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  1. Just finished watching the two part Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle on BBC 4 Storyville. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000d27r/storyville-jonestown-terror-in-the-jungle-episode-1 If you aren’t aware of this story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonestown The brief synopsis is religious cult decamps to Guyana led by Jim Jones, their leader. It turns gradually into a nightmare, and leads to a US senator visiting to seeing what is happening. As he leaves he is murdered, and Jones then orders his following to commit suicide. 918, including 304 children die. Some ‘willingly’, but many forced. Its grim viewing. Has some parallels with the Waco documentary that was on Storyville last year.
  2. PauloBarnesi

    Louie Barry

    I think they were more pissed at losing future super agent Michael Standing
  3. His career seems to have stalled; he’s not played for Wolves since 2018 and last season he was on loan at Ipswich and then Oxford.
  4. Bloody hell. Best Tour since 89. Bernal incredible.
  5. Had a superb pair of sunglasses. A truly bizarre signing.
  6. @mjmooney I ve been around just not had much to say
  7. Don’t think has been posted, but next week is Birmingham Design Festival, https://birminghamdesignfestival.org.uk 6-8 June. Quite a lot of it is free and some great speakers to go and see.
  8. Ali Dia, George Weah’s ‘cousin’.
  9. PauloBarnesi


    I did Southerns. Totally rubbish, it was a good 1km under 15
  10. PauloBarnesi


    Friday night declared I would be in the ‘middle of the pack’. Saturday 1029 out of 2006. Mid table mediocrity achieved.
  11. PauloBarnesi


    Did the English National XC champs yesterday; I can’t recommend this highly enough. 2000 guys running round beautiful 11.8km course just outside Leeds on a perfect day*. Literally every kind of runner from the elite, to some superb veterans, each running their own race. Just have to be a member of an affiliated club to do it, and I think the fee was £7 (none of that £50 to run 10km around some city centre). * If next years XC champs is at Parliament Hill, London, avoid. Its a horrible course
  12. Headline says he will return. Text says may cut short his loan spell. mmm hedging your bets?
  13. Not sure he can be fully blamed for the basket case that was Rangers; when you get your tax avoidance scheme set up by a part time solicitor/porn actor you are asking for trouble. Anyway its a great documentary, but the caveat is that all of these things are edited, so somethings are not quite as they appear
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