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  1. Gabby Agbonlahor

    How many cards has he had in the same period? Thanks for yesterday Gabby, you certainly changed the game from one of the worst I've ever seen to one slightly better. In the derby it is the result that matters and I'm still a little hoarse, though not from singing for Gabby (hypocrisy doesn't sit well with me you see). He can waltz off into the nearest shisha cafe now and not be seen again for all I care about him and as for giving him any sort of contract - WHY?
  2. Jonathan Kodjia

    Might get just the one match and not the three, misses sha BUT he doesn't miss rest of season. TBF he shouldn't have been on the pitch as he was lucky not to see red on Saturdfay for throwing a punch. He is getting too involved in 1:1 'battles' and not concentrating on his play at the moment.
  3. Ticket Info

    Yep it was 7 so done. Home by 6 for work is a downer but heyho
  4. What do you drive?

    Boy do I have some mediocrity in my car history Vauxhall Viva - Budgie yellow Hillman Avenger - hand painted with black coach paint to replace the written off budgie Escort Mk2 Orion Rover 213s Audi 80 - with fully functioning indicators. Twas good for people moving across on the M6 (wasn't it @blandy ) 205GRD Focus Estate Vectra Focus Estate Volvo s40 Saab 95 Aerodeck thing which was bloody quick for an estate Then the taxi So 2 x Toyota Avensis D4D Estates with combined mileage by me so far of 352k!!! and in all time t'missus has had Nova Star 1.2 Saxo Forte and a Renault Clio
  5. Fantasy Football 2016/17

    I think it appeals more without us in there, not that I've improved any
  6. Ticket Info

    One of these days I'll remember how to check my away game status, am sure it's 6 or 7.....
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    More proof of the myth around possession tonight in the Juve / Barca game I see
  8. Pre Match thread

    Hopefully we see a squad without the wasters in it, Bacuna, Green and RHM should for me all feature if only on the bench. Whilst there is still even the slightest chance of play-offs I can't see SB blooding anyone unless he simply has to.
  9. The push for the Play offs ?

    Seriously we should all forget about it until the last couple of games, IF it happens then c'est la vie. For me there are simply too many clubs above us for all the ducks to fall into the same row. That run post Xmas has proven so so costly
  10. Pre Match thread

    If the play offs happen they happen, for me this is a perfect opportunity to blood RHM with no pressure on him whatsoever. Stick to the 442 we started with yday. That is the way to get Kodjia to understand it too
  11. International Football General Chat

    Good goal - yes, indeed is there ever a 'bad' goal if you support that team. However, there is no way it is 'amazing' as per the description, the keeper has it covered but for that last second bobble off the pitch
  12. Pre-match thread

    1st start was league cup win le Arse earlier that season, at right back.... pedantry mode off
  13. Pre-match thread

    We are the only team they have to play that they have beaten this season, so yes it would be well earned
  14. Pre-match thread

    Wasn't his debut. He had played at least three times that season off the bench. I remember his 1st that season v Soton, he looked like a baby giraffe learning to stand up he was that nervous. What a great siging for £40k from Baggies he was though
  15. Pre-match thread

    It's close to us as well but I have to work