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Was up at Bodymoor Heath earlier and something odd seemed to be going on. If you've been and waited for the players leave you'll understand


As they came out through the gate (after they'd signed a few autographs) a few of the players (Given, Benteke and N'Zogbia) drove onto the public car park instead of out the gate where they met a portly looking bloke who then got in the back of their cars for about ten minutes each. Delph also drove on but didn't hang around and turned round and left fairly quick


Once this was done they left as normal, except Given who left then came back


Anyone seen that before ?


The few of us there were speculating what they were up to but couldn't come up with a good reason. The best I could muster was perhaps he was one of those professional autograph type blokes and maybe they take a back hander to sign a ton of 10x8's or something


He didn't look a flash bloke or anything exciting, but it passed the time wondering what he was up to if nothing else


All the players were in good form today though. All stopping and doing their bit to keep the kids happy



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I know exactly who it was and what happened.

It was Mike Ashley speaking to former employees Given and N'Zogbia trying to find out if Benteke had any French in him. When he saw who it was, Delph sped off quickly in case he was wrongly taken for a Frenchman due to his first name.

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