go to 12-15 home games a season but now I have 2 young children, bills to pay and general responsibility which means I can't afford £100 days out unless I'm treating the kids! So 'getting a ticket and going to the game' which was the moan of the other poster isn't feasible for me apart from once or twice a season and it's usually as a xmas or birthday treat! im disappointed in myself for being such a shit fan.
  7. Tony Xia

    Wagner has the same kind of start he had at Huddersfield and we are bottom half 10 games in, then what?! Start of vicious circle again?
  8. Academy General Topic

    Thanks for all the hard work SGC, I know I for one appreciate all the updates and player knowledge greatly.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Didn't dale jennings end up at tranmere or something like that?
  10. Steve Bruce

    Id never heard of tshibola or gollini before we signed them. How do I judge them then? I can only judge based on what I've seen of them. That hasn't been good enough. I think McCormack, despite being talented, always has had a bit of an attitude. Fulham were happy to get rid as far as I remember. Look where Fulham have gone now without him. It was a gamble at the time in my opinion and he has struggled massively. Elphick had missed most of the season before through injury and again I hadn't really see him play before so can only judge him on what I've seen! Which hasn't been good enough! whichever way you dress it up, those players haven't done it for avfc ergo, they are bad signings for avfc.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Like you said, you didn't see the derby game. He was never the quickest but he'd lost nearly all his pace. Genuinely think I could've walked quicker. I'm afraid he is already ruined and he will end up in the Czech league because that is his standard now. he played 258 minutes in the prem league the season before, without scoring. Spaced over 4 consecutive games. Then got injured again. I'm afraid injuries have ruined him.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I think 3 years ago, id have agreed with you. Injuries definitely ruined him which was a real shame.
  13. Steve Bruce

    You have more chance of persuading people that kozak should've been a regular starter than Westwood was a consistent performer im afraid. I'm with you though (on Westwood, not kozak)
  14. Steve Bruce

    This is the most laughable, ridiculous post I've ever read on this site. And I read spitgate.
  15. Steve Bruce

    But we can use hindsight now because it's happened and the proof of the pudding was in the eating. Tshibola failed. Elphick has struggled. Gollini isn't here anymore. As you rightly said McCormack has been a huge failure. kodjia, Chester, Adomah and jedinak have been good signings. So, a 50% success rate. I think to say that it's a myth that there were bad signings last summer because we're aren't allowed to use hindsight is very narrow minded because we can only judge signings on what they've done for avfc. In my opinion, it is not a myth that we made a lot of bad signings, it's a fact.