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PL: Man City h 2009/10/05 20:00 Match Thread


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What formation/team do you think he will play for this game and do you think (obviously subject to injury and performance) he will have it in my mind to stick with the same team for the Everton and Chelsea games that follow?

I hope he goes back to the 4-5-1 we deployed against Blues and Fulham with NRC back in there. I would also probably start with this team against Blackburn.

Fingers crossed (for me) that MON agrees.

I think we will get battered if we go with the 4-4-2.

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In order to0 not lose this game, we will have to win the MF battle. If citeh with the MF, we will get trounced.

So we simply must play 4-3-3 in this one, with Coker, Stand and Sidders as the MF 3, and asher and milly supporting Gabs.

Also, in defence, i would play L Young at RB, warnock at LB, and Cuellar plus either RBD or Undertaker at CH.

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I personally think we are going to get battered

Me too!

Although, last time we lost to a shit team and I then assumed we'd get battered in the next game, we beat Liverpool, so there's always hope.

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im in vegas im gutted it was the one game all season i wanted to go to

standing on me tod booing like **** mad at midday in a bar with probably 3 yanks will seem a bit daft

ah vegas just got back from there had the time of my life. dont worry there is a place you can watch villa game. there is an english pub called crown and anchor by tropicana. they will show it

you wont be by yourself everytime i have been there has been a hell of a load of people there

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**** 'em, they're only man city.

I'm going for 2-1 Villa, hopefully we play:






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