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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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The 4-5-1 suits our style of play... It was the best we've played in ages... NRC was absolutely amazing and made a massive difference in our midfield... We played our balls off and we were rewarded as a result... I can't get this huge grin off my face.

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4-5-1 worked a treat and i think delph could do that role too, anyway -

brad 9

shorey 7

davies 8

cuellar 8

beye 9 (MOTM)

sidwell 8 (best ive seen him play)


petrov 7

ash 7

milner 7

gabby 7

rafa needs to grow some balls and drop torres if he carries on like this IMO, i said in the match thread he's playing like the whinging teenager that he was at madrid

and i hope some of our boo boys were watching and saw what a flat negative stadium does to your team, plops fans were shocking tonight

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Jesus H Christ on a bike!

It just had to be the same day as I had to play a game myself. It seems we can only beat the sky four if I'm not watching the game (last game I missed was the Arsenal away).

I come home ten minutes from full time not expecting much and find us leading by two.

It'll be interesting to read this thread. Congratulations anyway to everyone on VT, to the lads who must have been excellent and to the manager. Lord know we needed this one!

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It seems the fans were right. 4-5-1, no Heskey, NRC has to play. In fairness to MON, he's the one who got it right, he's the one who motivated the lads and put an injured Davies out there who ended up being immense.

First win over Liverpool in 8 years... what a massive step forward. Season begins here. Our young lads will have their confidence back now, for sure.

A note of caution. We've still a small squad, and we're suited to counter-attacking football. There will be other days like Wigan at Villa Park this year. But who cares about that now, let's just celebrate an immense performance.

Man of the match: Can't choose between NRC, Davies (scored and silenced Torres) and Brad. Beye, Cuellar, Sidwell all great as well.

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good grief.

Well the Wigan game, brought about such despair after pre-season, and so in all fairness this win is a massive jolt in the arm again. Fickle? Well maybe, but until the performance comes, we can only go on what we see, and tonight, we saw what we wanted. A well organised, hard working energetic performance.

The stand out points:

we are much much better with 4-5-1

heskey should never ever be our leading forward - gabby was more of a useful outlet.

shorey - dear god - played very well on the ball - obviously the warnock deal brought the best out of him

davies - you beast - well done son!

cuellar - did ok

beye - more than competent

reo coker, was - who would have thought it - fantastic in the centre - thats what experience gets you

sidwell - also played well, as did the whole midfield

young a - much better, a threat played well, got a harsh booking.

milner - great energy.

agbonlahor - good energy.

friedel - 8.5 - superb.

beye 7

shorey 7.5 - credit where its due, and an assist

davies 7.5

cuellar 7

milner 7

reo coker 8

petrov 8

sidwell 7

ash young 7.5

agbonlahor 7

MoN 8 - that's it good sir. that's it.

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