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  1. I don't think we'll be in financial trouble if we go down. Grealish, Mings and Mcginn will leave for £120m+ for starters. Plus we'll have 3 more years of parachute payments. Fulham (I know) spent the same as us in the Premier League, came straight back down, haven't really sold anyone of note and have continued to spend in The Championship - and they aren't in any financial trouble.
  2. thejoker

    Dean Smith

    I just don't understand what our style of play is supposed to be. We were promised a team that would attack opposition (regardless of who they are), and (to quote Bruce) "give it a go". We play far too defensively, which is unfortunate as we cannot defend. I think everyone accepted that this season would be tough, but I think people would be more forgiving if we were playing well with a positive identity (like Smith's Brentford team). I honestly don't know what Smith is trying to do.
  3. thejoker

    The NSWE Board

    The board either need to accept that we weren’t really ready to be promoted - and accept probable relegation with Smith, or need to be ruthless and find someone that can keep us up this season. It’s a hard one to call because they could change manager and we could still go down, and Smith would probably be the best candidate to get us promoted again. Unless they can get a top manager like Poch then I think they’d be better off sticking with Smith.
  4. The shots conceded table might look a bit better for us when all the other teams have played Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd away from home. We've had quite a ridiculous run of away games when you consider we’ve also played Palace and Wolves too.
  5. thejoker

    Dean Smith

    We didn’t play particularly well today but we deserve some luck after the past few weeks, but boy, what a job Dean Smith has done in 12 months. It really couldn’t have gone any better. From mid table Championship to mid table Premier League playing some of the best football I can remember at Villa. If we can just survive this season I think we’ll go from strength to strength.
  6. That’s one way of lowering your price to get a move in the next window anyway.
  7. Dreadful when he came on yesterday. I’d definitely give Davis a chance before Kodjia gets another.
  8. thejoker

    Wesley Moraes

    I’m not judging him based on yesterday. He had hardly any service first half, and absolutely no service second half. He’s been purchased to score goals, so I’ll judge him when he gets the chances to score.
  9. I’m not liking that defence, hard to see us getting anything today.
  10. I can’t see us spending £30m on a 28 year old with little sell on value in 2/3 years, it goes against everything Purslow has said in the past. We’ll go for someone much younger in my opinion.
  11. I expect we’ll hear something shortly from John Percy if it’s true.
  12. We’re signing Benrahma according to this tweet from an Express reporter. Exclusive with @ScottBurns75: Neal Maupay is having a medical at Brighton, Said Benrahma is heading to Aston Villa and Brentford are looking to do a deal to sign Sandro Kulenovic, who has been dubbed the new Mandzukic - to replace them express.co.uk/sport/football… #Bees
  13. I imagine we’ll keep the two loan spaces free and see if there’s any deals to be done on deadline day (with a view to permanent moves).
  14. If he comes in and helps keep us up then it’s worth it, regardless of if we make a profit if City buy him back.
  15. From the Bournemouth end it seems the fee is £26.5m, and from the Villa end it’s £20m. I think Villa are trying to save face a little because we’ve been well and truly mugged off it we’re paying £26.5m. I love Mings, but this signing could have happened anytime at Villa in the past 12 years (overpaying for English talent without finding gems abroad for a fraction of the price), have we learnt nothing? At this point I’m not really sure what the point of Suso is.
  16. The window seems to have finally sprung to life. I expect we’ll get 2 or 3 signing in the next week. I think the players are back for pre season on Monday.
  17. thejoker

    Wesley Moraes

    An £8m transfer fee in 2011 is probably equivalent to £20m now.
  18. He did break the John Terry to Villa story last year too. He’s as reliable as anyone.
  19. Fulham also signed a load of players that the manager didn’t want. That won’t happen at Villa.
  20. I think we will still sign loan players, but they must be with an option to sign permanently.
  21. I’m not sure you can say Xia didn’t care (he was at the playoff final don’t forget). But he clearly didn’t have the resources or knowledge to carry us forward (and yes, he made a complete mess of everything). But whether you liked it or not he did spend a lot of time on social media interacting with fans, trying to build a rapport that was missing for years under Lerner.
  22. We realistically need to sign 10 players this summer. They can’t all be £20m+ signings. We need to build a better squad. This is a good start in my opinion.
  23. I massively believe in Dean Smith. Whoever he wants to sign, I am happy with. There’s probably only a couple of players (Adomah and Hutton being the main 2) that he hasn’t improved since joining us.
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