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  1. we just got our arses handed to us by Brentford..... delighted to come away with the 3 nil.... really flattered us.... **** SAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!
  2. His view was blocked for the first. But for me defo at fault for the second. If u ain't tall, stay on ur line
  3. Absolutely shambolic performance. There's no words to sum up how disappointed I was yesterday. Such a let down. Such a shame. At least Randy had a good laugh toffing it up with Wills. **** prick. We are a laughing stock. Massive work ahead to avoid another season of shite.
  4. Benteke anytime is 3/1 with 365. One of many lumps I'm having tomoro.
  5. no groups down here in the suny south east, lovely, i will get on to it
  6. Just wondering if there was one. To the best of my knowledge there isn't one. If not I would like to start one, can u please advise best way to go about starting one... Do I need to contact the club? Cheers.
  7. Delighted Gabby got a goal, he clearly needed it. Delph was good after a couple of ropey passes at the very start of the game, skint huddlestone for the free kick, should hav passed to grealish wen he shot late on Westy I thought was excellent, my MOTM, free kick very unlucky, perfectly weighted ball for bent´s chance also Weimann worked tirelesly, excellent finisher Grealish is a baller, bags of confidence, broke up the game nicely at the end and took pressure off us Sanchez not up to speed as of yet. Backline good but unless we are 2 goals ahead im constantly shittin myself, this is probably due to the last few seasons of dross guzan made the save he needed to make thats about it. i think mentally we are a lot stronger than ive seen us in years. The Roy Keane efect perhaps?? The man is a winner and surely the players feed off that. There is defo belief and unity in the squad. A big **** YOU to Karsa and Culverhouse.
  8. villa 2 arsenal 4. we will score first, anger them... take a battering and go 4-1 down then get a late consolation (probably a pen)
  9. very happy with the aggression and hard work of the players from the first minute today. they want to play for villa,and lambert. very happy. we should have beaten a good team on their own patch. Lambo is startin to make his mark, hopefully all the doubters are eatin their words now. UTV.
  10. without the spine of our team, things really look bleak. i am completely shitting myself... united away ticket arrived on sat, thats gonna be another mauling..... Thank you Randy for **** us by appointing that **** clueless clown as our manager in the face of fan protest. You **** prick.
  11. +1 If I lived in Birmingham, I would attend every reserve or academy match. But my opinion is based only on all (extended) highlights and few full matches with live TV coverage of academy or reserve and I can claim that we have an exciting set of youth players. If there is one weakness, it will be our defense as I am not sure we have excellent youth in this area. both of these i really think we've got a good thing goin with the youth at villa, Tony Mac has done a fantastic job and he has the correct mentality about it... check out his interview on AVTV, very impressive/encouraging... for me the standouts are gardner, johnson, burke and i think delfouneso, if he keeps his head right will push on... UP THE YOUNG LIONS.....
  12. according to the mirror we blanked him... horrific i know...
  13. **** this shit. if mcLeish gets the job i will lose a lot of faith in the board. actually cant believe this might happen....
  14. . did it not say on sky italia or somewhere that ancellotti turned us down??
  15. gutted this is sold out, if anyone has a spare let me kno....
  16. and Last one i like the bee in d bonnet one, i have wanted bent for years to be honest
  17. quite suprised actually that bent was only on 35k a week at sunderland
  18. Nail and head spring to mind!! good post, sums up my feelings
  19. This will get sung until my tonsils drop out my arse, on saturday 8) asbo-f^ckin-lutely!!!
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