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  1. piav_k4

    Tony Xia

    Fair shout and in fairness i do think it's going to an all or nothing thing for him. He's not going to stick around and do a Steve Morgan at Wolves.
  2. piav_k4

    Tony Xia

    I hear you, but my point was a general one about being realistic. Chelsea aren't as big and those clubs, and look at how much Abramovic has thrown at it.
  3. piav_k4

    Tony Xia

    This talk of being Madrid or Barcelona is making a rod for his own back. There's ambition and there's lunacy. We'll take being an established Premier League club again in 5 years Tone.
  4. It’s got to go to the Football League - they want to know what his financial situation is.” Yes Ray, it's a Fit and Proper Owners test. Amazing insight again.
  5. I believe the man in charge of Lyon is Garde's assistant. He has said that he'd we wiling to step back into an assistants role but only for Remi Garde.
  6. This group of players will never fit in with Remi's vision of how a football team should function. Even with 100% effort and application it's painful watching them move the ball about slowly and not able to turn possession into chances. We haven't got the players composed enough to move the ball quickly under pressure. Eventually we get forced into a mistake.
  7. It's a results business of that there is no doubt. But........ has he been given a fair chance with the a squad pre assembled to suit another manager with a completely different tactical set up? One thing about Remi that I like more than anything is that he doesn't seem to take any shit. He stands up for himself, the players and the fans. He isn't scared to call the board out and ask what is going on. He isn't a rabbit in the headlights out of his depth like Lambert, and he isn't a slippery chancer who likes to drop stories into the press to maintain his own image at the expense of the club like Sherwood. He's the type of bloke you want running the football side of the club and he hasn't be backed one iota. He's been let down big time.
  8. It is incredibly depressing at the moment. We need to be relegated and skip to the next transfer window. It's going to be horrible until then. Hopefully Garde will stick around to rebuild it.
  9. A bit cliché but goals for and against on the day are the only statistics that count... The rise of in depth tactical analysis does make for interesting discussion and debate but in the main is useless. Win 3-0, Westwood attempts 100 passes and completes 100% of them zero assists. 'Fanstastic, Our own Pirlo! Moved the ball about, kept the game ticking over'. Lose 3-0 'Offers nothing, moves the ball sideways, crab like yada yada......'
  10. Surely the only fans who want Villa to thrown tens of millions at mercenaries in blind panic are Blues and Albion ones. The disdain at the lack of activity is mind boggling to me. We have to accept that there isn't a queue out of the North Stand gates to sign for us at the moment. If our best realistic hope is to be relegated with a bit of dignity then we can do with the players we have (based on the last few games). And that won't be Randy 'not wanting to spend' but it will be the board realising that the money may be better spent in the summer... I know it's a bit 'out there' but could we make a few sensible signings? If our league position towards the end of Jan looks a bit more promising then re evaluate?
  11. Doesn't tell you anything. Jack clearly looked a very exciting prospect once he broke into the team last season. He stayed in the team on merit.
  12. I must have missed the 'Get Gabby Scoring' task on this years Apprentice. I jest of course, for me a Chairman should be more business man than football man. Let Remi be the football man eh?
  13. Ha ha - It doesn't sound much like the Gestede I've had the pleasure of watching so far this season. I do understand that he isn't the most gifted player to have pulled on the shirt and he wasn't signed for his footwork but there does appear to be a lack of effort.
  14. Does Rudy just have a low work rate? Or is it difficult for a bloke of his size to give it everything for 90 mins? He does seem to be constantly conserving his energy.
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