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  1. Hope you sing the correct version
  2. Yep agree with this as stops players simply stacking. On DEF its a tricky one for me as it does leave in a little bit of jeopardy for everyone, otherwise those with way better knowledge of the actual game (mine isn't great) and/or more time to research will win every year
  3. One week later the same players do this to me....... strange how both QBs got exactly same score. The only player I would have changed for opening line up was Gibson in for Ahmed which would've cost me a whole 0.2 bugger, playing #1 then #2 then #3 seeds and stopping that unbeaten season having sort of given up half way I suppose I should be happy.....
  4. Gonna take a miracle now after Thomas doesnt touch ball in an hour for Washington and then the WR i dropped - Lamb - gets a 52yd TD
  5. Not unless DeShaun puls his finger out it won't be
  6. Big Q is Watson v Bengals OR Herbert v Broncos its the one thing I need to get right today to have any chance methinks
  7. Am struggling to remember a more professional second half performance. Everyone one of them was superb and Ollie was simply awesome
  8. Final over before 1.5 games completed! Brady with 50pts in first half and Lions offecne shocking for the TB Def too
  9. Smith-schuster was my saviour a couple of times in previous years, let's hope that he doesn't come back to haunt me now. As for @rjw63's hopes if Big Ben does come through for him he needs to ignore Boyd. Come on do it for us old 'uns
  10. Going to need something special to overturn the QB deficit alone. Gambled on dropping my reliable CEH! Fingers crossed
  11. Yep or at least look like he might and thus commit a defender to close down
  12. Hasn't the one in Lytham closed for good now? Back on topic - I hate that but probably shouldn't
  13. Yeah after a D+ draft report card and then 1-3 start (and that win was against the dirty Flockers) I thought I wouldn't make it, then came that mid-season debacle and losing an important game because of it I simply stood back with the pre selected teams (always do that just in case and to cover byes). Only to realise I'd scraped in and it was only fair to the others in league that I actually tried to finish it off. No idea how it goes #2 then #1 as opponents unless it's simple highest seed gets lowest in next round! Thought is would follow traditional a)1v8, b)4v5, c)3v6, d)2v7 then a v
  14. Made a couple of changes this morning, more in hope than anything else. Missed Cam Akers as The Brown Stuff picked him up just before me!! Only problem now is that we're busy on Sunday so might not be able to react to any late player updates. If only I had been this interested before the 'issues' mid-season and only scraping into the play-offs
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