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Your Parents' Marriage Status


Your Folks' Marriage Status  

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  1. 1. Your Folks' Marriage Status

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Perhaps you should have a "father unknown" column.

reminds me of that email that used to do the rounds of child support claim forms

one i recall went along the lines of ..i can't say for sure who the father is as I was passed out over a table at the time but think I've been able to narrow it down to one of 5 men

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Married for what I think will be 46 years in april or may. And I would be very surprised if they got divorced now. I actually think sha will win something before that happens. They're tight knitted and they're from the "old school" meaning they will stick together through every problem and divorce is never an option. And tbh, their biggest problems these days are to decide which furnitures to keep and which to throw away now when they've moved from a pretty big house to an appartment. That appartment is now full of furnitures.

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