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  1. Got this as part of my Switch bundle pack, was going to sell but after reading these comments, i'm gonna keep it and give it a go! The last Zelda game I played was A Link To The Past for the SNES about 20+ years ago!
  2. Need some advice guys. I brought a car (BMW 3 Series) from a car delearship the end of March this year. After a week of having it, it started having a very rough idle, loss of power and it eventually broke down. I reported it to the car dealership who in turn sent it to various independent garages over a 2 month period. It has had various parts changed including spark plugs, fuel injectors, Vanos solonoids and a new coil pack. It ran fine for a few months but the symptoms have returned and today it has broken down again. I called the car dealership complaining and they said once again they will look to repair the vehicle. After discussing with the missus we came to the conclusion we are fed up with the ongoing issues and decided we wanted our money back. I called the dealership and they refused this request. The exchange got heated and now I doubt they will even look to repair the vehicle.. What rights do I have in regards to this? The dealership is a small independent company ran by one person, so it's not a massive chain where I would probably have more chance of getting a refund.
  3. On this showing I have no doubt Fury would beat AJ, he would simply outbox him. Poor defence and movement.
  4. Ngolo Kante can do many things but he certainly cant box.
  5. Kevan is a member on these boards, Kevan you confirm this is your twitter account?
  6. Si.

    Tony Xia

    "7. To be clear, to meet FFP we need to player trade. No shareholding sale of any size will contribute to meeting FFP. We must reduce costs and increase revenue" This to me indicates we will be selling our big players. Sadly.
  7. Si.

    Steve Bruce

    Just seen a few rumours that he has/is going to resign..
  8. The Ref in the Utd Vs Bournemouth game has had a shocker!!
  9. Breaking on Twitter and Facebook that we have had a bid accepted.
  10. Off topic, but there are a few crackers in this thread from 2010!!
  11. CREDIT: DREW DEAKIN Looks like it might be happening

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