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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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Going into half time with a 2 goal lead I would have happily taken a point - and the fact that they goal back but we still had a clear 2 goal margin at the end suggests very strongly that the boys are getting their mojo back.

i'm sure i was not alone in getting a sinking feeling when they pulled the goal back, and i think we would have been in for a real onslaught if it wasnt for gerards stupidity - i mean, what was he thinking - it was nrc, in the box on his left foot!!!!!!

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Brad 9 - MOTM - some top quality saves

Shorey 7 - Did well, surprisingly

Davies 9 - One of his beest games for villa, deserved his goal

Cuellar 7 - Cuaght out once or twice, still looks shakey.

Beye 8 - Sundday Monday Habib Beye! Tuesday Wednesday Habib Beye!

Sidwell 8 - Great effort from sidders.

NRC 8 - See above.

Petrov 8 - Did well and likes playing in a 4-5-1 I would say.

Ash 8 - Did well and did alot of defending for the team

Milner 8 - Ran everywhere, defended and counter attacked well

Gabby 7 - Held the ball up a bit and put in one or two good crosses. Needs a partner though.

MON - 8.5 - Got his tactics and team spot on

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I can't shake this nagging feeling in my gut that we're going to get something out of this game and surprise us all.

I know it's silly, my head is telling my gut that it's mental and we're gonna get battered...but I can't shake it.

Gut 1 - 0 Head

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I'm trying to think of a game, since I've been really following the Villa (which is basically since '06, despite my join date), that has left me feeling as good the next day. And I'm coming up short. The only one that's close is 2-0 vs. Chelsea, but this is away. Newcastle last season is also great, and so is winning the Peace Cup, but those don't really compare. Beating Ajax in Europe has to be competition, too, but since I didn't get to watch that game, it doesn't feel the same: coming home to check VT for the score is vastly inferior to seeing the game with your own eyes.

For the moment, I'm calling this the best Villa result in my few years of seriously following the club.

I don't know what it is, but when I walked down the street for a burrito and tacos dinner after the game, proudly wearing claret and blue, I actually managed to get a few phone numbers from reasonably lovely young ladies who actually pulled me aside to say how great the shirt looked. So if you're travelling in the USA, wear your Villa shirt with pride: if it can get me some (not that I'm counting chickens), just imagine what it can do for you.

I just hope that we beat Rapid, because now I'm going to fear that I can only pull when Villa are winning!

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Well that was a nice evening. Followed the first half on here and the shitty streams. Then went down the pub for the second half.

Followed by the pub quiz - which we won, netting eight free pints. Splendid.

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Taken from RAWK. :D

First time I've been able to get to anfield in a while. I can't believe we got outsung by the villa fans. Does that happen often at league games?

Only when we play Villa.

I'm amazed at our away support, eve the 'almighty Liverpool fans' seem to think we regularly outsing them. 8)

This is getting better and better..will shut my plop supporting friends up about them being the loudest fans in the world..

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Haven't seen the game yet, I'll do that in about 15 minutes, but I got some exciting reports yesterday and I can't say I was at my best at work whilst waiting for reports from the game, but man, was it worth it. :D I've long for this for a long time now. Last season, Arsenal at the Emirates, this season Liverpool at Anfield, can we now please take Manure too?

Exciting texts whilst I was trying to work last night:

"Liverpool puts on a heavy pressure from the start of the 2nd half. 100% Liverpool." *Oh, sh**e, hold on, hold on!*

"Liverpool puts one in, 2-1." *F**k, we're gonna lose this, 3-2 just like against Manure, I just know it*

"Penalty for Villa" *Great, but we're gonna miss it, ain't we?*

"Young, 3-1!" *F**king get in!*

And then some hilarious screams making all the others in the factory staring at me. :D And then my phone was quite silent untill the end. Didn't calm down untill long after the game was over. And that only through texts. Maybe that's a better way for me to follow Villa nowadays. :P

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highlights here

German commentary, but at least you get to see Reina get booked for dissent for kicking the ball away thus allowing time for the corner to be taken and us scoring, unlike SSN not showing this in their highlights of the match.

Funny, that's the only thing that SportsCenter showed..

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Bloody brilliant effort. I've said for a while I don't mind Shorey 'defending' when the ball is at feet - generally he does okay. Where he fails is when he is having to try and head away - and last night the game suited him and he played well.

Cuellar is beginning to really make me feel a lot more comfortable about him being a Villa player. He seems to be growing in to that role almost every game, and last night was no exception.

Curtis - a huge game considering his shoulder was strapped up, he didn't duck out of challenges which he might easily (and understandably) have done.

The midfield was excellent, and once Gabby played the channels well, and while he didn't score, he did put a lovely couple of passes in - particularly 2nd half which Reo just failed to get to, otherwise we could have had four!

All in all, 9 except Big Brad who gets my MOTM with a 10.

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RAWK's after match thread

In their ratings thread, Gerrard is getting 2's and 3's...

I was chatting on MSN to an ex Redscouse flame while both watching the stream.. He called Gerrard a w***** when he gave away the penalty was quality!..

Mind you some Scousers saying it wasn't a penalty Coco Pops dived!!..Conned again by the ref with the corner...bla bla bla WHAT???!!!

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