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  1. Gym Routine

    I took a deload, still working back towards my pre-Christmas lifts which where working back to my pre-injury lifts. It's a long game.
  2. Gym Routine

    I thought I was bad at 4 weeks, you'll be suffering tomorrow. And the day after, and the day after that. Enjoy.
  3. What game you currently playing?

    Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. It's basically Spiderman vs Dynasty Warriors. As a Koei Tecmo game you know what to expect, but the license forces them to mix it up somewhat. It is fun although somewhat repetitive, they try to offset this by changing between 3-4 characters from mission to mission and you also get to play as Which might just be the most fun part of the game.
  4. Conor Hourihane

    Scored to put them 3-1 up, doing us a favour before he even signs. What a lad.
  5. January 2017 transfer window

    Enjoy the retirement granddad. (I hope you get a few midfielders)
  6. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Miguel Ferrer, 61, cancer. Known for roles in Robocop and Twin Peaks among others.
  7. Tomb Raider

    From what I've seen of Uncharted it has better story telling. Nope, at most you'll miss a little bit of background to Lara and one of her friends, it sits quite well as a standalone experience.
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Went on newsnow to see if there's any transfer news and noticed one of their in the news now stories way to keep the secret.
  9. UFC/Pride/MMA

    For shame. You embedded a video of a fighter being "furiously pulled off" and didn't mark it nsfw. I expected better from you...
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    about a gallon
  11. What's your earworm?

    For the past few weeks.
  12. Final Fantasy

    Completed the main questline in FFXV last night, haven't got a scooby what was meant to be going on or what the ending was meant to be. I was a little over levelled for it, kept getting sidetracked by hunts and quests instead of getting on with the story. Finished the game at level 60 so I'm not far off attempting the fight, some extra dungeons to have a crack at too.
  13. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Finished my week at work too, 1 day (and then turning up for a 2nd to be sent home).
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    10 mile round trip roughly, not the most onerous of journeys but it still boiled my piss.