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  1. What's the story with Frith from Chelsea? That was a sick turn to set up Caleb for hat trick
  2. I've often thought that was a strong possibility
  3. 4th highest Whoscored rating for PL players this game week. Beaten by Sarr (2 goals) Toney (goal and assist) and Silva (goal and clean sheet) One of our best players so far this season
  4. The only one who could ever reach him, was the son of a teacher, man.
  5. Those 12 scored including Hause and 4 new scorers this season
  6. Was thinking earlier, including last season we must be high up on a table of league goals spread amongst the squad
  7. Nearly everyone had Salah C so moot
  8. 4 goal involvements in 5 games
  9. Bent had his moments but would we have been better off signing the beach ball?
  10. Remember what happened to the last animal that made football predictions
  11. Adventure seeker on an empty street, just an alley creeper, light on his feet.
  12. *Hibernian FC Hibernia being the Latin name for Ireland and means "the land of winter".
  13. Is Willy Nilly another academy prospect I've not heard of?
  14. Fantasy football equivalent of chasing last week's scores. 2 goals against 10 men
  15. Yeah see it's this bullshit that grinds my gears. Like every Villa fan should fall into the "I want it" Football Manager replace all the players because they're not good enough. I personally like the Luiz and McGinn pairing plus the Sanson signing and our youth coming through and aren't obsessed about the unicorn DCM that doesn't fit our playing style since Smith took over. Some on here are completely reactionary after a negative result like wanting back to back twice relegated Billing from Bournemouth because he's a big unit DCM that had his game of the season when they beat us
  16. One of the most boring tropes this window like we can just click fingers and Brighton go here you go or more simply that management are happy with the coverage we have in that position regardless how much Villa fans in forums and social media keep repeating the same mantras
  17. Are you kidding? It was based on finishing 11th. Not alphabetical placings before a season start. FMD
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