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  1. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Same for all the RBs, he got 36 anyway with the last ones taking him through the 150yds got another 5pt bonus Ingram didn't do to badly ether
  2. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    It is, I've been made some offers, they just didnt stack up
  3. VT Pickem 2017

    Fluffed the Thursday game again, preset next two weeks as unsure if I'll get time in Croatia
  4. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Obvious thing to do is swap Thor for Hogan and give Davis some support so that when he does win it it can get to a Villa player. Also Hogan runs off the ball which the others need too
  5. Pre match thread

    Hmm would Sam Terry Chester Elmo Jedi Taylor Lansbury Hourihane Thor Snodders Davis be more like it and if so then I'm even more annoyed that Hogan isn't there as that team plays decent football for a running CF as opposed to a big hold up type
  6. Pre match thread

    Having Jedi in there should allow the others a little more opportunity to support
  7. Pre match thread

    4 1 3 1 1 playing someone (Snodders) who could link well with Scott but no Scott!!!! No flabby to be seen is a bonus as we are 100% WWW without him this year
  8. Pre match thread

    @Grasshopper I would like to see that first team too but even Bruce couldn't eat enough humble pie to select RM
  9. Jonathan Kodjia

    I maintain that Kodjia scores better goals than any of our other forwards but isn't the best goalscorer we have, though with Bruce as boss we will never play in a way to get the best out of in the box scorers. That said I feel sorry for Kodjia, not because of the injury but because of the hype and expectation level that is being built for his return. Not helped when the official site keep going on about it either. If he doesn't score for a couple upon return and we don't win then he could wel become just another scapegoat.
  10. Pre match thread

    If Gabby starts I'll be watching Bake Off
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I voted against it to try and stop it going through ..... shocking
  12. Pre match thread

    Whelan looked Knackered on Saturday and gets less effective with every game for me. Green n Davis both injured, Jedinak nowhere near match fit so I would go, well actually I wouldn't as I would have drafted O'Hare and Doyle-Hayes in from u23 but not going to happen as they played last night. That said I would go: Sam Bree Chester Terry Taylor Lansbury Elmo Hourihane Thor Snodders Hogan It has the experience and supposed creativity / goals to win against any side in this division, if they are told to play with freedom and not defend should we go ahead.
  13. Week 1 - Pat some Kansass

    Getting released by the Browns wasn't going to see a lot of teams coming for him
  14. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Kodjia v Virgil Van Dijk
  15. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    just sent you one that should work for us both, be my first trade IIRC EDIT: Rejected already....... oh well there were only 2 points between them on projection as well, never mind