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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That is bizarre as most hotels around here that are also wedding reception venues operate on the 24hr cancellation policy, I know where Aston n Giselle do for sure. Keeping it on topic - bloody southerners
  2. General Election 2017

    Judging by the number of 'kids' I've heard whilst working and how they are lining up to vote we could be in for a few shocks methinks. The tuition fees 'bribe' seems to have worked for a few as well.
  3. Leandro Bacuna

    League 7 and Cup 1 Was surprised to see he is younger than any of Hourihane, Lansbury and Bjirkir too
  4. A whole team can go

    Rather than post in all of the individual player threads I looked at our squad and realised that we can let a whole team go and not really weaken ourselves, indeed it will highlight where I think we need to focus through the summer. GK Bunn is obviously hanging on for a coaching role so he can stay. Steer - sorry but I know he's had injuries but I still think we should sell / release and move on So we need a GK 1st teamer - I remain unconvinced with Sam J but at the right price is there anyone likely to choose us currently? Defence: RB - Alan Hutton - I know he is a something of a cult hero, but other than effort is he really good enough these days? Surely with Bree and De Laet we have enough cover LB - Cissokho - cannot get a game on loan even, not good enough get rid. LB - Amavi - as a LB he makes too many mistakes in the Championship to be viable, I'm damned sure there is a very good player in there screaming to get out but at the moment we need experience over potential as the academy should provide the latter CB - Richards, get rid, release or shoot him CB - Elphick - it hasn't worked and Brucie obviously doesn't rate him as shown when he moved Jedi as opposed to bringing on a fit former captain. Oh how it's changed after that decent opening game, when we thought we had got a proper bargain So we need LB 'cover' for Taylor and a 1st team CB to compete with Bakes and Chester Midfield Loanees: Veretout, Gil and Sanchez. One gone the others have both said they want to go, so simply grant that wish. One day I think we will look on Veretout as a player that we vastly under estimated and didn't utilise properly Tshibola - possibly still too early to throw onto the Villa scrapheap just yet.... RM - Adomah - possibly controversial, however, for me he has far too many ineffective games to be of value to our first team, indeed, with the ever improving Andre would he stay for long as a squad player? CM - Bacuna - as I have said in his thread I think he is better than a lot of fans give him credit for, that said we have others ahead of him for the future battles and probably need to strengthen the creativity side as opposed to the hard work. n.b. Brucie likes his versatility (RM, CM and LB in one game) so may keep him around CM - Gardner - sorry Gary but the time has come to finally accept that you aren't going to make it here, we cannot look at you as having potential anymore and should cash in whilst we can This leaves us needing DM cover for Jedi and two 'proper' wide players Andre may prove to be one of those but it is asking a lot of him and Villans have been known to apply far too much pressure on 'one of their own' for them to flower Forwards Kozak - Gone Gabby - please oh please can Dr Tony find a team in China prepared to pay him what it would take to leave. Against small heath he showed application and desire you would expect from a player who is a fan, then only a week later he showed the lack of effort and disinterest he showed last season when for me he abused the tremendous support we fans give him . More cards in the last 5 years than goals and at £3m a year.... simply get rid. Do we therefore need a forward? Depends on how quickly the injured trio are going to be back. In Kodjia, Hogan and McCormack we are pretty much guaranteed goals IF we play the way go get the best out of them. Then with RHM, Davis and Taylor waiting in the wings we are probably ok in this area for once. Coaches - we need to do something about Calderwood as since he came in the defensive attitude of our style, especially when leading, is obvious. By my reckoning we could get around £12 - £25m (depending on Amavi really) for them and free up something in the region of £10m wages Over to you Steve....
  5. Leandro Bacuna

    Hourihane's free kicks are decent but so far are either massively overhit, like his corners OR predictable and savable by keepers. It's nice to have him taking them as you do feel there is a goal there. As with the fans wearing of t'Rovers shirt, far more is being made of this than it really warrants.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Haven't Cardiff jumped to the head of the queue by offering £3m? Based on what we saw last week I would certainly take a risk on him for anything around that mark.
  7. Tommy Elphick

