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Weekends Football 25/27 October


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Not a bad set of PL results for us. Of all the teams around us who played - which was all of them - none of them got much closer or pulled away. In light of today's predictable loss it's the best we could hope for from everywhere else. It was looking even better until BHA snuck a late winner against Everton.

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7 minutes ago, LondonLax said:

Norwich’s burst of energy at the start of the season seems to have will and truly warn off.  

Not buying a few squad players backfired as a few injuries have completely derailed their season.

I loved how they and some pundits were turning their noses up at our spending, but who's laughing now? We have 2 full XI's that can compete.

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5 minutes ago, Villaphan04 said:

Every game it feels like Pool always gets one of those types of Penalties. There is some contact but is rarely given to a majority of PL teams — while it always goes in Liverpool's favor.  

Reminiscent of Man Utd under Fergie.

Everything seem to go in their favor at the perfect time.

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