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Found 25 results

  1. Bomb attack on Dortmund team bus

    Seems like there have been three explosions around the Dortmund team bus, with Marc Bartra injured and taken to hospital. The club have tweeted that it's a bomb. The match has been postponed until tomorrow night. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39572434
  2. It seems that 2 masked gunmen have stormed the offices of French magazine, Charlie Hebdo and have murdered at least 11 people, including apparently two policemen.
  3. Truck terror attack in Sweden

    Breaking news of a truck crashing into a crowd of people in Sweden.
  4. San Bernardino shooting

    Shooting at an elementary school in San Bernardino, CA Stop killing each other you clearings in the woods.
  5. London attack March 2017

    So what's happening outside the houses of parliament atm? People shot, Westminster locked down, a man with a knife inside the palace grounds? Anyone got any more details?
  6. So, some world-changing events taking place. Interesting comparisons with the Iranian revolution (western puppet regime falls, no Plan B, uncertain response); China's Tianenman Square demo (demonstrators facing down armoured vehicles, uncertainty on the part of the armed forces about what to do); perhaps some aspects of the eastern European stuff from 20 years back, with the slow shift of popular opinion creating a mass that the established repression and torture apparatus just couldn't cope with. But crucially, this could reshape the politics of the entire region, and right now no-one knows what's going to happen. Bet the Israelis are shitting themselves.
  7. To quote It has been drafted in secret, but many of those that are party to its creation, whilst sworn to secrecy on its contents, have major misgivings about the powers that it seems to hand to big business. As far as lobbying goes - For every meeting involving public interest groups, there were 20 funded by big business. No wonder they want to keep it quiet. However word has got out. An unholy alliance including UKIP, the Greens, the likes of Vivienne Westwood and parties from across the political spectrum have united to try stop TTIP's progress. Online pressure groups such as Sum Of Us and 38 Degrees have been encouraging the public to question those with the powers to stop TTIP. A vote on TTIP was suspended in the European Parliament today. Then this happened.
  8. Refugee crisis

    Needs its own thread as it's a big issue now. What are everybody's opinions? I think we need to do more as a nation. Humanity before nationality.
  9. Got a nice little mention here in what is quite an interesting article. You'll have to read the article though to see it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-34196204
  10. Terrorist Attacks June 2015

    What's happened here then? Anyone have any further info? Grenoble Attack
  11. Russia-Ukraine War

    Might as well call it what it is. Seems Uncle Sam is on war footing- this was taken yesterday in Estonia right on the Russian border:
  12. Outfoxed

    Spent some time on YouTube today and it seems that there are a lot of videos dedicated to proving how bad Fox News is. This thread is for videos, articles, blogs etc dedicated to debunking myths spewed by organisations such as Fox News, The Sun, The Daily Mail etc. I'll start with one of my favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_om3iK9kE
  13. Catalonia Independence?

    Click Referendum this week...
  14. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/yardley-stabbing-murder-probe-launched-5106487 Not a particularly pleasant story, seems some kids were having a disagreement in Oaklands Red down by Swan Island and it's cost one of them their life. Four teenagers (aged 15, 16, 16 & 17) have been taken in for questioning by the police. I worked a mile or so down the road from there for seven years and it never struck me as a particularly bad area.
  15. was anyone up town or heard anything about this story? Boxer Amir Khan and brother Haroon fight off gang trying to steal his £100,000 Range rover in Birmingham A GANG of armed thugs got their just desserts when they tried to snatch a £100,000 Range Rover in Birmingham... belonging to boxer Amir Khan. At least six men used a 4x4 to block the path of former world champion Amir and his brother Haroon as they returned to the car. Amir and Haroon, who is also a boxer, were set upon early yesterday following a night out. **Boxer Amir Khan told off by his dad for fighting thieves who tried to steal his car** The Khan brothers reportedly fought back and their attackers eventually fled from the scene. A witness to the incident told The Sun newspaper: “One (of the men) slapped Amir and clipped him on the lip but Amir pulled back and knocked him out cold. “Then five of them went for Amir and Haroon but they stood their ground and these guys got dropped one by one.” All the Khan brothers were doing was defending their property, the witness said. The pair had travelled to Birmingham from Bolton, their home town, for a concert. Amir Khan has his sights set on winning back his world light-welterweight title but has also promised to guide his younger brother to a world title. He told the Daily Telegraph last week: “I think Haroon will be a world champion – we’ll definitely keep it in the family.” Haroon’s professional debut will be in Manchester in January. West Midlands Police confirmed they had been called out following reports of a fight but said that nobody had come forward. Clicky the guy in this youtube vid disagrees NSFW
  16. Talk radio

    What are the best talk radio stations? Ones about news, current affairs, good opinion. I want something with no music and less adverts. Cheers
  17. Explosion in Belfast?

    No reports of injury or death yet, but I hope this isn't the start of a new bombing campaign. This picture is doing the rounds on Twitter. Seems it was a failed explosion, only the detonator went off. Nobody got hurt.
  18. Syria

    Bit of a flashpoint right now, with China and Russia refusing to side up with the UN Security Council, the Arab League essentially giving Assad the green light, and everyone wringing their hands trying to decide what to do next. If there was oil there, Assad would probably be dead by now, of course. But when confronted with just a humanitarian crisis, do countries with power have a moral obligation to help?
  19. Pirating

    I've removed the thread. Copyright infringement is illegal and doing it on any scale is almost certainly criminal. I'm not dealing with the police because people want to boast about their illegal acts. I'll leave this thread open for people to discuss the issues around copyright infringement, but do not talk about anything you do that is illegal. For the record, even making backups is illegal in the UK.
  20. I'm a septic tank and all I can say is bollocks to that. I've been analysing this for a while and I can't recognise any Briticisms colouring the language over here.
  21. Surely something has to be done about this Just heard the news British Gas are raising their prices again by another 6% on the back of Southern Electric raising their prices Like clockwork in time for christmas eh? It's Ridiculous... this country is becoming a farce a more expensive place to live in with each passing day ive heard the expression "Rip off britain" used alot recently and i have to agree i'll probably be found dead come spring as i won't be switching on the heating thats for sure When will the government learn that to get the economy moving people need money to spend... nobody has any money to spend because their being robbed by these greedy bastards on an annual basis And no i don't care if your profits were down 9% in the summer boo **** hoo i guess it really made a dent in the 320 + mill they made last year The only positive i can think of in all of this is that Immigration will go down due to people not wanting to live in such a Rip off country Remember... were all in this together according to Cameron anyway Feel free to vent your frustrations
  22. April Jones

    Seem a man has been arrested over the missing April Jones. Suspected murder. :cry: Terrible news. Who let's their 5 year old go out without parental supervision at 8pm?
  23. Is "trolling" a international issue?

    Was catching up on some news today and i read that Mark Halsey had received some vile abuse via twitter due to his poor performance yesterday. Halsey Example Then later I was reading up on my relative Gathan Cheema who was on x-factor yesterday. He is a bit of a fruity character and I can understand why people would rib him a bit. But some of the messages written on twitter were just foul, and make me think why on earth would people write some crap about someone? Then i got me thinking is this a western problem or is this something which goes on around the world?