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  1. I have not chosen to believe anything. I am just sick and tired of all the fans saying "he is off" based on stupid rumors.
  2. How it is absurd or ridiculous? for the past 3 years we have seen tons of posts saying "he is off", "bye bye Jack" etc. Based on what exactly? That is right nothing really. And yes I am speculating that people take this approach to protect themselves from hoping and then feel hard done by if he ever left. But the fact is that for all we know he could stay or he could go. However what is very clear is that we don't want to sell and even the Bosmann ruling can't force anyone to sell - just have a look at the Dortmund/Man U and Sancho situation.
  3. If there is no release clause in Jack's contract, and I think we would have heard about it now, then I can't see him leave as a combination of two reasons. 1. He is worth more than we could get for him for us. There is no way we can get a world class player without Europe and he is our biggest marketing pull. Also he is good for 10-20 points more a season for us. In short unless someone offers us 300m ish it is not a really good deal. 2. Jack loves Villa like us and I don't see him rocking the boat this season, if any. But I still hate all the stories that come out, and I get pissed with all the negative fans who try to protect themselves by being giving up and accepting defeat.
  4. Not that I know anything, but I would guess it is a full 2 year clause. If so it should run out next summer.
  5. We seem to be able to hold on to promising players, and sign a few ones as well. This is starting to look like a trend and players will notice.
  6. Who is to say that we have not set a deadline? The way transfer dealings seem to be done at Villa now is very hush hush. Based on last years window, very little comes out before it is close to done.
  7. Hi guys, Have not been on the forum for quite some time as I find it hard to browse on the phone. Is there a way to use Villa Talk in an app on iPhone?
  8. I don't agree. He is not the main man there. They have Zaha who is the Star. i think Benteke would be good here with the crosses we provide. Wesley have not made contact with any of them. And the Euro's are coming up Benteke will be up for it.
  9. I know it has been written before by DanishLad, but I just want to echo what he said. Lyngby is one of the few elite clubs in Denmark that historically have really good youth teams. What they have been lacking has been a successful first team, (read rich) to keep the players in the Club. The other clubs around Copenhagen are able to pay far more and have also started to emulate what Lyngby have been doing for years. Lyngby have an OK stadium and decent training facilities. They are well placed to get talent from around Copenhagen to play for them, because of the good infrastructure of the area. It is very easy to get to them. When I played there (long time ago :-) ) - I had team mates from all over Sealand traveling to play for Lyngby. I really hope this deal goes through.
  10. Do you homework BOF, how about giving us some info for a change :-)
  11. Maybe they have a non compete clause?
  12. Yes he is trying to get out, but he could get out tomorrow if he lowered the price......
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