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  1. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    so long as draft isn't a Weds / Sat I'd be up for another game
  2. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    You're on a sha forum and yet we call them obsessed .... hmm
  3. Tickets

    I foresee a huge cock up on Tuesday when all STers cannot get in. Especially as the ticket office seems incapable of getting the simple things like tickets bought on 1st all the way up the M6 for tomorrow's match....
  4. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Monday night at that time is perfect for me. I cannot do Weds or Sat at all due to work if you do change it
  5. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    That FW from Watford Okaka (sp) . needed someone who gets on the pitch over Solanke
  6. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    Missed out on my transfer in by scoring too many and losing.... doh!
  7. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    We did one on Saturdday and it worked fine and a lot better than TOGGA
  8. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    Am on early starts next week so 8 pm is better for me too, though I'm sure the missus won't mind
  9. Fantasy Football 2017/18

    The top one is named the "irrevertantad league" which confused me!!! Easily done to be fair
  10. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    I am in a league where I cannot make the draft which is on Saturday so will report back how well the watch list thing works
  11. Croatia

    Resurrect a thread time...... We are off around Croatia in mid Sept for almost 2 weeks celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary. We have 3 nights in Split, 2 in Hvar, 4 in Dubrovnik and finally 4 in Cavtat. So for those that have been do you recommend? We will be doing 1 day cycling whilst in Cavtat as it looks lovely for that.
  12. Gary Gardner

    Off topic I know but he played a big part in that run Crotone had to keep them in Serie A last year, only scored one but it was the winner IIRC
  13. North West Villa

    Official supporters club for the North West of England.Travel arranged from the North West to all home games and the majority of away games.Tickets also available through the supporters club. Now recruiting new members, be it ST holders or those who can only attend occasionally. We currently start in Blackpool area and then call at Preston / Charnock Richard services / Haydock Island and Lymm services If anyone is interested in joining drop me a message on here and I'll send you the contact details
  14. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I'll try again - no to Weds or Sats for draft though
  15. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    You missed my not being able to do Wednesday at all, do a double so not a chance that day, which is the day it's been set up for at the moment.