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Found 61 results

  1. So, some world-changing events taking place. Interesting comparisons with the Iranian revolution (western puppet regime falls, no Plan B, uncertain response); China's Tianenman Square demo (demonstrators facing down armoured vehicles, uncertainty on the part of the armed forces about what to do); perhaps some aspects of the eastern European stuff from 20 years back, with the slow shift of popular opinion creating a mass that the established repression and torture apparatus just couldn't cope with. But crucially, this could reshape the politics of the entire region, and right now no-one knows what's going to happen. Bet the Israelis are shitting themselves.
  2. Demitri_C

    The Facebook Data Scandal

    All kicking off again I do use facebook but even still I would love it of they banned facebook in this country although I cannot see it as too much money is now involved.
  3. Marka Ragnos

    Gun violence in the USA

    Chicago is experiencing a savage spike in gun violence, but there was an especially appalling -- although not unusual -- example last night. When you see headlines like this, it makes you wonder how America is so different from Kabul or eastern Ukraine or the favelas of Brazil, you know? Horrifying ... one **** night!
  4. maqroll


    Bit of a flashpoint right now, with China and Russia refusing to side up with the UN Security Council, the Arab League essentially giving Assad the green light, and everyone wringing their hands trying to decide what to do next. If there was oil there, Assad would probably be dead by now, of course. But when confronted with just a humanitarian crisis, do countries with power have a moral obligation to help?
  5. stewiek2

  6. maqroll

    Saudi Arabia

    I'm assuming this is a crown prince production-
  7. maqroll

    Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein. What a spectacular fall from grace. I'm guessing there are dozens more victims, maybe more than that. Hard to believe some of these "startled" movie stars though, I'm sure they heard stories. Ultimately it was a woman no longer attached to the industry to raise the alarm on him.
  8. maqroll


    Putin has proven to be a very formidable figure. He has improbably tilted the scales back to Russia, politically. Their cyber warfare and propaganda capability seems to be second to none, and they're flexing military force. He's now just had extremely harsh words for the US about the airfield bombing. Trump is stupid, impetuous and reactionary, which makes him dangerous, but Putin is smart, savvy, ruthless and globally ambitious. And that makes him sinister. Interesting times.
  9. maqroll

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    I figure a catchall thread would be good for this part of the world. I'm starting one now because one time hero Daniel Ortega is now a murderous tyrant as 70% of the roads in Nicaragua are currently blocked by protesters who want him to resign. The heady days of the Sandinistas seem a long time ago. Ortega's armed forces are shooting to kill and are killing. He's got a civilian paramilitary carrying out most of it. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump sends the marines in there, it would be an easy win and he can rouse his base with it as the midterm elections near. Reagan invaded Grenada, Bush Sr. invaded Panama. If Bush Jr. didn't invade Iraq, I think he would have invaded Venezuela. It's a cynical quick fix for American presidents.
  10. TrentVilla

    The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Pretty bad situation unfolding in London this morning which a huge tower block ablaze and at risk of collapse... Pictures look horrific, given the time it's happened itslikely most people were in bed. Hope they got out before it took hold.
  11. LakotaDakota

    Drones at Gatwick

    well one bellend with a drone has managed to shut down one of the busiest airports in the world for 24 hours simply by flying it around so can't see a rush for massdrones dropping parcels everywhere
  12. maqroll

    Knife Violence

    London has overtaken NYC in homicides recently. What explains this surge in violence? Is it any safer in Birmingham?
  13. sne

    Elon Musk

    So whats up with Elon Musk, has he lost it?
  14. LakotaDakota

    Gas explosions in Massachusetts

    Seems to be a bunch of fires, explosions & buildings blowing up due to some sort of fault with the gas supply in Massachusetts.
  15. maqroll

    Mount Kilauea

    There have been some spectacular images of this erupting volcano. It doesn't look like it wants to slow down anytime soon, either-
  16. What the ____? This is sickening, the poor girl... at our train station and vicinity of VP. I hope these ______ are caught and "more". Detectives are hunting two rapists after a 15-year-old girl was attacked by a man in a car - moments after she had been raped by a different man inside Witton train station Officers from British Transport Police and West Midlands Police have launched a joint investigation after the teenager was attacked twice between 7pm on Tuesday (July 25) and 2am on Wednesday (July 26). The first sexual assault happened at Witton station. The 15-year-old girl was out with a friend and they walked into Witton station together. A man then approached the victim and led her to a secluded part of the station, where she was raped. Shortly after the attack, the victim walked away from the area and flagged down a passing vehicle to ask for help. She got in the car and was then assaulted a second time by what is believed to be a second offender. edit- can't see this on BBC site but the Daily Fail has more Police say teen first attacked at Witton railway station in Birmingham on Tuesday Girl then flagged down vehicle outside the station and was raped a second time First attacker described as Asian with light skin, brown eyes, skinny and 6ft tall Second also Asian, in early 20s, 5ft 7ins tall, of large build with a cropped beard
  17. sne

    The Paradise Papers

    Thought this might deserve it's own topic. A massive investigation by the Guardian and other papers and news sites about tax evasion and off shore holding companies where tons of big companies and rich and famous people have used the loopholes and "creative" tax planning to avoid paying taxes. Some of the names on the list are pretty extraordinary, among them Bono and Trump's secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.
  18. maqroll

    Tsunami in the Caribbean

    7.6 earthquake just struck off Honduras. Tsunami warning in effect for the entire Caribbean.
  19. maqroll

    Catalonia Independence

    Click Referendum this week...
  20. Ads

    The ISIS threat to Europe

    It seems that 2 masked gunmen have stormed the offices of French magazine, Charlie Hebdo and have murdered at least 11 people, including apparently two policemen.
  21. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Zimbabwe - Coup d'etat?

    Surprised at the lack of VT comment on the is it/isn't it coup in Zimbabwe over the last day or so. Too difficult to support and too difficult to oppose. Is this the topic that finally has all VT'ers falling into line with Foreign Office policy, just ignore it and hope it all works out ok in the end?
  22. KKK sympathizer shoots a bunch of people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 10ish dead.
  23. NurembergVillan

    Multiple casualty incident in NYC

    EDIT 2130 GMT - the Mayor has now declared the incident a terrorist attack. So far 8 people are reported killed, with multiple casualties. Reports emerging that a truck has struck several people, notably cyclists, in Manhattan. At the same time shots have been fired and NYPD are reporting at least two people are dead. I've inadvertently just clicked on a tweet that was showing footage of the aftermath, and it doesn't look like a regular car accident... The below was the first news I saw. Don't click the link, as a few tweets below is the footage.