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  1. Two completely different ways of looking at this for me. 1.Players we've signed due them being decent at previous clubs who simply didn't produce it. 2. Players we had - bought or through youth - who didn't perform here but did when they moved on. Players in group 1: Loads n loads but obvious ones Curcic, Alan Thompson, SVC, Ginola, Didier Six, Pires (too old) Sutton, Heskey Group 2: Gueye, Veretout (not done bad since he left), Savo was forced out but had decent career, Albrighton, Adama, Brian McLair For me VP can be a bit of an elephants graveyard for players and managers, once you've been here it isn't going to get any better, especially for those who weren't sold for 'silly' money.
  2. LancsVillan

    Ezri Konsa

    Yep that would be a good summary for me too. He has that certain something about him, he is obviously comfortable with the ball at his feet and uses it well. He reminds me of Gary Cahill before we stupidly let him go as opposed to others we've signed. That said I do also wonder, like someone else above, if he could actually switch into MF like Barry did.
  3. My lad who is a member on here (only reads these days) is in the latter stages of his Master Degree and would like some help. He is currently undertaking a nation-wide survey of the mental health of football fans in English professional football. The survey is intended for anyone aged 18 and above who currently lives in the UK or RoI, and is a fan of a team in the top four tiers of the English. His research is concerned with understanding the mental health of fans and how this can be best supported and promoted in the future. Responses to the survey are anonymous and the survey has been given full ethical approval by Edge Hill University. We would both be very grateful if any of you would like promote this via your social media channels, including Twitter, copying in the survey account @FootballfansMH Survey is here: Mental Health of Football Fans Survey The survey is open until 17 June 2020 and results are intended to be published by September. Which I will obviously follow up with. Should you have any questions about the research, please contact Aston at: 23298898@edgehill.ac.uk
  5. Couple of these last night, still my fav German lager BUT better still on draught, only place I remember that though was outside Turf Moor with @blandy and @paddy(RIP)
  6. Post lockdown that could be me
  7. Wigan 2010 ;) possibly others too yes I get your point and it is hard yes but if football history tells us anything, it is that anything can happen
  8. Oops - you only have to go back to 2017/18 where West Ham conceded 68 goals, exactly the same as Stoke who were relegated and were only 19th! West Ham finished 13th!!
  9. Imagine, it could have been Noel Edmonds!!!
  10. Nyland who for me is easily as good a keeper.
  11. Much as Sid, Morley and Sir Dennis all deserve their places. If we are going to have a right midfield slot then Des Bremner has to get in too. Without his energy and sheer tenacity we would have struggled, yet another under rated player whose efforts seem to e ignored whenever these things are raised.
  12. How does the list not include Kenny Swain at RB? or Stan Lynn I would have Chris Nicholl at CB in the list at least. Hopefully we aren't only going to select players from 80s onwards it is all time, even if we weren't fortunate to see them
  13. C,mon everyone. It's Jim Cumbes who played for us not Coombs!! More famously known probably as a cricketer and then cricket administrator. I remember watching him play for Villa and then much later in a Worcs v Warwicks game at Grace Road where he dived and got injured. Weirdly for me he was a bowler and not a wicketkeeper which summed up the errors for us. As for a my response it has to be Jimmy Rimmer - the title season he was immense, his shot stopping was up there with the best. Without him there wouldn't have been the success for Spink to get.... I remember the EC winning season we played at Anfield and got battered across the pitch but somehow walked away with a goalless draw and Rimmer getting a standing ovation from the whole ground. To me he is one of the most under rated keepers I've ever seen, Villa or not
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