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  1. A lot has been made of a need for a specialist DM. I still think a more progressive player to play in Front of a midfield two is more vital. Buendia can carry some of the burden, but we still seem very meek in the attacking half. Curtis Jones may fit the bill in that regard. I’d still love a player like Kamada for this type of position. We need someone reliable on set pieces with more emphasis there (not to add our Japanese speaking set piece coach ). Make it happen!
  2. I don’t see this happening. This strikes me as a case of the agent offering him to us, getting us to offer decent wages, then using that as leverage for a better deal elsewhere (Juventus, for example). Just a pawn in the game like with JWP or ESR…But if it did happen, I’d be pleased
  3. It may not be the most exciting signing ever, but you’d have to imagine there’s a reason the scouting team would be after him. Rob Mackenzie has unearthed some rather cheap gems in the past. Articles online seem to say Atalanta are interested in him as well, and they do pretty well for themselves.
  4. Hmm, probably tosh, but I wouldn’t be against selling AEG and then using part of the fee to buy Cantwell.
  5. 100% on all of this. Deano has also worked with Ollie for a fair amount of time, so I’d trust him to know how he can best use/not use him.
  6. My hope is that we see some of the form from the beginning of last season on a more consistent basis. It may take a few weeks before all the new players build better chemistry, but I believe they are all quality enough where they can make up for that. Assuming we make one or two more high level signings, then I'm optimistic that we can be battling it out between 6-8th, and perhaps be in reasonable distance to 4/5th places. Anything below 10th will be disappointing. I'd also like to see extended runs in cup competitions. With the additions we have made plus alot of the promising youth, we should be able to put out strong sides even with giving some of the first 11 rest.
  7. If we manage to find an opponent I’d guess it may be a Dutch team. Their season starts next week and seems a few don’t have friendlies this weekend. Maybe Vitesse?
  8. I didn't interpret Purslow's presser as we are done this window. He essentially said that Ings, Bailey, and Buendia all had attributes to help replace Jack's impact across the squad. The summer plan always involved improving the squad with 2/3 quality players with Jack staying. I'd guess we still have a bit more business to do.
  9. Yeah, I mentioned this earlier today. MacPhee is indeed fluent in Japanese. When he was a coach at Hearts, there was actually a Japanese player from Citeh (Ryotaro Meshino) Hearts had on loan who did not speak a lick of English. MacPhee served as his translator/minder. edit: The video above suggest he spoke minimal English . He was a crap player for us though (thanks Citeh).
  10. Our new set piece coach does speak Japanese so could be very useful. When MacPhee was at hearts, we actually had a Japanese Winger on loan for Manchester City and McPhee served as his translator.
  11. Well that was quick. Happy we managed to get another striker in...I imagine Wesley will be going out on loan or be sold.
  12. I think so as well. I’d think closer to 50m. Great young player and usually Sociedad players are very loyal to the club, so it’s tougher to convince them to leave.
  13. I think our current needs are: forward/striker, Attacking midfielder or winger, CM, Backup CB, and Backup Keeper. Not really bothered who we go with for the two backup spots but for the others where we should be investing I’d like to see: Striker: Jonathan David AM/Winger: Marcus Thuram/Darmsgaard/Mikel Oyarzabal CM:JWP The AM/Winger bracket is probably dreamland stuff, but we do have the cash so who knows. If we really want to try and make a statement, break the bank for Dani Olmo.
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