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  1. It said 'X seats available' and counted down as people were joining the waiting list, so who knows whether it means the number of spaces left on the waiting list or the number of season tickets left?!
  2. They don't always stick to them but for reference these are the dates that they aim to announce TV fixtures by.
  3. I thought they had said they would go back on sale after relocation day, which is tomorrow. Would have thought that would mean Monday at the earliest?
  4. To register on the waiting list you have to purchase, for free, a 'seat'. There were 3000 'seats' available to begin with AFAIK. It got down to just above 1000 available (meaning nearly 2000 had registered already) and it then went up to 4000 available so they must have added another 3000 'seats'.
  5. The waiting list on the online ticket site had got down to just above 1k remaining (started on 3k) and it's now jumped up to 4k remaining. So 2k on the waiting list and counting. Obviously it doesn't mean every single one will definitely turn into a sale.
  6. Cheers! He was born in between the Sheff Wed and Rotherham games in the 10 game winning streak and I kept telling him that it won't always be this good. I can't wait until he's old enough to come down to VP with me. The Wembley ticket T&C's said that babies are allowed in for free without a ticket. He was 6 weeks old the day of the Play-Off Final.....the wife was having none of it though
  7. Our first baby was born 10 weeks ago. I'd convinced myself that I wasn't going to renew. I just renewed.
  8. Boy am I regretting not renewing in the early bird window. My seat in K3 has increased by 15%!
  9. The AVFCSupport twitter feed pinned a tweet the day after the Play-Off Final saying the date that season tickets go back on sale hadn't been confirmed yet. It did say though that if you are renewing your seat it will be held until 14th June. Given that the 14th is this Friday and they still haven't announced anything, surely this will be pushed back?
  10. stato


    They aren't Club Wembley seats any more. They are being sold by Derby to Derby fans only at the normal ticket prices, presumably the £98 or £76 categories. It's just the allocation has come from what were originally Club Wembley seats.
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