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    Oh, he'll be pounding more than a few times a month...
  2. Wing mirror got smashed the other week, could have been a gale force bin with pin point aim or some knobhead has no spatial awareness, had to replace the whole unit due to the damage. I was too lazy to go to a breakers yard so I got a cheap one of amazon. Watched a few videos on youtube and it looked straight forward, came to do the job the other day and it appears my mk7 fiesta is different to the mk7 fiesta in all the videos. Found a video for the ST180 that has the same door card and mirror installation as mine and gave it another go today, after 45 minutes trying to get the door card off everything else went ok until the end. It doesn't quite fit snug to the door
  3. I did manage to sit down with my boss last week, I did will in our scenario based questions getting the highest score on one of them. Made a big error on the behavioural questions by only giving one example for each question when the marking scheme required four. My presentation let me down, it didn't cover the marking criteria. I did come second but was a distance away from the successful applicant(4 years experience as an act up/deputy in the role). The two other unsuccessful applicants (12 months and 6 months experience in the role as act up/deputy) scored a lot less than me. I asked what would be open to me going forward that would make me more prepared next time and didn't get a positive response, my boss misconstrued the question to be me asking for one of the other unsuccessful applicants role. I need to ask my Duty Manager for training going forwards but I've done that before and it lasts a few days before they lose interest. I had positive feedback in that I had demonstrably gone out of my way to gain knowledge of the role and our policies and procedures that you aren't expected to know until you're in the role, but that was followed by some harsh criticism. My reputation is poor. I always do more than my fair share, bend over backwards to help out covering shifts. Haven't ever had a sick day or been late. Take on additional tasks to cover absences in the department on my own initiative. None of this is recognised though because I've been known to dick around.
  4. Had my 2nd Pfizer jab yesterday, can I go to the pub yet?
  5. During the phonecall last week while asking about how I did I was told I could get feedback during my dayshifts this week (yesterday and today). Rumour around the department is that I came 2nd outperforming 2 people who already do the job as sickness/holiday cover. My boss decided to work from home yesterday and was too busy to see me today so has put me off until next week. Fully expecteing to have the same trouble sitting down with her next week.
  6. Phone call earlier, Unfortunately you've been unsuccessful...
  7. Had my interview earlier. Started with my presentation and nerves got the better of me, I fluffed a line and got the giggles ended up taking me 4 or 5 attempts to put my point across. It kinda of shook my confidence and I rushed the next few slides. I made a lot of good points and had a cohesive message on the slides. Delivery could have been a lot better though. The questions following the presentation threw me a little as of expected other topics to be brought up, answered the best I could but I think that was the weakest part. I had 4 situational questions which I felt like I nailed, surprising tye interviewer with the amount of knowledge I had about a job I haven't done. I then had 3 behavioural questions, two of which I hadn't expected. I had examples ready which fit two of the questions and the 3rd I winged with an experience I had in a previous job that seemed relevant. Asked a few questions at the end. Then a brief chat before leaving. Walked out and remembered a myriad of things I had wanted to say. Decision should be made by Monday.
  8. They're making you work an extra day? Those b*****ds!
  9. I finished my presentation over the weekend along with a brief outline of what I want to say during each slide. Dry run later to iron out any kinks then got the next couple of days in work to brush up on things.
  10. To expand on what I said cover how I feel it would reduce occurrences of poor performance and explain how I'd look for causes rather than assigning blame. Being open to treating failures as learning opportunities and then touch on a time where it hasn't worked and I've had to be more authoritive.
  11. I did put staff turnover and covid isolations down as placeholders while I tried to come up with something else, maybe I'm not as dumb as I look. Thinking of putting something in about being the manager I wish I had, trying to build a positive culture and looking for ways to inspire/motivate staff to improve their performance rather than resort to punitive actions when they make mistakes.
  12. I'm a security officer in a hospital, A duty manager role was advertised a few weeks ago which I applied for along with four acting duty managers. I have an interview next week in which I will need to give a presentation on managing and leading a new team. I've had a mooney and have some content to cover management and leadership over the first few slides before doing a swot analysis on the team I would be managing if I'm successful (one of the other candidates is nailed on). I'm struggling with the threats part of the analysis and what to end the presentation with. Interview will have behavioural and scenario based questions. Behavioural I have some examples to draw from depending what is asked, but with the scenario based ones I only have the knowledge I have gained from asking other people in the role and reading up on company policies without the opportunity to put it into practice. Every other candidate has experience performing the role. Does anyone have any advice for how I can bridge the gap in the interview?
  13. Got an iPhone 12 Pro coming tomorrow after being an exclusively android user for years. Is there a way to upload my own music they way google play music used to let you before they killed it? I use chrome flags to force dark mode on my browser, is there an equivalent setting on iPhone any apps or tips to get me started?
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    Possibly even a bargain?
  15. have you tried this: biometrics and security --> find my mobile (click on the words not the toggle) --> 3 dots --> notifications --> under "others" toggle the "new features" OFF
  16. My boss and her partner were in the Oxford trial, my boss didn't get the vaccine but her partner did. Boss caught Covid, her partner didn't. That would be enough for me if I hadn't already had the Pfizer vaccine.
  17. It's a new technique so its hard to project the long term side effects, and I've been working front line throughout the pandemic testing negative every time someone in the department has had symptoms, antibody test also came back negative. I'm 39 so I feel the risk is probably higher that I develop complications from the vaccine rather than catching covid. I'm still have reservations about the Pfizer vaccine, I understand the Oxford vaccine better and would have that if offered. I do feel as though I should have it as I work in the nhs, and need to protect patients I come in contact with but at the same time I haven't caught it despite being l exposed to it a fair amount, which has me questioning if I can catch it.
  18. Security department at the hospital offered the vaccine today, seems 50/50 on take up. Haven't decided myself, expected to be waiting for the Oxford vaccine.
  19. I start a 4 day,s 2 nights stint at work tomorrow, so obviously Royal have chosen that as the best time to deliver my series x.
  20. Did overtime at work Monday, during the shift briefing we were told anyone that is seen not wearing a mask or following the social distancing guidelines that later has to isolate will face disciplinary procedures and potentially be refused sick pay. Turn up to work this morning and get told I need to do another covid swab, a guy who was swabbed last week tested positive and someone on the night shift left early because he'd shown symptoms over the last few days (and still came to work). Early afternoon we get a phone call from occupational health because he'd told them he wasn't wearing a mask at some points during the shift, and asking if we can review CCTV to check. I've removed my mask to eat or drink as you do so now I'm anxious I'll be up for a disciplinary for my first ever occasion of sickness should a positive result come back or if I develop symptoms.
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