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  1. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    Fixed. Easy this isn't it? I do agree that Smith could and probably should have done better.
  2. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    So, we win lots and it's Grealish. We lose lots and it's the manager. Sure
  3. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    So, why when the club says we didn't expect to be in a relegation battle this season has everyone taken it as gospel. But when the club says we are a year ahead of plan and the plan was to get promoted this year, do you not believe them?
  4. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    Please tell me where I have said he is blameless for recruitment? Just because you have emboldened your post, doesn't make it any more right or wrong. I have my opinion, you have yours. We had the shorter summer out of everyone to build a whole squad, but it's ok because he managed to watch a few games??? Give me a break.
  5. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    The plan, according to everybody that matters at the club, was to go up this season. Fact I think those people have a better idea of our finances than us on a message board
  6. This is exactly what I mean when I say players are written off far too soon. He's played 10 games, moved to a completely new country during times that are unprecedented and looked decent before the lockdown. All of a sudden people want rid of him. We will never, ever be able to pick up our own gems from abroad and develop them decently because if they don't do it and impress within 10 games, half the fan base wants then out. I agree with the rest, they've all proven over a decent amount of time they aren't good enough. Samatta has been given no chance if we sell him in the summer.
  7. Also, didn't realise Jon Moss gave that penalty for that God awful dive in the man utd v spurs game. Someone, somewhere should really be looking into this and why he is allowed to keep giving such soft decisions to one team.
  8. Would VAR have overturned it down the other end? You absolutely bet they would. Which is the worst part for me. You can have all the technology in the world, but a referee of any kind will still side with the top 6 sides. It's in their nature. No one will change that. It's why I hate the premier league. The championship, the refs are poor, but you know they will be poor for both sides.
  9. VAR is the worst thing to happen to football in a long time. And there's been some seriously shit things in football.
  10. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    I went to Bristol city at home last season (my only game), all the talk before was Grealish was out and we were sure fire to lose without him. We absolute smashed them. Should have won by 6/7. Their keeper had the game of his life. It's been my favourite game to go to in very recent memory. I don't go very often. This myth that we looked awful without Grealish, is a myth.
  11. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    The master plan was to get promoted this season which was well documented, I guess with a much more settled squad as a base to build on. We were a year ahead of plan so do we punish Dean for being that year ahead of plan and having to build that whole squad?
  12. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    I don't understand this. We went out, got big names in. Big reputations. It's hasn't necessarily worked. By no means does it mean that Edens and sawiris are letting purslow run this as his plaything. Absolutely ridiculous claims.
  13. Mjvilla

    Dean Smith

    The same manager who bought Henderson bought Carroll, coates, Raul mereiles, downing (who failed there) and probably many more that failed. The difference being, and I'll say it for about the millionth time, they didn't have to build a squad in one summer. They had time to buy players and if some went wrong, they already had a decent squad to sit back on. We don't have that. Smith doesn't have that. He's stuck with the bad signings. Which other teams don't have to use or give time to but Smith has to use them. You talk about previous good decisions, Smith has been here 18 months. He is not at fault for the state of the squad in the summer. He is trying to make up for years of bad decisions in 1 summer. And we give him no patience and no time? It's crazy to me. Do we sack him? Where do we allow time for good decisions to be made if we keep sacking manager after manager??
  14. Another stick with which to beat Smith... He's a villa fan. At least it's the truth though I suppose.
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