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  1. Ar and bosting are yam yam not brummie. Stop stealing our words!
  2. V01

    The Apple Thread

    Guys. There's this newfangled invention called bluetooth. You don't need a headphone jack.
  3. V01

    Xbox Game Pass

    Download. You've picked a good time, they're advertising 2 months for £2 at the minute.
  4. V01

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Little bit of both. Simmons is of course excellent as usual, you could say doubly so.
  5. V01

    What you eatin' there then?

    This the red lion in West Brom? Trying to decide between going there and the red cow in Smethwick.
  6. V01

    Sky TV packages

    Cancellation pending on my account, mentioned the flyer and was told they don't do 50% anymore. Offered me sky Q 1tb, 1 free multi room box with free installation. entertainment pack, kids and multi screen for £30 pm, for 12 months rising to £47 on an 18 month contract.
  7. V01

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    I met a woman with 12 nipples, sounds funny dozen tit.
  8. V01

    U.S. Politics

    It's not all bad... Haven't they just managed 10 weeks without a school shooting?!
  9. V01

    Steve Bruce In or Out?

    I'm on the fence. Last season was a failure in not managing automatic promotion. If he'd gone after the play offs I wouldn't have complained. Trouble I see at the minute is we're a few weeks away and there isn't a definite improvement available. If the new owners are serious I think Benitez could be tempted, I'd hope they're watching the goings on at St James' closely.
  10. V01

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It is, but not by much.
  11. V01

    Time for a takeover

    Egyptian's eh?
  12. V01

    Comic Books

    Cheers, giving it a download now.
  13. V01

    Comic Books

    If I wanted to read comics on my mobile what are the options? I like the sound of Marvel unlimited but also have a number of titles by IDW, Dark Horse and DC that I'd want to read. Is there an all in one way to do it?