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  1. sm

    Stephen Ireland

    Is he off to Liverpool then? :winkold:
  2. The hold up, as with previous players we have signed from Man Citeh, is Given agreeing his loyalty bonus for not asking for the transfer.
  3. Etuhu was poor when he played for Norwich - and got binned. Lazy and full of himself. This is garbage - hopefully.
  4. sm

    MON stay or go

    Stay - and our fans, like those of our rivlas, will have to accept we will never win the league whilst money rules and we do not have a mega-rich owner. I am not suggesting Randy should leave either, just fans have realistic expectations rather than harp on about winning the league and European Cup thirty years ago. A fine achievement to remember and celebrate nevertheless.
  5. Heskey should be either shot or sold. Useless carthorse who is ruining our side. He is no use unless you have two goal scoring midfielders. Yes, he does well for England but we hardly have Lampard and Gerrard banging in the goals from midfield.
  6. Other - Hangeland and Upson please.
  7. This country is already far too soft. They should leave them in jail IHMO.
  8. GB left for the money. Pure and simple greed.
  9. Very good player but he was past it when he left.
  10. General, Thanks for the info on friendlies. Apparently, P'boro have said that they have only sold less than 1,500 tickets for our game so far. Have got my ticket though. As for the Noses ticket prices, their site says this about forthcoming ticket prices: Sty Dwellers Ticket Prices We will be a grade A game no doubt, hence the prices for that match are astronomical.
  11. General, Glad to hear that you are making a good recovery General. Are you able to explain how friendly prices are determined? I know that P'boro fans are up in arms at paying £15 (standing) and £20 seating for our forthcoming friendly. Do we get a say in ticket prices for friendlies? UTV Stephen
  12. Harry from Rafa, just.
  13. Yes, absolutely. Unquestionably. Who got us into fourth by February? Okay, we have had a three month slump in three years. And have we improved over his term. Yes. Hitz is another who drifted in and out of games. And Arsenal were always going to come good once their players returned. Their team is light years ahead of ours, as are the other three at the top of the league. It is a shame that a quite a few Villa fans got carried away of the Champions League pipedream. It was never going to happen once Arsenal clicked into gear.
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