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  1. V01

    Media and punditry

    Fernandes was fantastic in those 5 games he played this/last season.
  2. V01

    Star Wars: Disney Era

    Nippers Birthday today
  3. How has The Ring not been posted yet?
  4. Do yourself a favour and tidy the neckline/cheekline every so often.
  5. Grabbed a bottle of the cherry earlier, 10/10 WB Don't normally drink at home but I've been treating myself to make up for still having to work.
  6. did you send all the dodgy emails?
  7. Nioh 2, all my skills from the original have deserted and I haven't finished the first mission yet but I having a blast running around with my Odachi.
  8. That's how we got in this mess in the first place...
  9. V01

    PlayStation 5

    as long as that's a 1:1 exchange rate over here I'll grudgingly buy it/them.
  10. V01

    WWE: General Chat

    NXT says hi. NXT>AEW>NXT UK> Raw/Smackdown.
  11. V01


    Yeah, She's the biggest speedbump in the game. You're good for a big chunk of the game now. I turned it on the other day for a quick blast, I've forgotten everything I learned. It went south quickly, this was just your standard enemies on Way of the Nioh in a mission with a npc ally. I never managed to stick with any of the Dark Souls games all the way through so I'm sure you'll click with it soon. ommoyo is the key to having an easy time of it.
  12. V01


    3rd boss hino enna?
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