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  1. V01

    WWE: General Chat

    Marked out for a couple of entrants Delighted at the result too
  2. V01

    WWE: General Chat

    Dynamite was good for about 3 weeks, NXT is the best of the weekly shows.
  3. Completely agree, fantastic coverage at the first attempt. Take that BT.
  4. Can't believe this hasn't been posted already I'd go for this though
  5. Check your keyboard settings, most likely you have it set to insert the middle prediction upon pressing space.
  6. Ffs, they're not even in the same strip...
  7. Took my friend I used to work with to the new Talbot to cheer him up after a bereavement early last week. Large grill did the job, fish pakora there is awesome.
  8. Arrived yesterday, the daft words removed sent me the ps4 version instead of the xbox one. Not a total loss as I have both consoles but I have people on xbox I could have played with. Work all day yesterday and today so I haven't even installed it yet. Plan is to have a quick blast and wait for it in xbox to sink my time into it.
  9. Just hold the the mouseclick on the checkbox and it skips the captcha.
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