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PL: Liverpool a 2009/08/24 Ratings and Reactions


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11 Lions on that field tonight, everyone 100% committed and that's all I ever ask for!

Nigel Reo-Coker- Man of the Match- He should be the first name down on that team-sheet EVERY week!

And the rest- complete stars!

Oh and **** OFF YOU CHEATING, GYPPO, SCOUSE words removed! :D

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Such a relief to have it confirmed that we haven't turned into a bad team overnight.

I would worry about NRC in a two man midfield, but in a three he was excellent, Petrov and Sidwell too - they all managed to get up and down the pitch extremely well. So relieved the defence got it right too.


Now we need some more players to make sure these guys are pushed to perform like this every week and can get a rest every now and then.

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Friedel - 9

Shorey -8

Carlos -8

Curtis -8

Beye - 8

NRC -8

Milner -7

Petrov -7

Sidwell - 7

Ash -6

Gabby -6

Sorry Rob but Gabby worked his nuts off, as he usually does in a 451 and is worth more than 6. As is Stan for me. The rest are spot on though.

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NRC man of the match definitely. Hassled their players throughout the game and ran the show in midfield. Also carragher and torres are such annoying whinging pricks.The way carragher just tried to lift ash up when he was still injured on the ground really pissed me off.

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Only saw the second half but was very impressed with what I saw. 451 NRC exactly what I'd been wanting to see since January. We look so much better for it.

Biggest smile on my face right, didn't think we had a chance so couldn't be any happier right now. Even better for Gerrard giving away a penalty.

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I'm pissed at the pundits. Keegan is a knob. Give us **** credit where it's due!!

It's always 'It was a poor Liverpool performance'... was it bollocks. They just couldn't score. We defended well and played well.


TBF Keegan did say we deserved to win it

What do I know about footie....I thought we would get thumped tonight

I`m well chuffed :D 8)

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I predicted the FT to be 1-3, what prize do i get?

Everyone played their hearts out man! So chuffed with NRC and Sidders, I really had issues with the ginger but think he is improving.

Defence did their job and then some. We really got stuck in and performed great. Sooooo happy.

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We won the midfield battle tonight with 4-5-1...but there will be times we need to revert to 4-4-2...

Great stuff though!

Having a bad time at the moment but this makes me feel a whole lot better!

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was not expecting that, but an absolutely brilliant result!! liverpool do not lose many at home at all

sounds like all the lads played a great game, and i think it proves that not just 451, but 451 with young, gabby and milner as the front 3 is what makes us good. all three of them seems to work well together.

sounds like NRC played a great game in midfield, i think his drive and energy is important. glad to see curtis and cuellar had good games.

get some more signings in this week and all looks good again!!

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Magnificent performance. The guys were committed, worked their socks off and didn't put a foot wrong all night.

Friedel - 9 - Shakey start, but settled and was excellent there-after, his save help us to win the match.

Beye - 9 - Looks like a fine player indeed, excellent workrate, pace, superb distribution, in fact when he moved inside I thought he was a midfielder, he looked so assured.

Cuellar - 9 - Magnificent, looked like the player we all thought we were signing last August.

Davies - 9 - His best game in months, I hope he can continue this form, immense.

Shorey - 7 - Solid, didn't make any mistakes, still looks limited though, hope we get Warnock.

Milner - 9 - Fantastic tonight, made up for his anonymous performance against Wigan.

Sidwell - 8 - Worked hard put in a real shift, but of all the midfielders was the least effective going forward.

Reo-Coker - 9 - His best game in a Villa shirt. Immense tonight, best midfielder tonight, was everywhere - his passing was really good tonight, looks like he might have finally learnt to pass, protected the ball well, great in the tackle, looked like the complete midfielder tonight.

Petrov - 8.5 - Same old Petrov of last season, not quite on his game against Wigan, but great today.

Young - 8 - but only because he scored otherwise 7. Wasn't at his best today, but didn't get much of the ball in the final third. Great delivery for first goal.

Gabby - 8 - Worked his socks off, hardly gave the ball away, it was good to see him putting balls into the box when working the channels.

Villa Park against Wigan was horrible, the atmosphere in the ground was horrible. I was sick to my stomach. It wasn't the booing, it was bitching of everyone around me. As soon as Wigan scored some **** sitting behind me started bitching about Gabby when the guy got no service who-so-ever. I hope Villa park will be a better place come Thursday night.

PARTY HARD (the music coming from the Villa dressing room after the game) I liked that, in MON and Rafa's interview in the background boom boom boom PARTY HARD.

Nothing quite like beating the plop!

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Friedel - 9 - Only at West Ham was he better than tonight

Beye - 8 - Massive improvement

Shorey - 7 - His best game for us

Davies - 8 - His best game in 2009

Cuellar - 8 - Really solid, got a feeling he's gonna have a good season in his proper position

Petrov - 8 - His best game for a while

Sidwell - 8 - Looked a lot better in a midfield 3, worked his socks off

NRC - 10 - MotM, immense, was everywhere and never stopped running

Milner - 8 - Worked extremely hard as always and linked up well with Beye at times

Young 8 - Drifted in and out of the game but stayed very cool to score a great pen under pressure

Gabby - 7 - Selfless performance as he had to spend the whole game closing down

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Obviously an excellent effort by the team. Lots of energy, great teamwork.

Some thoughts on what was addressed this evening:

“Carlos Cuellar is shite”

Well, no. You can’t seriously make this claim. The man is an excellent, excellent 1v1 defender. He has the strength and pace to cope with any forward at this level.

“Carlos Cuellar should be a regular starter for us long-term”

I can’t agree with this end, either. His passing is abysmal. Highly competent when the play is clear and the ball is in front of him, he too often fails when he is asked to defend in a scramble. An excellent #3 center back, but not a first XI guy where we’re trying to go.

“Brad Friedel ought to be replaced by Guzan sooner rather than later”

Um, no. Reports of Friedel’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

“We should play 4-5-1 regularly”

At least when we’re talking about the 4-5-1 we saw tonight, no. This was an excellent call for this type of game, against a classier opponent on the road. We saw some really impressive defensive midfield play, with NRC, Petrov, and Sidwell covering for each other in an energetic dance that may not be considered the beautiful game, but certainly brought its own charm. But… those same three players are too erratic in the offensive half to allow us to play this way all the time. This was a 1-1 game, but we got the benefit of an OG and a stupid, stupid tackle by Gerrard in the box. Aside from that relative good fortune, we just weren’t any kind of serious threat in the attacking third for most of the match.

“Vindication for Martin O’Neill”

Not quite. The team he has assembled so far has a limited ceiling. Most every player we fielded tonight has some significant flaw that holds them back from consistent success. Petrov doesn’t have enough pace in transition to dictate play as a Gerrard, Fabregas, or Lampard can. Sidwell’s inconsistency has been remarked upon elsewhere. Agbonlahor never has developed truly top-flight technique. NRC’s enthusiasm remains a double-edged sword. Cuellar I discussed above. The team still lacks elements of class that are needed if we want to enjoy this kind of result on a week in, week out basis.

“Liverpool are a bunch of precious prima donnas with no shame”

Absolutely spot on. Couldn’t agree more. :D

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