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  1. Forgot about Cuellar… Good call to group them by managerial eras
  2. We got a better Irishman in Hourihane a few years later anyway
  3. I remember those days… when we were so excited of the prospect of signing Wes Hoolahan… Looking back on it, those were some really desperate times…
  4. Yet I distinctly remember our fans cheering for him to join us when he was at Norwich… How times changed
  5. Gwan Matty! Get some international caps and play with one of the best strikers in world football (currently) without the England “big six” camp whittering in your ear!
  6. That and that he has come into a side that has lost its “main man”… it’s captain… it’s talisman… Its a lot of pressure to come in to… We haven’t got it right with him yet… but he has proven that he CAN play in the Premier League and CAN deliver the goods… The management just need to figure out how to get the best out of him with us…
  7. That word removed Partey HAD to score his first goal against us didnt he?! Typical
  8. No doubt… Cant argue with that… First half we were toothless… Like I said, we improved in the second half, but by then, we were done… Bailey and Ramsey at least gave us some bite… Arsenal fans being a prick to Emi because he didn’t want to stay warming their bench for another decade niggled me
  9. Really? Considering where we were, are we at the bottom now?! Not going to gloss it up, we have been shite recently and need to do something… but we are nowhere near “the bottom” - in relation to where we have been in recent times
  10. Inept performance… better in the second half but the damage had already been done
  11. Arsenal fans being proper dickheads to Martinez after he decided to leave the club that played him a whole 15 times in 8 years…
  12. Once again… VAR gets pulled in to allow the powers that be to dictate a result to how they want it so not to upset the status quo…
  13. This I can agree with to an extent... I still believe that Albrighton is a fan... and Joe Lolley... But Lolley was never given the opportunity to play for us (to my knowledge) and Albrighton never wanted to leave...
  14. He never played for us in the first place
  15. And playing against “his club” at least twice a season…
  16. There lies the kicker… He moved abroad… to Italy… Beautiful country with great food, beautiful scenery, lovely weather, culture… Can’t blame him… Not like moving to Manchester with its…. Its…. illiteracy and teenage pregnancy?
  17. Any of them “Villa born and bred, Claret’n’blue blood running through their veins, family all Villa fans, this is my club” star players who left under fairly suspect circumstances?
  18. He is always going to be in Fodens shadow at Man City… He will never be worth £100m as a footballer… Once the Foden shirts outsell the Grealish ones and Pep starts benching Mr Shitshins… He will have made their money back through being their little showpony and marquee signing… and they will have accomplished what they wanted… Make money Attract new fans Take nice things from Villa
  19. That’s weird considering how many of our players they have had over the years…
  20. In that he will always be welcome back as a fan… and that he is a fan…
  21. There’s his PR team, spinning lies again…
  22. Didnt take long for him to embrace the Man City ethos… ”We have lots of money, we take what we want”
  23. He will sell a lot of shirts after becoming England’s little poster boy
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