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  1. Ali Dia, George Weah’s ‘cousin’.
  2. But a quality human being
  3. PauloBarnesi


    I did Southerns. Totally rubbish, it was a good 1km under 15
  4. PauloBarnesi


    Friday night declared I would be in the ‘middle of the pack’. Saturday 1029 out of 2006. Mid table mediocrity achieved.
  5. PauloBarnesi


    Did the English National XC champs yesterday; I can’t recommend this highly enough. 2000 guys running round beautiful 11.8km course just outside Leeds on a perfect day*. Literally every kind of runner from the elite, to some superb veterans, each running their own race. Just have to be a member of an affiliated club to do it, and I think the fee was £7 (none of that £50 to run 10km around some city centre). * If next years XC champs is at Parliament Hill, London, avoid. Its a horrible course
  6. Headline says he will return. Text says may cut short his loan spell. mmm hedging your bets?
  7. Not sure he can be fully blamed for the basket case that was Rangers; when you get your tax avoidance scheme set up by a part time solicitor/porn actor you are asking for trouble. Anyway its a great documentary, but the caveat is that all of these things are edited, so somethings are not quite as they appear
  8. She’s a Tory, but she has a point.
  9. The things is whether you agree with the Telegraph, Guardian, Mail, Sun, Mirror, Times etc, etc you should be aware of the others and that people have a different view point.
  10. Depends where you live I guess; people in Surrey probably wouldn’t notice a thing.
  11. I set them up, and you bang them in...
  12. But I bet that this is pretty much the case all the time; the young vote for change (how many of those students will vote the same way in thirty years?), the old vote for Status Quo. And also the % of turnout for older voters also increases. Lies damn lies and stats, etc
  13. The Economist backed the Lib Dems iirc Interesting fact Daily Mirror was set up by the owner of the Daily Mail.
  14. The past is another country as they say, bar in Northern Ireland, where its constantly being relived.
  15. You might say the same about SF. But most people on the British mainland don’t realise what is going on in NI.
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