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  1. Gym Routine

    I knocked it on the head before Christmas. I've been planning to "start back next week" since the New Year. Every excuse has made an appearance, rain, snow, it's a bit cold, and not wanting to infect everyone else at the gym because I have a runny nose. I'm definitely going back this week, or maybe next...
  2. What game you currently playing?

    Monster Hunter World and Nier: Automata
  3. Spurs

  4. Sexism

    I hope they aren't making them dress like the women used to... Although it would attract a new demographic to the sport...
  5. Monster Hunter World

    I think a flash shot from your slinger will ground a flying enemy.
  6. Monster Hunter World

    Killed the Pukei Pukei. Had to hunt a Tobi Kadachi next, the word removed pushed my shit back in. Focused on the investigations for now, trying out the heavy bow gun. Seems to be better than the bow, and a bit safer than the melee weapons.
  7. Games like Far cry

    Far Cry 5?! Tomb Raider/Just Cause have enough similarities that you should be OK with them.
  8. Monster Hunter World

    ****'s sake Hunt a Pukei Pukei The word removed runs away, and there's an Anjanath roaming around too. Ran out of time. little word removed takes the piss. Gonna try using the bow and spamming the heavy attack.
  9. Monster Hunter World

    Liking it but not really liking any of the weapons. Buster sword has been the one that works best for me so far but even that has been taking a while to put monsters down. Is there a way to target weak points? seems to be hit and miss which part you hit.
  10. Monster Hunter World

    Just about to start.
  11. Lewis Grabban

    Decent addition to the squad. Pleased with this.
  12. Arsenal

  13. The Careers/Jobs thread

    Always look after number 1 mate.
  14. WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    Phoned a mate from work the other day: What has a small dick and hangs down? A bat. That's shit mate OK how about this one, what's got a big dick and hangs up I don... He phoned me back "did you just hang up on me?!"
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Boss phoned me earlier to tell me not to spend all my wages. Apparently there was a payroll error and I've received someone else's wage in addition to my own. I have to give it back, I'm a bit miffed.