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  1. No, what would we have 15 page debates about then...
  2. You are competeing with Arsenal....this season.
  3. the job is prob sending out emails like that trying to get more 'orders'
  4. finishing the crate of Bud left from new year eve....
  5. Oh crap I msread it. voted Arse when its them I hate the most...
  6. Yep, same here.. I voted for Ashley cause I think for the whole of 2008 he has had more impact.
  7. 2 in (Defoe and Owen) 2 out Carew & Harewood.
  8. BOF Will I have a hangover on new years day if I drink the 6 bottles Moet that I bought today?
  9. General, In the North Stand Upper there is a section of seats right in the middle that have a kind of gate to get through to them, they are padded and have arm rests. What are these seats for? Sponsors or guests? I ask because my ST is directly along side them and more often than not they have a number of away fans in, Ive seen scuffles and arguments in the past and its not exactly what I want my 6yr old to see. Is there no way of ensuring these seats are ony given to home fans or if not, that away fans are removed for over celebrating or jeering etc..
  10. I used to play in a church band, fpr no other reason than I enjoyed playing music. (about 10 yrs ago) Did a few midnight xmas eve services but never on xmas day itself. Used to go for a traditional xmas day pint down schoies tho, aint happening this year though!!
  11. well I never knew till about 3 mins ago...
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