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  1. It think this was always a bit of a plan regarding our transfer window -keep a position 'open' for youth to get game time and develop into Premier league players. Jacob is taking his chance well, but when he inevitably goes through a tougher spell as young players do, Chuk, Ramsey II or someone like Archer has access to the team without it being closed off for a £40m guy who we are almost forced into playing.
  2. Almost the same as McGinn towards the end. Pushed, pulled, jostled, tripped along the line but tries to stay on his feet, gets bumped one more time from a different player whilst he refs waves play on and gives Cheslea a goal kick.
  3. May-Z

    Austin MacPhee

    Makes a change having a delivery that has a chance of being attacked. For all Jack's strengths, he could hardly beat a first man from a corner.
  4. He takes the chances if he was fully match sharp. His first touch was noticeably off today and increased the difficulty of each chance he ended up with. Him and Ings will be a good pairing once they click.
  5. May-Z

    Jed Steer

    Why are people so negative towards him? A bad error on the corner in the first few minutes...potentially could have come out quicker for the second. Apart from that, he was assured in the air and played well with his feet. He didn't really get tested a lot. I don't know if the score would be any different with Emi in net based on the goals they scored.
  6. Was MOTM of the first half. His touch and athleticism make him so useful to us. An excellent display.
  7. Once he went off, we conceded a goal from a mistake within two minutes. I think that had a bigger impact rather than Saul going off.
  8. I don't think it was a gamble. Smith would have looked at our last match against them, analysed the fact they had shit loads of the ball in the centre and built from the back, and played two up front (plus an extra CM) to press and cut that off. IMO, it worked very well. We went down by an insanely good ball from Kovacic, a mistake, and a last minute worldly. I don't think that's down to the tactics.
  9. I wouldn't put much on Mings for the third. Ref couldn't wait to book him in the first half despite Chelsea players doing the same and getting nothing. With no yellow Mings wipes out Azpilicueta and shuts the attack off IMO.
  10. If the score was reversed I don't think Chelsea could have argued much. Really liked how the new formation let us press higher up in more numbers and give more passing options. It also let the wide CBs push into the gaps in midfield where we normally get punished. Ref triggering Villa players for yellows whilst letting Chelsea do what they want. Good old double yellow at the end just for good measure. Lukaku is lethal. It's what £100m gets you. Watkins had similar opportunities but his touch was off and made the chances harder.
  11. May-Z

    Jed Steer

    I can't remember a time where Jed has ever let us down. Every time he has come in he has done a fine job.
  12. May-Z

    Ezri Konsa

    Players will always do this though. A combination of determination and probably a bit of fear about giving up their place should the replacement do well. Plus, we all know when the likes of El Ghazi go off to not hinder the team, it's seen as been a bit of a soft touch.
  13. And that, I think, is where the dislike comes from. They beat the ceiling by winning the lottery and raised it to insane new levels. And just to touch on the point about growth, maybe Spurs would be a better example than Leicester, albeit without that trophy to back it up.
  14. The eternal push for the top is what keeps football so interesting. It's what has made the last couple of years under NSWE so exciting as we seem to be trying to push up as high as we can again. My feeling with City, as opposed to, say, Leicester, is that they didn't grow into the role. Leicester had a full reset lower down the leagues and then built over time, had success, and then backed that up with more. They have seemed to have grown organically through good leadership and decision making. Same with Man U and Arsenal in the 90s. City's route has been that the club's successes have been fast-forwarded whilst the rest of the feeling around it is still catching up. I don't really know what point I'm trying to and here...probably that I just don't like City.
  15. Agreed. It's a damn shame that we've never cemented a place of dominance once we've hit our successful patches. City just seem manufactured at every level which makes them emit a strange vibe that I personally find hard to interpret.
  16. I was having this discussion with a colleague recently. Man City's core fans, the legacy fans if you will, would put them in line with Sunderland in terms of this club size imo. I think that's their natural stature in the game. The money has elevated them higher than that success-wise but hasn't generated a larger core group of fans.
  17. Leeds away is awful. Even worse when worn with an under armour. Man U away equally shite in that respect.
  18. May-Z


    Arsenal's issue is that they never buy the player(s) that they need. They'll spend good money, decent wages, and the player will often have a degree of potential...but will just be the wrong purchase. Take a look at the defence and goalkeeper. In no way would White, Ramsdale, and the Japenese right back rectify their problems and make them less frail defensively. There seems to be no diagnosis of the mentality of a player, the fit for the team, or their adaptability to succeed in England...they just seem to consider the footballing skill and not much else. It's why I've been so impressed with our structured business in the transfer market since NSWE came in. It's so joined up and thorough that it's hard to argue against any signing we've made recently.
  19. Needs a few more sponsors that bottom one does.
  20. Is PHLIPDIDIT the original DHUTWU? Would explain the look on his face...
  21. Wonder if this is part of the slow-burn stadium expansion plans. If the rules change on this I guess it would affect any designs quite substantially. Pretty sure from memory that Purslow has been pretty keen on pushing this in the past.
  22. Gabby and N'Zogbia would be my two guesses, with Bacuna and Bennett probably in there. Delph (reported fallout), Helenius (illness), Bent (bomb squad and media link), Herd (negative news stories) could all be part of that lot too.
  23. Both our home matches have had awful, awful management from the officials. They seem to be actively avoiding giving free kicks for obvious fouls all in the name of 'letting the game flow'. This only has the entirely predictable outcome of winding the players up and getting them booked moments later. Letting the game flow should include ignoring Canos' bullshit dive when he ran into El Ghazi, and booking the dick who kicked the ball out of Martinez's hands. Preventing a keeper kicking the ball is just a simple yellow as far as I know. As is diving like Willock did last week. Yet our players get triggered with yellows instantly. Standards have taken a step back this year IMO.
  24. Instant yellow to celebrate with your own fans. Inciting the opposition fans is fine though...
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