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  1. I remember Wigan being the turd that wouldn't flush until one day the were. We are now the turd that wouldn't flush and now our day has come. It is what that stupid, ignorant prick of owner deserves but unfortunately it is the people who really care about this club who will get hurt the most. On the one hand, I will be happy to see that fcuking idiot make a huge loss on us. On the other hand, it will be very sad to see us go!
  2. Sorry BOF...but I think there is no chance of this......He already believes his own hype or he wouldn't have done this...the boy thinks he's made it and there is no way back.
  3. Typically over-hyped by fans and the media has got to him. I feel he will not recover. He went out on loan to Notts County and even then wasn't really pulling up tress. Another Moores, Delfouneso etc etc.
  4. Well what a great start for Remi. At last it seems we have someone with a proper footballing brain making the decisions. I'm sure we will still have frustrating and bad days but what I think sticks out the most is that Remi had set us up with proper tactics that were flexible too. Brian Little said that it looked like we were playing in 15 minute spells and adjusting accordingly which is something we just haven't seen at Villa in recent memory...and it wasn't just the flexibility in tactics but the fact that the flexibility was effective...and this in just a short space of time. Now we hav
  5. I think it's the drugs and booze talking not Merse.
  6. He certainly has a touch of the..."We must piss the ball bettur!" Don't ya think? Still, a very encouraging interview and he seems to ooze class, knowledge and above all, confidence.
  7. Good news....I remember GH saying that Duverne used a lot of ball/technique work in his fitness programmes plus the difference between now and before is that we have actually got some good technical players compared with MON's long ball cast offs.
  8. Mark, whereas I agree with a lot of your posts, if these are his tactics when given the reigns, what is he teaching the kids?
  9. I think tonight would have given him plenty of knowledge of our squad tbh. He will have definitely seen who fits in with his footballing mantra and who doesn't. Not expecting much from Sunday but am quite interested to see how he sets us up in the future.
  10. What number is to take Richardson and Lescott behind the stable with a shotgun?
  11. The latest Garde-ian of our club. Good luck Remi! Like others have said.....sound tactics with sensuble team selections will help.
  12. Wittmann

    New manager

    To be brutally honest, I'm fed up with too many false dawns with managerial appointments. Let's just wait and see eh?
  13. Wittmann

    New manager

    Who? Someone who wanks whilst reading A-level chemistry text books??
  14. Wittmann

    New manager

    Great story bro...tell it again please!
  15. Wittmann

    New manager

    Where's Gernany?? Is it near Powand??
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