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  1. Pre-match thread

    It's close to us as well but I have to work
  2. Jonathan Kodjia

    I can and if we get silly money I see no reason not to. I do think that Bruce would prefer to play with a Hogan type striker as opposed to Kodjia.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    Same as when the goalscorer seems to win most of the time, whether they play well or not. TBF last Saturday was Kodjia's most complete game for a good while, almost played as part of the team IF only he could have spotted Albert in acres of space TWICE. Whereas I thought Jedi was simply majestic and then to insist we made the change to combat Fletcher it put him on a different level altogether
  4. Jordan Amavi

    The booking wasnt even that. Their player leaned into Amavi who simply wasn't there and he fell over, very poor decision by ref and linesman
  5. Ticket Info

    ahem - there are tickets in the home end from £15
  6. Andre Green

    If / when he adds a scoring touch to his game it will be hard for us to keep hold of him. He does the things that top clubs like in the modern game in that he tracks back without fail
  7. Jonathan Kodjia

    Absolutely spot on. The fact that he tweeted about his pass for Hourihane makes me think that he is starting to realise it is a fault and one he accepts. As for AH on Pens I sit behind goal half way up Lower Holte - shall I take a hard hat just in case
  8. Club anthem?

    To be fair in return as a song that was hijakced it was shit but to those of us who remember belting it out for 45 mins at Goodison back in the 80s it's still a good song when sung slowly by us all, as most chants would be IF we actually sang them in time. Too often our chants get rushed and end up as nothing but noise
  9. Pre-match thread

    Just about to set off and I think it'll be same stsrting line up with Hourihane given the Bacuna free role from Sat, I think he will like it too as up to now he seems to be a little bit too occupied stopping in midfield which isn't what he as doing for Barnsley and hence what we bought him for
  10. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Just go with 4132 as opposed to the 451 we have tried. On paper it looks 433 but it wasn't. Hour I have is capable of playing wider and it should bring Thor into it a little. Would give Hogan much needed support
  11. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Goal ratio of shots on target to goals against at the moment is bloody scary Barnsley 3 from 4. Ipswich 1 from 1 and Newcastle the bloody same tonight.... Come on lads let's surprise even ourselves with an actual comeback
  12. Prematch Thread

    Hmm will I be able to stomach the 2nd half or will the missus win out and we will watch the last instalment of The Halcyon???
  13. Tony Xia

    Whilst scary from the outside I do wonder if they are looking at different aspects. The playing side wage bill will be the vast majority but if you take in everyone employed by AVFC then the numbers would look a little better. Where The Doc refers to us as "1 firm" it infers to me he will look at total bills.
  14. Crap Hometown Clubs

    All dayers in Locarno because we weren't old enough to go Wigan or Torch.
  15. Media and punditry

    Caught about 15 mins of the beeb red button coverage and two things stick in my mind: A goal went in and the at ground pundit said: "It was a good kick. With his left foot." and that was it Then at HT in the Huddersfield ,v Citeh match Dion came out with the astounding piece of punditry: "Huddersfield will think they are still in this". IT WAS GOALLESS OF COURSE THEY WOULD YOU MUPPET