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  1. ED

    World of Warcraft

    From some rudimentary research it seems like (Heal) Noctus is still around. When I last logged in I think I was in a guild called DarkBlade, which might be what the Dashers evolved into. It won't be the same but it might be fun if we get some VTers and old Dashers together next summer and 'go again'. Maybe as different classes? Maybe as Allies!
  2. ED

    World of Warcraft

    I just need to ascertain the location of Mankrik's beloved
  3. ED


    They said that in the announcement - the extra allocation came after they had the scarves made. I'm not sure it's fair to be angry you're not getting your freebie that they didn't have to give out at all, a few days later
  4. ED

    Saving Money - advice needed

    When at a strip club, have 9 private dances instead of 11. Money saver. The day before your rent is due, murder your landlord. That way he won't notice when you don't pay it.
  5. ED

    Saving Money - advice needed

    In-call hookers are cheaper than out-call. Money to be saved there. Buy your cocaine in bulk and spread it out throughout the year. You'll be amazed how much you save. When you bet, bet on a winning outcome. That way you make far much more than on a losing bet.
  6. ED

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Agree. It's one of the best episodes of tv I've ever seen.
  7. ED

    Championship League 1 & League 2 Play Offs

    I hope this isn't a blueprint for saturday
  8. ED

    Villa pubs central London?

    Im not far from the Black Lion. I imagine there'll be a few villa fans there because of the jubilee line up to Wembley? If so I'll come along for the atmosphere
  9. ED

    The FA Cup Final Pre-Match Thread

    If we'd lost to Everton and West Ham but beaten So'ton and Burnley, we'd all fancy us to win. Momentum innit. I'm almost glad Arsenal blew their load yesterday though
  10. ED

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Wayward Pines..........wow not a spoiler really. But just in case
  11. ED

    The FA Cup Final Pre-Match Thread

    Why are Arsenal listed first?? - we're the home team in this fixture (a bit pedantic I know!) Yes it is
  12. Arsenal 0-0 West Brom Aston Villa 1-2 Burnley Chelsea 1-0 Sunderland Crystal Palace 1-2 Swansea Everton 2-0 Tottenham Hull 1-2 Man Utd Leicester 2-0 QPR Man City 2-0 Southampton Newcastle 1-1 West Ham Stoke 2-1 Liverpool
  13. Yep thanks for doing this Rodders. I actually don't do accas anymore because this shows how hard it really is. You've technically saved me money