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Your Parents' Marriage Status


Your Folks' Marriage Status  

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Married 45 years.

Interestingly, despite the example of a happy marriage 2 of their 4 kids have been divorced, one of them twice. Not me, I am coming up for my 15th anniversary with my lovely wife.

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My folks celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary last year (40 years to those who are unaware).

They must be good role models, as me and my two brothers are all approaching or just past the ten year mark with our respective wives.

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Both long dead, but they were marred for nearly fifty years. God knows why, they bickered continually.

I've been married for 26 years. By the skin of my teeth at times, but, hey....

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My parents are still married 40+ years (I can't be bothered to work out exactly how many past 40 they are at now).

In fact, as a family, we've only had one divorce through the parents generation, my generation and the generation below me - Not bad considering how many marriages do fail.

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