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which striker would you choose in January?


Which striker would you like to sign  

359 members have voted

  1. 1. Which striker would you like to sign

    • Ashton
    • RSC
    • Owen
    • Crouch
    • Defoe
    • Heskey
    • Jovanovic

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Tough call between Ashton, Owen and RSC but I voted for RSC. He's young enough and scores a lot and isn't as injury prone as the other two. But I'd take any of the 3.

Heskey, Crouch and Defoe I don't rate enough and I haven't seen Jovanovic play which makes it an unrealistic vote from me. :P

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went for Owen , easily the pick of the bunch

RSC would be my second choice

Ashton is too slow , Defoe too full of himself not to mention greedy and Crouch just too crap .. never really heard of Javanovic

anyone voting for Heskey , you have my sympathy and I hope you get better soon :-)

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Between Ashton, Heskey and Owen for me. Ashton would be an incredible player for us, if fit, and I'm not sure even we could keep him fully fit. Same is true of Owen and I'm unsure how well he could work with Gabby, who I don't think is realistically benchable these days, though I do think Owen would be a great striker to have as well. Heskey isn't glamourous and would piss an awful lot of people off, but he's a good striker to work off for Gabby, wouldn't be too expensive, would be capable of doing Carews job when he's injured, and is benchable I suppose. Doesn't score too many himself and would not fulfill the hopes of anyone expecting the very best.

Purely because I think he's the most realistic one, Heskey. Though any of em wouldn't piss me off too much.

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I went for Michael Owen. But I'm amazed at how long I hovered over the Heskey button. I'm not convinced that RSC isn't a 1-hit wonder and I just don't wanna waste what would be £20m on him when we could get better elsewhere.

Ashton would spend too much time in the treatment room but IF we could keep him fit he would probably be the pick of the bunch.

Crouch no thanks. Been there, done that. A poor man's Heskey for how we'd utilise him.

Defoe is a poor man's Owen despite him probably costing as much or more than said man.

Heskey would be our Carew mark 2 and along with Owen would make the biggest difference to our strikeforce. He is everything MON wanted Harewood to be and with Carew's physical frailties manifesting of late, having this bulldog up front would give the opposition even more problems than they already have against us.

I have to plead ignorance of Jovanovic and am willing to be proved wrong. I know nothing about him.

But in reality, any one of Owen or Heskey would be very very good business in January and I'd be well happy.

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