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  1. V01

    Rogues Gallery

    And not a sock between them...
  2. V01

    Gym Routine

    Back in the gym today, easing back in with pretty low weights. Felt like a right mook when I looked to my left and saw a lady lifting twice as much as me. I've been off it for 14 months so it's going to take some time to get back to where I was, main goal for now is to get to where people call me a bald word removed rather than a fat bald word removed.
  3. Checked my payslip earlier, overpaid my overtime and there's an exceptional circumstances payment in there too. Taxman is loving me this month.
  4. V01

    Media and punditry

    Fernandes was fantastic in those 5 games he played this/last season.
  5. V01

    Star Wars: Disney Era

    Nippers Birthday today
  6. How has The Ring not been posted yet?
  7. Do yourself a favour and tidy the neckline/cheekline every so often.
  8. Grabbed a bottle of the cherry earlier, 10/10 WB Don't normally drink at home but I've been treating myself to make up for still having to work.
  9. did you send all the dodgy emails?
  10. Nioh 2, all my skills from the original have deserted and I haven't finished the first mission yet but I having a blast running around with my Odachi.
  11. That's how we got in this mess in the first place...
  12. V01

    PlayStation 5

    as long as that's a 1:1 exchange rate over here I'll grudgingly buy it/them.
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