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  1. My boss and her partner were in the Oxford trial, my boss didn't get the vaccine but her partner did. Boss caught Covid, her partner didn't. That would be enough for me if I hadn't already had the Pfizer vaccine.
  2. It's a new technique so its hard to project the long term side effects, and I've been working front line throughout the pandemic testing negative every time someone in the department has had symptoms, antibody test also came back negative. I'm 39 so I feel the risk is probably higher that I develop complications from the vaccine rather than catching covid. I'm still have reservations about the Pfizer vaccine, I understand the Oxford vaccine better and would have that if offered. I do feel as though I should have it as I work in the nhs, and need to protect patients I
  3. Security department at the hospital offered the vaccine today, seems 50/50 on take up. Haven't decided myself, expected to be waiting for the Oxford vaccine.
  4. I start a 4 day,s 2 nights stint at work tomorrow, so obviously Royal have chosen that as the best time to deliver my series x.
  5. Did overtime at work Monday, during the shift briefing we were told anyone that is seen not wearing a mask or following the social distancing guidelines that later has to isolate will face disciplinary procedures and potentially be refused sick pay. Turn up to work this morning and get told I need to do another covid swab, a guy who was swabbed last week tested positive and someone on the night shift left early because he'd shown symptoms over the last few days (and still came to work). Early afternoon we get a phone call from occupational health because he'd told them he wasn't wearing
  6. Email from Game saying they're processing my pre-order, payment processed too. Gonna be coughing all day at work tomorrow, gotta laid the groundwork for my 2 week isolation...
  7. Managed to order through All Access today, not sure when it's being delivered.
  8. V01


    Pretty special finish on the undercard
  9. I'm loving my 3XL, first phone where I've planned to use it until it falls apart.
  10. V01

    New TV advice

    I've gone for this one: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/lg-49nano866na-49-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-with-google-assistant-amazon-alexa-10206281-pdt.html Cheapest HDMI 2.1 set I could find, Should be delivered tomorrow.
  11. 3 weeks abroad, should he not be self isolating then?
  12. New Talbot was my go to, gutted it's closed. Waiting for restrictions to ease before heading back to the New Hen and Chickens.
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