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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    and both ways were uphill...
  2. Things you often Wonder

    Will that make it colder?
  3. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    Finding out last night was rather awkward...
  4. Game of the Year 2017!!!!

    Nioh Horizon: Zero Dawn Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age
  5. Do you read?

    Just finished Artemis by Andy Weir taking me up to 48 books for the year, 2 ahead of schedule to my target of 50.
  6. Final Fantasy

    Took Zalera down. This is my planned esper distribution, (bold already assigned). Ashe: Time Battle Mage / Uhlan AdrammelechBalthier: Bushi / Knight Belias, Mateus, Hashmal, Exodus, UltimaVaan: Red Battle Mage/ Archer Shemhazai, Cuchulainn, ZeromusPenelo: White Mage / Machinist Famfrit, ZodiarkBasch: Shikari / Foebreaker ZaleraFran: Black Mage / Monk Chaos Is it a problem having that many assigned to one character? picked solely on the usefulness of what they unlock on the license board.
  7. Final Fantasy

    Been working all weekend so haven't had much chance to play. Last time I played I stumbled into a fight against zalera? Timed fight where I couldn't burst him down quick enough. I'd seen something about seitengrat online so had a bash at getting it, just kept getting knots of rust. Completed around 15 hunts and just discovered the clan leader despite having been in the clan house a good dozen times. Story wise I'm meant to be going to a mountain with Larsa, got stomped by a few enemies on the way so I took a detour to grind some levels. I got what seems to be a pretty good death sword out of it. Party is around lvl 36-40 at the minute. Got Addramalach after a few attempts, it wasn't a fun fight.
  8. Final Fantasy

    Was there any reason for swapping them? Got any tips for gambits? I've covered the obvious stuff. auto phoenix down and cures at the top of the list, attacks below, haven't got many buffs yet.
  9. They'll kick Wolves all over the pitch and it will end up 1-0 either way.
  10. What do you drive?

    Had a smack on the way home, a bit unsure what to do. Driving along the A4540, crossed the Key Hill Circus in the middle of 3 lanes, car in the left lane turned right. My passenger side hit his driver door, his door has a few dents and scrapes, my passenger front wheel arch is banged up with a few scuffs on the alloy. We exchanged details and took photos of the damage on each car. Should I be notifying my insurer asap or wait a few days and see what he wants to do? (my car looks like it came off worse and isn't worth worrying about claiming for)
  11. General Chat

    Concertina arm or joint maybe The concertina arm or joint shop Haven't a clue
  12. Adverts

    It blocks the notifications bar the site uses for new posts/quotes/likes. Yes I know only one of those things will be an issue for me.
  13. Final Fantasy

    Saw this setup suggested due to weapon speed or something like that, been stuck out all day. Ashe: Time Battle Mage / Uhlan Balthier: Bushi / Knight Vaan: Red Battle Mage/ Archer Penelo: White Mage / Machinist Basch: Shikari / Foebreaker Fran: Black Mage / Monk Missus is taking the nipper to her swimming lesson soon so I can get started.