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  1. We'd miss you bro... Well some of us would... One of us probably would.
  2. It's not like you'd ever see it...
  3. The Tarantula was female...
  4. V01

    WWE: General Chat

    watching it now, the nipper is complaining she doesn't know who anyone is.
  5. Update: Had a phonecall earlier to tell me I'd passed the interview stage and will be given a start date following vetting.
  6. I smashed through Warrior a few weeks ago, It's fantastic. On the Banshee comparisons Hoon Lee Is in this too, doesn't steal the show like he does in Banshee though.
  7. Interview at the QE yesterday, They grilled me pretty hard but I feel like I absolutely smashed it. Probably the most in depth interview I've ever had, one of the interviewers said there's a lot of questions to get through so don't worry if you get a blank we can come back to it later. I didn't need to I had an answer for everything they threw at me and then we had a chat afterwards. Feeling very positive, hoping for a call later this afternoon.
  8. Getting my ass handed to me. There's a definite skill gap that isn't shrinking. To make things worse I'm not even that far into the game. Haven't even made it to a boss yet.
  9. Any idea how long this on for?
  10. V01

    Coventry City

    They might even get higher attendances...

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