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  1. Hadn't realised you picked up then dropped Herbert.... oops
  2. Nah its just a game I play to add a little something on a Sunday when games are on. Don't take it too seriously, some of the posts and stuff this season i frankly find bizarre.
  3. Rob you need a new QB that looked awful, feel for him
  4. Getting rid of Singletary when Moss was out was poor timing too My whole bench is OUT
  5. What is with the Post on VT name thing too? Who did that
  6. Last season's massive reach by me has just been signed again It could be this Devonian cider
  7. Wonderful match one and Fulham don't start their No.1 striker....
  8. Done first two weeks's picks as we were supposed to be in Portugal - but now could be in middle of nowhere camping
  9. TBF and I know players can still swap players around these projection make it look like being a close league. I got a D+ for a report card, that Gibson reach in round two being the big reason.
  10. So bloody quick that one, here's hoping those reaches aren't another Scotty Miller from last year. Who had we had another Bench place I would have taken
  11. Nice. One win, 2 2nds and a 3rd for me. 2nd when I was predicted to go 2-14 and nr bottom was my favourite result
  12. Either fine for me but any chance of earlier got to be out for work at 0530
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