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  1. Hi General, I am deeply ashamed of the reaction of a lot of Villa fans at VP today, I was stunned into amazement by some things I heard (booing of gabby) and saw (nazi salutes towards spurs fans) however I do have faith and hope for the future
  2. ianrobo1


    thats just the beer but agreed been to dubli three or 4 times and it is not like london it does seem no matter what your ocial status is people mix, Lonodn is miles different in that
  3. oh **** hell and no hair cut ??? he will look well, a **** laughing stock
  4. I am slow tonight ??? what ???
  5. he's friggin cut his hair or promised not to get booked ?
  6. Cameron says Sorry not sure what for, especially as his own party wanted lesser regulation and still does in many other areas just a cheap trick really
  7. So you'll be up til 3am being belligerent then? ;-) What, moi? yes
  8. Report on the BBC on hwo tHector Sants of the FSA is promising a much tougher regulation so we are in a different era and it will be interesting to see how it develops
  9. The government didn't stitch you up, though. The people who ran the company for which you work did. agreed actually for some they saved your jobs if the govt had not stepped in Lloyds and RBS were gone and where would that have left some even if you were in a bit making money, ot many around to buy you
  10. well are we seeing green shoots ? or the dead cat ? citigroup (on it's kees) actually posts 2 months of profits and says it's captal base is strong, this has left shares up 5%
  11. it is actually called good will and keepig an under pressure workforce happy BTW seen the list of debts teh government are insuring from Llloyds, one that stands out for me is the whole debt book of HBOS's buy to let book ... that is ominous for those in private rented a lot could be chucked out
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