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  1. His contract is rolling if I am not mistaken, so it is a definite possibility...I'm certainly not his biggest supporter, but if we did do that, it would be a bit ruthless. If the man does the job asked of him and gets us up, I do think he deserves a crack at the top level with decent backing.
  2. Hmmmm....my memory clearly evades me! I could've sworn he played quite a few matches back there. That point aside, I still think he has the attributes necessary to play in the back and I think it'd go a long way towards preserving his overall fitness levels throughout the course of a season. At the end of the day, I think he is a player whom we desperately need on the pitch, whether it be as a midfielder or defender.
  3. The team had its best run with him in central defense, so I would welcome Jedinak playing there more often next season. If we can get a younger/more durable midfielder to take his place in midfield and shield the back four then that would be ideal.
  4. It's almost as if the guy didn't suffer a very serious knee injury which kept him out of football for more than half a year. Whilst I'd agree he has been a bit ropey at times this season (I certainly think he has been much more solid playing more advanced up the pitch), I'm just happy that he is back playing and seemingly shows no lingering side effects of that injury. At 23yrs old, he is still on the younger side and can continue to develop into a better defender...you don't just become shit overnight (unless your Stephen Warnock, of course ).
  5. He played a nice ball into Kodjia, who scuffed his shot, before it fell to Hourihane to score.
  6. Absolutely, if the team can accommodate it, I'm all for it. DB was excellent when we had a decent midfield and wide players...as soon as we lost those, he was useless. Luckily, we again appear to have a more complete team and that should serve us well.
  7. Super excited about this one. Seems a bit of a poacher; however, I think unlike in the past, this is now a luxury we can afford to have as we have a midfield who can actually pass the ball forward & move.
  8. Yup, it's either in Row Z or hits the first defender. Could not cross to save his life.
  9. What is with this guy?!? Midfielders are not supposed to score goals!
  10. If we managed to get Hourihane that would be great...now if we managed to get him and Cairney (think that one is a long shot unless we offer massive wages to tempt him and fee of 10mill+) then I think that is the midfield problem solved as those two guarantee you a decent number of goals and assists. For the defense, I think James Bree for RB if we can tempt him with regular playing time, as well as a CB on loan (Rob Holding or Cameron Carter-Vickers) would sort us there. For the striker, I think we should try and get a loan in from the PL. Afobe and Long are both not starting regularly throughout the season and have struggled a bit, so something along those lines would be great. Outside of that, if we could possibly get a swap involving McCormack and Brady, that would be great as it offers us further width and also the option of playing him at LB.
  11. Once Ayew and Kodjia are off to AFCON, I'd like for us to try out McCormack and Gestede up top together (assuming we don't sell Gestede right away). I think McCormack could benefit from Gestede's ability to win aerial battles and get flick ons to him. Also, Gestede is a lot less selfish and 9/10 would pass the ball up for a teammate in a better scoring position, imo.
  12. Excellent ball across the box for the winner. I'd like to think him and Grealish are back in the team for Leeds.
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