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  1. A prediction league with two people Also TWI, White Ralph Lauren big (blue) pony with the 3 on the side in a medium. In today - interested? 8)
  2. Where's all this proof then? I'm guessing you rarely watch Dutch football if not at all. You are categorically saying that someone who scored 47 goals last season is a worse finisher than someone who only scored around 20. I don't care what league you play in, 47 goals is impressive and the way you are righting him off is absurd. lol :notworthy: Oh nooo, a grammatical error. Spelling and/or word choice error tbf
  3. Look harder. Above picture of a guido = inaccurate. Ergo, not a guido. I also don't have a spray tan or wear wifebeaters. Stay in college
  4. I'm effectively saying that the above picture is an inaccurate photographic representation and you will be hearing from my lawyers
  5. Incorrect hair, lack of sunglasses, my belt is better & I also wear Calvin Klein, not some walmart looking pants. Also no fruity necklace or holes in my jeans. Shame really
  6. As it so happens I reverted back to that hairstyle a few weeks ago, takes a slick really bad person to pull it off though 8) If you say so. Do you use fake tan aswell? Yep 8)
  7. As it so happens I reverted back to that hairstyle a few weeks ago, takes a slick really bad person to pull it off though 8)
  8. Chavez decision (Majority if you want specifics)
  9. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and John Duddy made weight without issues for Saturday's clash for the WBC' silver middleweight title. Chavez-Duddy headlines Top Rank's Latin Fury 15 pay-per-view from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Chavez Jr. weighed the division limit at 160-pounds, and Duddy was a pound under at 159. Both fighters were in excellent shape. Marco Antonio Barrera, fighting for the first time since the loss to Amir Khan from March 2009, weighed in at 141-pounds. The tough Brazilian, Adailton De Jesus, was 138-pounds. There appeared to be some controversy on the stage with the camps of both fighters. The fight was set for a max weight of 138. A deal was struck between both sides, with De Jesus receiving a couple of extra bucks, for the fight to get a weight bump to 141.
  10. Wearing a Villa shirt on the way to play football and a bloke in a white van drove by and shouted "Up The Villa!" Great stuff 8)
  11. :shock: On this count he's right, 99% of other times he's a bit of a cuuuunt
  12. Brilliant news, building up for the Khan fight I guess. Cracking undercard as well
  13. Big Tyson Fury was bigger than ever ahead of the much-anticipated rematch with John McDermott. Weighing in at 19 stone 4, eclipsing his debut weight 18 months ago and 23 pounds heavier than in the first contest. McDermott looked more trim despite a characteristic weight of 18 stone 2, or 254 pounds. Surprisingly Fury, who attended in typically jovial mood seemed in reasonable shape but the weight doesn’t strongly suggest his preparation for this fight hasn’t been as intense as perhaps it should have been. McDermott certainly appears fixated on victory this time and with McDonnell in his ear, may yet find the resolve and self-belief to make the final step. At yesterday’s press conference there were once again suggestions of ‘beastings’ at the hands of diminutive Jim McDonnell and it would be healthy to see Big Bad John get some reward for the additional effort he has clerly made to get in tip-top condition. The brief video of the weigh in is available at Maloney Promotions Youtube site….or you could just click here. Two fat bastards
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