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Weekends Football 25/27 October


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5 minutes ago, bannedfromHandV said:

Let’s hang on til about 2.30pm tomorrow before going in harshly on Southampton!

Losing X-0 to City at the Etihad happens. Watford got hit for 8 already there this season. But Leicester at home? Unconscionable. 

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Yeah, I don't think there's any getting around it, being thrashed at home to Leicester is much much worse than being thrashed away at the etihad. 

It doesn't mean they're automatically not good enough to stay up though. Sunderland recovered after that loss to the saints. 

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8 hours ago, Zatman said:

Hassnhuttl should be sacked on the spot. Same way Lambert should have at Chelsea 

Strangly I looked at our team for that game


-----------------Herd Clark baker

Lowton holman Westwood bannan lichaj 

-------------------weimann benteke

It's a wonder it was only 8-0


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Poor kid.


Southampton 0-9 Leicester: Saints fan, 13, sees dream first game turn to nightmare

Every kid dreams of watching their team play for the first time, but for one young Southampton fan, his dream turned into a nightmare.

Tom Sherburn had travelled for four hours with his family from Somerset to watch his beloved Saints get washed away with every raindrop inside St Mary's as they succumbed to a 9-0 thrashing by a marauding Leicester.

Tom and Mike Sherburn

It was not how his dad Mike had imagined things would pan out when he presented the 13-year-old with a voucher promising him his first ever visit to Southampton.

"He'd waited so long for it. Just walking to the ground, you could see his face light up at how fantastic it was going to be, with all the swirling rain and the lights and TV cameras and lots of people.

The Sherburns looked on in disbelief as Saints conceded in the first 10 minutes, had Ryan Bertrand sent off and then completely capitulated, shipping five goals before half-time.

"We saw people leaving at 12 minutes in, and I am quite proud of him as the first time he said 'can we go home now dad?' was in the 80th minute," recalls Mike, who is a Norwich fan.


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1 hour ago, Zatman said:

My 1st live game at VP was home to Wigan. We lost badly, I feel his pain 😂

My first ever Villa game was a 5-0 loss away to Southampton at The Dell. Think we were 5-0 at half time, strangely. 

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31 minutes ago, Xela said:

Lets hope he doesn't give up on them. 

Strange situation though... Dad is a Norwich fan, son is a Southampton fan and they came from Somerset! 

The hipster guide to glory hunting 

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