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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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I thought Reo Coker was absolutely magnificent tonight.

Our front three weren't really firing and we've still beaten Liverpool at Anfield. Good performance from the back four, fantastic by the keeper and excellent from the middle three.

I'm as happy as a fat spider.

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another thing from tonight that rafa will no doubt allude to -

1st half the ref was a bit weak, torres was falling over so was stevie g, and he was really inconsistent with ashs yellow, but very strong in the 2nd half IMO got both pen calls absolutely spot on

also i couldnt help but think that every bobble and ricochet fell their way, the one that they just couldnt get in from the 1st half and then even their goal just had some unlucky breaks for us

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So, so proud of the lads tonight. NRC was simply fantastic, he worked his bloody socks off and never stopped closing down.

Hopefully this will be the lift we need to kick on.

Now, sign some bloody players Martin! :D


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Friedel - 10

Beye - 9

Davies - 9

Cuellar - 8

Shorey - 8

Petrov - 9

Sidwell - 10

NRC - 10 MotM

Young - 8

Milner - 8

Gabby - 8

Heskey - 8

MON - 10

Finally we are back to 451! NRC was simply unbelievable tonight, a superb all action performance. Gerrard didn't have a sniff. We passed the ball well, look composed and confident and as though we were in superb form coming off a run of impressive displays.

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I'm pinching myself at the result, I honestly did not expect this. What an amazing rearguard performance Liverpool had no answer to our 4-5-1 as we flooded the midfield and defended amazingly.

Full credit to MON and the boys who've been on the end of a lot of criticism but this result will certainly kickstart our season.

Friedel, Beye, Davies, Shorey, Cuellar, Reo-Coker and Sidwell were simply outstanding all night.

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Well, whad'ya know! Just two games into the season and we're already two points up on last season in corresponding matches! :lol: 8) :cheers:

Everyone's a hero today, but a special mention has to go to Nicky Shorey and Curtis Davies who've received a lot of stick on here, from myself included!

NRC, Friedel and Sidwell also excellent.

And Habib Beye!! Told you he was quality! :cheers:

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I have doubted

I'm A **** Believer

McGrath forgive me because I'm a **** believer

Get the f*ck in




I've calmed down a bit since posting those words elsewhere but the sentiments remain the same

Wonderful, wonderful performance from one to eleven. Reo Coker was immense

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We were so close to being 3-0 after that Agbonlahor cross; it could have degenerated into a sexual assault at that point. I'll take 3-1 though.

There's so obviously an England player in Shorey somewhere, the last two good games I remember him having have been at Anfield and Old Trafford. He was casually cutting inside like he was Gareth Barry tonight. I think Ashley and Glen Johnson maybe sort of cancelled each other out a bit? This was fine because of set pieces.

I got mild schadenfreude off Martin Tyler's constant reassurances that Liverpool could still win the game and his claim on 80 minutes that Villa had come here for a draw, but it sounds like Alan Green was the place to be for sheer drown-me-in-the-sweet-water-of-your-tears level shit.

The lads who went up there pretty much deserved that, they were singing all through the first half hour when I was still convinced we'd ship three.


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Well done Boys!! Battling 100% effort performance to shut up the critics. It's gonna be like a graveyard on here tomorrow, with nothing to complain about.


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