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Individual Defensive Errors


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Any missing / corrections welcome (esp for mistakes leading to missed chances by the opposition). More to be added as I go back through the highlights

Leaderboard (WIP)

Name Appearances Mistakes Per Appearance
Hutton 19 13 0.68
Clarke 14 9 0.64
Bacuna 23 7 0.30
Richardson 12 5 0.42
Richards 20 5 0.25
Gueye 23 5 0.22
Lescott 17 4 0.24
Guzan 23 4 0.17
Okore 10 3 0.30
Cissokho 6 3 0.50
Sanchez 17 2 0.12
Bunn 6 2 0.33
Amavi 12 2 0.17
Ayew 24 2 0.08
Westwood 22 1 0.05
Crespo 2 1 0.50
Gil 22 1 0.05


Tue 2nd February PREM    West Ham United    2    0    Aston Villa    FT

Ayew red card worthy of an error

Gil not following runner / Cissokho too narrow for Antonio for first goal

Cissokho wrong shows wrong body shape vs Valencia for second goal


Sat 30th January  FAC    Aston Villa     0    4    Manchester City    FT

Clarke ball-watching the flick, lost Fernaninho for 1st goal

Harsh pen, but Bacuna still let Sterling wrong side of him

Richards at RB let Sterling in wrong side for 2nd half chance

Gana backpass and miscontrol for 3 and 4


Sat 23rd January PREM    West Brow   0    0    Aston Villa FT

Bunn dropped cross in 1H

Okore was borderline (misplaced pass & foul in corner 1H, but no clear chances came of it)

Sat 16th January PREM    Aston Villa    1    1    Leicester City    FT

Bunn taking out Vardy 

Okore asleep for Vardy chip & Lescott switched off for Okazaki follow up

Okore dived in & left leg in on Okazaki before penalty

Tue 12th January PREM    Aston Villa    1    0    Crystal Palace    FT

Bacuna not tracking Zaha for post

Bacuna not tracking Dann for late chance


Sat 9th January FAC    Wycombe Wanderers    1    1    Aston Villa    FT

Richards out of position for Bloomfield chance

Westwood leading with an elbow for a (harsh) penalty

Sat 2nd January PREM    Sunderland    3    1    Aston Villa    FT

Hutton allowing LB to run to 18 yd

Richards deflection for first goal (not an error though really) 

Lescott turned by Defoe & Guzan beaten near post

Bacuna throw to opposition, Cissokho mis-control, Lescott poor marking

Mon 28th December PREM    Norwich City    2    0    Aston Villa    FT

Richards out of position and asleep for first goal

Hutton miscontrol and Clark/Richardson marking for second goal

Sat 26th December PREM    Aston Villa    1    1    West Ham United    FT

Hutton allowing Cresswell forward to shoot from 20 yards

Sat 19th December PREM    Newcastle United    1    1    Aston Villa    FT

Lescott lost Collocini from corner & Guzan miscontrol

Hutton out of position and jogging to close down cross for Siem De Jong's miss

Sun 13th December PREM    Aston Villa    0    2    Arsenal    FT

Hutton tackling Walcott for Giroud penalty

Gueye dispossessed. Okore dragged out. Bacuna & Hutton too far forward for second goal

Sat 5th December PREM    Southampton    1    1    Aston Villa    FT

Sanchez wrong side of Romeu from corner

Sat 28th November PREM    Aston Villa    2    3    Watford    FT

Igahlo goal?

Hutton foot in for OG

Hutton miscontrol, Richardson & Clarke beaten to header by Deeney

Sat 21st November PREM    Everton    4    0    Aston Villa    FT

First goal was just impressive. Potentially Gil missing at far post.

Richardson missed shoulder on shoulder for Kone chance

2nd goal Richardson skinned inside by Delefeou. Clarke marking of Lukaku

3rd goal Richardson ball watching. Rest of the goal is just stupid

4th Clarke dragged out of line. Richards lost Lukaku

Sun 8th November PREM    Aston Villa    0    0    Manchester City    FT

Hutton sat down by Sterling. Guzan spilled off post for corner

Ayew not blocking front post from corner

Gueye allowing cross & Richards lost Sterling for header

Amavi turned by Navas, Hutton lost De Bruyne

Gueye fouled Kolorov, Clarke missed free header

Hutton lost Fernandinho for crossbar header

Mon 2nd November PREM    Tottenham Hotspur    3    1    Aston Villa    FT

Clarke turned by Dembele, Guzan nutmegged

Bacuna turnover & Clarke slips for Kane chance

Hutton miles away from Rose cross, Sanchez & Bacuna asleep for Alli goal

Clarke goes AWOL for late Kane goal

Wed 28th October CC    Southampton    2    1    Aston Villa    FT

Amavi missed interception, and didn't track runner

Hutton caught forward, Crespo dragged wide

Sat 24th October PREM    Aston Villa    1    2    Swansea City    FT
Sat 17th October PREM    Chelsea    2    0    Aston Villa    FT
Sat 3rd October PREM    Aston Villa    0    1    Stoke City    FT
Sat 26th September PREM    Liverpool    3    2    Aston Villa    FT
Tue 22nd September CC    Aston Villa    1    0    Birmingham City    FT
Sat 19th September PREM    Aston Villa    0    1    West Bromwich Albion    FT
Sun 13th September PREM    Leicester City    3    2    Aston Villa    FT
Sat 29th August PREM    Aston Villa    2    2    Sunderland    FT
Tue 25th August CC    Aston Villa    5    3    Notts County    AET
Sat 22nd August PREM    Crystal Palace    2    1    Aston Villa    FT
Fri 14th August PREM    Aston Villa    0    1    Manchester United    FT
Sat 8th August PREM    Bournemouth    0    1    Aston Villa

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Sunderland game it was Gil that allowed left back all the space and cant blame Richards for own goal. happens everyweek to defenders putting body on the line. same with Hutton vs Watford he had to make that clearance and had a tight angle to put it wide

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4 hours ago, Zatman said:

Sunderland game it was Gil that allowed left back all the space 

Someone posted elsewhere (I haven't bothered to check) that Grealish and Gil had switched sides at the point that goal was scored.

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Re: OGs, Richards was given to Van Aanholt so not counted, Hutton's was marked as OG by goals committee so will go down as an error.

I'll look back again for the midfielders responsible for the Hutton LB raids forward  (eg. Creswell goal and others) 

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Fails to show the errors out the field that lead to these errors.


eg Gestedes terrible pass for Sunderlands second!

Yep, also the Gueye turnover for arsenals second.

I'm open to any contributions from others..

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41 minutes ago, dounavilla said:

Would probably be easier to count players that have not made any mistakes. 

I'll start with Ayew.



He signed for us.

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Is this only "recent" errors? Amavi had quite a few at the start of the season.

Yeh I'll get to the earlier games, it takes time to go back through the highlights. Contributions welcome

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