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  1. Surprised Salmond never showed up in a saltire suit the ugly clearing in the woods. No-one makes me so irrationally angry as that guy does.
  2. Way too many column inches have been written about 90% of the stuff that get's written about so it's a bit of a mute point really. News papers write what people want to read and the overdose of the pretty daughter of an old popstar is more topical than ISIS at the moment.
  3. Honestly, you see some of these athletes on the TV and you just go "meh". Getting up close to them when they're doing their thing and it's often spectacular to watch, completely overwhelms you how far ahead these athletes are of your average joe who goes cycling or running a few times a week. I'm off to the velodrome in a couple days, can't wait.
  4. Really? I mean i know the budget was MUCH less than London and Russia, but I've not enjoyed any of this. I loved both the London and Russian openers.
  6. Her acting is a bit meh but man she's adorable.
  7. Halfords is a good shout for boycotting. Completely despicable company. Nestle and Coca Cola trumps all in terms of evil tyrants, bit harder to boycott those tho... i like my junk food too much to care about all the life's they are destroying.
  8. That;s a bit of pressure... there's no threads on front page made in 2014 and only 2 in 2013.
  9. Why not give it another three years and see if things are more to your taste then? Seeing as most of the threads are between 4-7 years old, I doubt that'll be long enough.
  10. The fact that I've been off this site for 2-3 years and it's still the exact same 20 threads on the front page.
  11. The guy ordered a cake from there with the hope of them refusing it so he could bash on the Christian ethics I presume. And I assume the case will be going through the same courts that haven't made it legal for two people of the same sex to be married yet? Either way, I hate cake.
  12. Would it be fair to ask the same people that posted here what they think of Ally McCoist? There is a huge dislike of everything to do with Scottish football on this site (some of it valid, some of it total nonsense), so I'm just curious if this thread is just that, or if there is actually a special dislike for Lennon.
  13. First United game I've managed to see in a while, cracking goals at the end there.
  14. No chance Celtic are being well run :winkold: Whilst Celtic are in no danger of going in to administration any time soon due to the fact that they have been ran well financially... one half of the Old Firm going down the pan will not end well for them the other half. Most Celtic fans are gleefully celebrating the demise of their "enemy", but the hangover is just around the corner... As a Rangers fan... I'm quite obviously a bit upset about this whole sharade, but its been coming for so long now. I won't exactly be losing any sleep over it. PS. Who wants to discuss a topic when you
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