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  1. Links on Twitter seem to suggest Kozak could be off to Germany before the window shuts.
  2. I think with these links to Lescott and Fonte, it's clear Clark is most at threat for the centre half position. Despite his new deal I think this is just a case of tieing down our talent and avoid another Delph situation. Unfortunately Clark was most guilty of lumping the ball and losing possession while Richards was alot more comfortable on the ball. I really like Clark but I do think he'll be paying more of a support role in the near future.
  3. how i feel about it all BOF, those **** don't even appreciate his talents but will no doubt exclaim Liverpool made him the player he is. if he's a raving success. I'm caught in two minds as to if i want him to be a bumbling Andy Carroll type of a mess or a success that the lad actually deserves for the effort he put in most of his time with us.
  4. How reliable is this guy? Interesting if true. Starting to think our interest may be genuine. Do players really follow their pals like that? He should use his head not his heart IMO, it's a long career. If that still means Stoke then fair play, I won't begrudge him or them, but I hope he's a bit more adult about it than that suggests. School time is over. He's a journo who writes for The Times, The Mirror, Express and BBC Sport.....He normally tweets things after they happen. Hes the boy who bbc fell out with Rangers over. They are refusing to cover their games now i believe. Brendon is a decent journo, Used to enjoy his match reports on Villa when he worked for Express and Star, if he isn't a villa fan then he has a decent affinity for us. Saying that i'm not sure how close his links are to the club now he's working for national rags.
  5. Is Tony Parks still involved with us, he seemed to feature strongly when Sherwood came in but can't say i've heard from him this pre-season.
  6. I really do like Ray Wilkins, i took a liking to him ever since he played the Sausage Sandwich game with Danny Baker and i had the mental image of him riding round it's a small world at euro disney. Hope he turns out to be a far greater acquisition than Keano.
  7. time is running out for Gabby i think, given the amount of options in his position. He'll have to work his arse off to stay in contention.
  8. Barcelona B have recently been relegated to the third tier too.
  9. Blimey we're half way through Tuesday and we haven't signed anybody this week, Still Adebayor hasn't been complete. Villa set the bar high last week.
  10. Given the fact that Gabby and Bacuna would be potentially competing with this guy, i think it's worth a gamble. I'm not sure what is Bacuna's best position and to what level he can reach, while i think most would agree Gabby's best days are behind him. Depending how we setup we already have Sinclair, Gil, Ayew, Grealish, Bacuna and Gabby competing for wide roles. Competition for places certainly wouldn't hurt us.
  11. Great minds. Thirded. Pretty good side for Grealish, Gil to fight their way back in to with I imagine another couple of signings on the horizon. Fourthded, which I am aware isn't a word. Based on who's fit at present that would be my team for Bournemouth although it wouldn't surprise me to see Gabby in for Gestede. Fifthded. Team seemingly picks it self with injuries to potential key attacking players Grealish/Gil and Gabby. I could see Gabby being squeezed out in all honesty.
  12. Really pleased with how this summer has gone so far, even if we fail to sign anymore players. Feels like the club finally have some stability and strategy to progress. Huge credit must go to Tom Fox.
  13. Yet another lesson learned for a rookie ceo at Villa, trying to keep faith with Lambert will ultimately cost us our premier league status. It's that rather than hiring a rookie manager in Sherwood which is the key.
  14. This is more Tom Fox's/Lerners problem. As fans we knew Lambert was done as Villa manager but they persisted. The fact is Sherwood is having to try things out each game and we're running out of time to survive. I don't dislike what Sherwood is doing. He is at least trying different things.
  15. The kid was a real prospect, essentially always prone to blowing his load in certain situations but what you see now is the result of a player, who has playedo ut of position for the best part of 3 years and for the most part barely touched a football. Those years of playing as an outside forward in Lamberts counter-attacking system have killed him. Much like Gabby, Career may not recover.
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