    Sort of feel sorry for Tommy. Started the season as Captain and seemed to be just what we wanted, a decent ball playing centre back who is decent in the air too. However, as the games went by his confidence seemed to ebb away and the writing was really on the wall when we lost a CB and Brucie played Jedi at the back as opposed to bringing Tommy on. He is better with the ball at his feet than either Chester or Baker for me, but his actual ability isn't as good as he thinks it is and there is an error waiting every game. Yday's performance summed it up: Tried to play football near the corner and got away with it, when the same happened he played a back pace too short for SJ and we were lucky not to go 2 down. So like the calamity from way back v Huddersfield it only strengthened my view that we really could do with a better CB over the summer. And what is with him stopping out for extra few minutes hitting balls right to left? Though the staffer that has been on the end of them all season has certainly got better touch now....
  8. Henri Lansbury

    Looks so much better and happier in his game when pushed forward. An intelligent player who dare I say it could work very well with Hogan given time together.
  9. James Bree

    Played well yday. Every time I see him, warm up or playing, he reminds me of the players you see in old clips from the 20s and 30s very upright and 'proper'
  10. Scott Hogan

    Cannot believe the amount of abuse he has got in this thread, yesterday alone he made 3 runs in the opening 15 mins that no other striker on our books makes. The very same runs that their players were making and causing us trouble, between the CB an FB. It isn't his fault that none of our midfield are capable of playing the ball in there!!! Adomah tried once and simply failed. Lansbury was too slow and on the 3rd chipped it and brought the CB into the play. Good player, good goalscorer for me BUT one who doesn't actually suit our current 'style'. Would have liked to see him playing up top WITH Davis yday as I don't think he is a target man at all
  11. Leandro Bacuna

    I thought it was funny more than anything, I thought the booing of him afterwards was pathetic. It shows he is actually bothered and willing, unlike others who are lauded for their apathy. It seemed that it was going to be a sort of after you on the free kicks, Lansbury took the 1st, Hourihane the 2nd etc. But then when it was Bacuna's 'go' it was Hourihane who initially whinged at the bench. Yes it was probably better for a left footer BUT if there was an order in the last game why not? Bacuna is capable of taking a decent free kick. Same as when he got barracked a couple of games back after being asked to go left back. FFS he started out right midfield, moved to centre and having been ok was then asked to change again. I think Bruce like that versatility and will look to keep him. I do like his industry and ability to get around, however, I cannot see how we can use him with Lansbury, Hourihane AND Jedinak in there, to say nothing of signings in the summer. So if we get a decent bid for him, take it and move on.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    I do think that maybe just a little bit too much has been written about the fans wearing Blackburn tops and singing for them. It was all a joke and came about because we had beaten the noses only 6 days before, had there been a few weeks between the games I doubt it would have happened. In all reality those who actually wanted us to lose would be minimal in number, those who wanted to join in the 'banter' far more. I have more issue with those same fans cheering their goal, singing about us losing then turning on the players at the end for doing what they supposedly wanted.
  13. Conor Hourihane

    Like Hogan I think our 'style' of lack thereof is costing him. I also wonder if the move from being the big fish at Barnsley to being just another midfielder in the Villa Park environment may just have had a negative effect on him. He seems reluctant to even take a shot, never mind to miss.
  14. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Oh yes on Saturday he was back alright, back to the half arsed effort (not unlike most of his team mates tbf) and not offering any hope for a long term positive addition to the 1st team squad. All I see now is someone doing very little for the club but taking up a bench place that should be given to RHM for him to grow into being a 1st team squad member
  15. Steve Bruce

    My main concern with Bruce is that he was backed to sign the players he could get in January, three of which were known for their creativity and goals. All three of which have seemingly gone backwards in both aspects. Bree is still young but came with rave reports and hasn't been able to displace the trying but ultimately lacking Huton, can he really build the side to get us up next year?