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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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4-5-1 means a lot less pressure on the full backs, thus Shorey and Beye have improved performances. Reo Coker tends not to work in a 4-4-2, yet is perfect in a 4-5-1. Have to play the same team V Fulham.

Brilliant tonight, a good time to play Liverpool as they just lacked a bit of sharpness and we worked hard and for each other.

Really hard earned win! Delighted!

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Friedel - 10 MOTM - About 10 saves and some crucial clearances. Generally a huge thorn in plops sides tonight and a monster performance from a superb keeper.

Beye - 7.5 - Still positionally questionable on the flank but looks better when pressed more centrally and got some important headers in. Didn't look out of place.

Davies - 10 - Extra point for playing with an injury. Got a gamebreaker goal on half time and was verty solid and hugely overworked all night. Superb from the Dog&Duck's finest

King Carlos - 9.5 - Did every bit as good as Curtis and put in a monster performance. Doesn't get any bonuses for playing with an injury. Carlos showed what he can do tonight.

Shorey - 8.5 - The best I've seen from Shorey by some way. Did well ploughing forward and despite being burned a few times by Johnson he was by no means outplayed.

Milner - 8 - Tireless work from the wingman

NRC - 9.5 - In my view he was the main difference. Added loads to midfield. Consequently added loads to defence. Was once again tireless. Won countless tackles and still found the time to get forward and win a penalty. Storming stuff from the man who splits the fans for some reason.

Petrov - 8 - Got through loads of work and was the main outlet from defence to midfield and got things moving. Won plenty of frees close to plop box and got us the FK for Young's/Lucas' opener.

Sidwell - 8 - In a defensive performance Sid got through loads of work and was a tireless runner for the team. On other days you want more from him going forward but tonight it was backs to the wall and Sid played his part alongside Stan admirably

A.Young - 8.5 - Still not quite as tricky as he used to be but it was a huge shift from him tonight. Took the free for our first and scored a cool penalty. Great stuff in what was a great team performance.

Agbonlaghor - 7.5 - Not really his fault. The service wasn't there but he ran and ran and remained an outlet. Did the best he could in the circumstances and can take pride in being part of a team effort.

Heskey - 7 - Came on for the injured Young and did most of his work defended corners, which he did well. Headed clearanced were the order of the day and that's what he did.

Martin Atkinson - 10 - I can't remember a single thing he got wrong and Liverpool benefitted from no homer decisions. Credit to the referee tonight.

Please please MON you have to notice now that we need grit in midfield. We need a 4-5-1. Teams by and large can't play against it. Tonight was no small scalp. More of the same on Thursday and against Fulham.

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have to say that was the most agonising 90 minutes of my life....I've been the only Villa fan in a pub in Liverpool.....and was too nervous to celebrate for being throttled by the 80 or so angry Scousers!!!! so nice to be able to celebrate now!!!

great performances from Reo and Brad. And is nice to score from set pieces....we don't seem to have done that for ages!!!!

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Oh goodness I did enjoy that. We enjoyed a slice of luck but with our effort and endeavour we deserved it. The cynic in me wonders where all the MON out brigade are, and just how long this thread would be by now if we had received our expected thrashing.

There is no real need to ruin a thread with a comment like this is there. We have just won at Anfield, excellent performance from the lads and MON.

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Martin Atkinson - 10 - I can't remember a single thing he got wrong and Liverpool benefitted from no homer decisions. Credit to the referee tonight

Should have booked some of their players but other than that got all the big decisions right.

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NRC was outstanding. Passing was still off but he adds so much to our defence by playing that enforcer role.

And I agree with BOF, ref was outstanding. Didn't buckle to Liverpool's moaning.

MOTM = Steven Gerrard. What a challenge.

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That's why I **** love football!!!!

So so proud of our lads tonight, 110% effort , just brilliant. We look like a solid unit, a TEAM. If NRC doesn't start against Fulham MON will be more of a word removed than he was before this match :)

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At least, he's picked a team to play the opposition. Maybe if we'd have gone to Anfield last year with a 4-5-1 we wouldn't have been on the end of a spanking.

Awesome result.

I really hope that this is the start of MON playing the right team in the right formation for the opposition.

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Totally, totally unexpected. The players wanted to win, were ready for the game and made me proud.

Friedel made some great saves. Shorey didn't put a foot wrong. Cueller and Davies had a couple of problems but both were solid in the second half. Beye 100% better than last week. Young was great with the penalty but was still quiet compared to last season, Milner worked hard. Both Sidwell and NRC ran that midfield. I never, ever thought I'd say that. Petrov and Gabby both gave the effort and performance needed.

Brilliant. And well done MON. Very well done indeed. Credit where credit is due.

As Ryan says, that was a team effort. Gerrard was nowhere and Torres resorted to moaning at the referee.

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I've been openly critical of Reo Coker.. but if he continues to play like that I will happily eat my words and sit with a red face. Absolutely outstanding performance. The whole back 4 rode their luck a bit at times but were generally outstanding - didn't panic and cleared the danger efficiently.

Petrov and Sidwell were quiet, Agbonlahor didnt do much, but the game really was played behind them.

Not gonna do individual ratings, but I'll just applaud th defense and Reo Coker.

Liverpool though... were bloody awful.

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So proud of the lads tonight. Every single one of them worked so hard for the cause.

Defence were all giants. Beye looked so comfortable on the ball. If he keeps playing like that Luke Young wont get in!

What a turnaround. Wow. That should give everyone a huge boost.

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well you play NRC in centre mid and whadd'ya know... **** immense!! We brought a box 2 box centre midfielder 2 years ago and finally, finally gave him a game in his natural position. Not on the right, not on the right of a three, not at right back, not on the the right wing but in centre midfield. Superb.

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Beye-8-Solid throughout

Davis-10- 9+ a goal

Cuellar-9-Thats more like it, this is what he was like pre-season

Shorey-6-Ok going forward but we were carved open down his side time and time again

NRC-10MOM-It all came from him and bled into the rest of the team, husteling going back, driving forward. Negated Media Messiah Gerard. Me thinks he still has something to prove against Gerard after a certain cup final where he should have been MOM

Sidwell-7-One of the best performances I have seen form him in Claret and Blue, but still goes missing, not good enough

Petrov-8-Worked hard, provided some creativity and actually held on to the ball in difficult circumstances

Young-8-Well taken penalty, flashes of brilliance but still needs to learn that when two or 3 players are on him, that means his teamates are free and therfore available to pass to

Milner-8-Worked hard as ever, battled hard as ever, just need a bit more end product if possible

Gabby-7-Worked hard but does not exploit space in these situations as much as he should with his pace

Liverpol fans-10- for traveling so far to support their team judging by all their accents in the interviews afterwards LOL! (Mind you, I have a Yorkshire accent, i WAS born in Dudley road hospital though, hope thats OK)

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