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Midweek Football 26/27 October


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Carabao Cup 4th Rd 

Arsenal v Leeds SS3

Chelsea v Southampton 

QPR v Sunderland 


Carabao Cup 4th Rd 

Burnley v Spurs 

Leicester v Brighton 

Preston v Liverpool SS3

Stoke v Brentford 

West Ham v Man City

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Last time City lost a League Cup game, Donald Trump was yet to announce he was running for President. Gary Gardener had just scored at St Andrews. For Villa.

The longest cup run in English football history, 5 years and 1 day could be about to end!

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11 minutes ago, villa4europe said:

MLS is a bit like womens football isnt it? even when something great happens in it its usually tinged by something absolutely terrible too

not just the keeper, watch number 14 "tracking back" thats woeful

Well spotted Herr Doktor, terminate him.

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