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VillaTalk Deadpool 2023


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Here we go...

Never mind the debate on the perfect full English breakfast, or what constitutes 'normal' weather patterns, let us move onto the more important matter of guessing which celebrities will snuff it in 2023. 

Terms and conditions apply. Here comes the small print: 

You all know the rules... same as before... You get five names.  Five.  If you list more than five names then any names from six onwards won't count. 
100 points for a dead celebrity.  200 points if that celebrity is below 40 years of age on the day they die. 
The number of points is divided equally between every person who guesses correctly. If you are the only person to name somebody who dies then you get the full hundred. If five people guess, it's twenty points each. Decimal scores will be rounded up, ie, if three people guess then they get 34 points each, not 33.333

We will be generous with the deadline. Entries are valid up until 23:59 January 6th 2023.  Editing your post after that time will invalidate your entry into the game.

If your pick was made before 2023 and they die in 2022, you have until the entry deadline to nominate your substitute

People who die before you post, do not score for you. 

Let's be having your predictions! :popcorn:


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Pele, though it seems like cheating at this stage. 

Eva Marie Saint

Phil Collins

Prince Harry (Swapped out from Prince Andrew last year) 

After reading the rules I have swapped out Tony Bennett and am replacing him with:


No points sharing for me and I'm aiming for a 200 pointer. 

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Mike Peters (The Alarm) 
Pete Murray (former - and apparently current - DJ) 
William Shatner (Captain Kirk) 
Sonny Rollins (saxophone colossus)
Alain Delon (French filmstar)

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