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  1. To be fair, Steve Gee did it when he was about to join Chelsea. Never, say never..
  2. So...when he sang "I'm Villa till I die" he was lying?
  3. Si.

    Eye Floaters

    I just can’t imagine at present getting used to them, they are literally all I can see when outdoors. Very frustrating.
  4. Si.

    Eye Floaters

    It is mainly in my left eye, I have about 8-10 of various sizes that float across my field of vision. They seem to have settled somewhat and become more transparent over the past month but still noticeable when I’m outside in natural light. I have booked an optician appointment for tomorrow just to get a second opinion. I haven’t had any other eye issues and can see perfectly fine other than the floaters.
  5. Si.

    Eye Floaters

    Had these annoying black squiggly lines for just over a month now, had eyes checked all okay. Told its normal.. Anyone else have them? Do they ever settle down/disappear?
  6. Why have Arsenal just come out to Bret Harts theme music?
  7. I’ve just heard they are gonna rename one of the home stands after him. Can’t wait to see lots of empty seats in the “Bell End”
  8. The next Gazza. In ability and personality, sadly.
  9. We don’t need 15 points. 12 will be more than enough.
  10. We need to win 4 games out of 12. It would have been the same even if we got a point today.. Still achievable, keep the faith!
  11. Thoughts are with his family. Holte ender in the sky.
  12. Jack is better than Mount, Barkley, Rashford and Lingard IMO. Southgate, you're a Muppet.
  13. Pathetic really. His chant should be the following: He came from Zimbabwe Marvellous, Marvellous He never gives the ball away Marvellous, Marvellous If they get the ball he wins it back He lays it off to Villa's attack Marvellous Nakamba Villa's Anchor Man Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na na Marvellous Nakamba Villa's Anchor Man
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