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  1. Travel

    Be aware that it' bus replacement tomorrow on the line to the ground. A fair few will be going to Wigan and then onto Bolton via taxi as it isn't far and there are more pibs
  2. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    I said clear as he was one on one with last man as opposed to just being open for a pass
  3. NFL Team in England

    Not a chance I would support a team from London, would find it hard to support anyone from outside Brum despitey living oop North
  4. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    Nah good call bad bad throw, man was completely in the clear
  5. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    Understand both of those challenges but what a waste of timeouts for losing em both. Fully expect Brees to find something this drive
  6. Wild Card Weekend

    Exactly my thinking too
  7. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Well the guys that carried me through to the final, failed to perform in the last game, oh well I was predicted to be in the lower reaches and got to the final, well chuffed with that. Enjoyed it again
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I have this week and need a crazy 2nd half and a great game from my other WR mid season 'gamble' to have a hope of progressing beyond my wildest dreams
  9. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Went to bed expecting to wake up to going out in a close one, nice surprise that. From a 3 - 11 forecast to the SF, I'll settle for that as cannot see me getting any further
  10. Scott Hogan

    Bruce looked at taking either/both of them to Hull to boost their promotion chances before he got anywhere near VP. They wouldn't have fitted the 'style' he played there either
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Gonna need a miracle from Cousins and Hill this week now.... Late scratch from Ertz didn't help
  12. Pre match thread

    I'd have him because he isn't 'woeful' at all. He makes intelligent off the ball runs and would, for me, work well with Davis. Back against Reading we started off ok playing a counter attacking game and should have scored before he picked up an injury. Play him through the middle with balls played to him by a partner or even something on the ground and not to his head/chest from 40yds and he is a good player.
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Could be worse you could have a 71 pt QB on your bench .....
  14. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Same for all the RBs, he got 36 anyway with the last ones taking him through the 150yds got another 5pt bonus Ingram didn't do to badly ether