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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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What a brilliant day to be a Villa fan...so glad i decided to get ESPN...

Friedel 9...outstanding...stopped everything that continued to come at him...in particular the save from Cuellar...hes getting younger by the day...

Shorey 7...good going forward and defended better...however i feel he was still our weak link defensively...looking forward to the Warnock signing but Shorey certainly showing he can be a more than useful deputy...

Cuellar and Davies 9...both were outstanding...got their heads to everything...iv always though Cuellar would step up but Davies surprised me...iv been quick to write him off...i hope people can see one centre back is all we need...Cuellar is more than capable of being the 2nd centre back...

Beye 8...very strong performance...defended brilliantly and held his own in some tight situations...

Reo Coker 9 MOM...brilliant display...lots of interceptions...perfect protection of the back 4...he was everywhere and winning the penalty...hope this cements his place in our first team...

Petrov/Sidwell 8...both were impressive...Sidwell grafted well and certainly was far from his invisible self...Petrov distributed well and won free kicks when we needed them...

Ash 9...good display...he was marshalled well against a good defence...got the crucial free kick and what a satisfying penalty...more than his attacking his defensive play was to be admired...

Milner 9...similar to Ash...his defensive work was outstanding...when he had opportunities he got forward well but like Ash his main work was protecting the full backs...

Gabbi 8...did everything that was required of him...not easy doing his role but he did it well...closed down and rushed the Liverpool defence often and what a killer ball for Reo Coker...hes certainly the man for our 4-5-1...his defensive work was brilliant...

MON 9...brilliant away performance...perfect formation and the players fulfilled his desires to a tee...if only he can sort out our home form...

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Brilliant game! Great result, hope we build from this. NRC was superb! Defense took a pounding but held form which was great to see. 4-5-1 worked! Gabby worked hard again and Young showed the moments of quality when needed. What more can you ask for! Lets hope all our intended targets were watching! So good to beet Liverpool!

My ratings

Friedel - Did not put a fot wrong and staid calm at the back, priceless quality - 9

Baye - Great early touches settled villas nerves i think - 8

Davies - Great blocks and tackles all game, good header for 2-0 - 9

Cuellar - great beard, nuff said - 9

Shorey - some good set piece work, and good distribution - 8

Milner - worked hard all games and showed some nice touches, but a little quiet - 8

NRC - Quality - 10

Petrov - tired at the end, but had done his job. Some great interceptions and showed composure winning free kicks when needed - 9

Sidwell -did the gritty unspectacular stuff - 8

Young - great work ethic, calm pen and good set pieces - 9

Gabby - worked hard and played for the team not himself, great to see - 8

Heskey - did a job and again played for the team - 8

delighted. Lets build form this!

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For the first time in 6 month I feel like I can read the back pages of news papers again, cheers Villa, you've made my week much more bearable. And I have alot of gloating to do tomorrow.

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Friedel - 9 Made a couple of huge saves toward the end of the game

Beye - 8 Looked a lot more comfortable with his role today

Davies - 8 Great header to score the goal, had some great tackles

Cuellar - 8 He and Davies were pretty equal at the back tonight, were the two best defenders IMO.

Shorey - 6.5 Played a decent game, was out of position on the goal and misplaced a few passes

Milner - 8 Worked hard and contributed a lot on defense

NRC - (MOTM) Got the penalty, was great defensively, couldn't ask for more

Petrov - 7.5 Played well, but disappeared as the game went on

Sidwell - 7 Nothing fantastic, but had a solid game

Young - 9 Great set pieces, much better on his runs tonight

Gabby - 8 Worked his tail off, still needs to drop 10 pounds

Heskey - 7 Did well, but didn't contribute very much.

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Been waiting ages for a report on SSN and have seen nothing, can bet it would be different had they won.

You'd have need windscreen wipers on your TV screen to remove the jism

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Young - 9 Great set pieces, much better on his runs tonight

Are you on some kind of drug???

Young 9 and Shorey 6.5??????

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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Agreed with the sentiments on NRC. Just to think of if he had gotten a goal on that ball from Young, what an triumphal comeback it would have been!

Also, nice to finally see Shorey play a wholly good match. Perhaps he's not done on this level after all?

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Absolutely sensational result and performance. If Barca beat the scousers 3-1 at Anfield it would be hailed as a good result.

It's been said a lot further up the thread but 4-5-1 and NRC and we looked like a team again, I've cursed you more than a bit over the last week but fair play to you MON for finally biting the bullet and delivering that result

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