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  1. Dale Stephens has just been let out of the basement.
  2. Could we be in for Hayden? He’s been playing more though.
  3. Or how vital to get our basics right. I think the players we have can do much better but agree some strength and potency is required.
  4. I think if there are fringe players at other clubs out to prove a point, then helping turn our fortunes around may be good for both parties. But I imagine they will be lower league or foreign now.
  5. Which one though? We need someone who is a pro with photos to tell us #delphgate #photoshopped
  6. Or.... "BOOOOOOM!" "Chunks of Morrison everywhere!"
  7. He plays upfront now after that finish against Luton, dunno why we bought Kodjia really.
  8. I feel he is not a fighter. I want him to do well but felt attitude isn't right. Personally, I do not think he has the 'we' must win. It feels to me as if 'he loses' if he does score or be the hero. The team and the fans don't need that.
  9. I liked Senderos and Helenius, shame neither pants out, I mean panned out. Also felt Makoun could play.
  10. It's nice having all the BS and repeated news / stolen pictures all in one place. Makes my life easier.
  11. Get one done out there, get assurances in writing from reputable medical staff.
  12. The ginger kid looks like Aaron A Aaronson though.
  13. Could be Ravel, or as you said someone who has a footballers haircut.
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