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  1. villarocker

    Birkir Bjarnason

    I bet Bjarnason thought he was playing against Fulham today!
  2. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    You could have said that for each season he was here but it didn't happen. Right now, although I'm not crazy about Bruce's management style, I'd rather be cautious and have continuity than change the manager at such time of upheaval.
  3. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    You sure can sack the manager but, in my opinion, that would be a mistake right now. I feel that we some sort kind of stability around the place whilst this shitstorm is happening. Now, further down the line, maybe then we can get rid - with or without money in the bank. Just, for now, I'd rather us keep some sort of stability.
  4. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    The last time we were struggling with the finances we were calling for Lambert to be sacked. Lambert went and so did we not long afterwards. We need stability, whether we like his football or not. Bruce offers continuity at a time when nobody really knows what the f**k is going on. Once the bank balance is sorted, let's look at the manager then.
  5. villarocker

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    No well run club would but.....
  6. villarocker

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    That Luke "lion" is the most atrocious thing I've ever seen. It looks like a Griffin or something gothic, not a lion! I think that symbol will spoil the shirt regardless of colour/design.
  7. villarocker

    Time for a takeover

    He probably is one, in Iraqi Dinar!
  8. villarocker

    Tony Xia

    I don't see the point of getting rid of Bruce. Any new manager would want to work with his own staff so we would have to pay off Bruce and his team to then hire a new lot - why? We would have to look for an out of work manager anyway as we can't afford to compensate a club for one. Keep what we have for now and hope he can stabilise the playing side enough to keep us in the league until a time comes when we can kick on again.
  9. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    I'd rather the money be spent on the pitch mate than on the local pubs. Sort the playing side out and then look at the surroundings.
  10. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    But, during Ellis's regime, back in the days of Little and Gregory, Villa spent a lot of money on players and challenged towards the top of the league. We also won a couple of league cups and got to their first FA Cup final for 43 years. Yes, there was lots of negativity and mistakes made during Ellis's last reign but the mistakes that have been made since he sold the club have threatened to see us get into serious financial trouble and have seen us relegated from the top flight.
  11. villarocker

    Tony Xia

    Deisler123, you seem a very clued up and intelligent fella. In straight forward language, can you please tell us if the future looks good for us, average for us or, absolutely terrible. Basically, as a club, are we fire-fighting debts and in the meantime simply hoping that a miracle happens and we somehow get into the Premier League to sort out our problems?
  12. villarocker

    Tony Xia

    How much he needs to "get" the club going or "keep" the club going?
  13. villarocker

    Steve Bruce

    I can't help but wonder what Bruce's take on our finances were prior to the play-off final. I mean, if he knew of the importance of our debt surely he has to go for it and not play that defensive shite we saw in the first half. Or, was it the fact that he was so scared of failure that he was too afraid to lose and then, once we went a goal behind, had no choice but to go for it?
  14. villarocker

    CEO Vacancy - who's next ?

    I don't know about the CEO role but we certainly need Villa eyes and blood on the board at our club. Some of the likes of Brian Little, Dennis Mortimer, Peter Withe, Ian Taylor etc need to be included in the day-to-day running of the club to ensure that the heart of the club is being well looked after.
  15. villarocker

    Tony Xia

    That's all well and good for the next 2 years but then what, if we're still not in the Premier League? We'll just be a further 2 years down the line and in another £50m worth of debt. if Wyness is to blame for the mess we're in it's yet another example of how things goes tits up when the owner is not around to oversee that things are working properly. Ellis might have been an old control freak but at least he kept an eye on the day-to-day goings on at the club, which is pretty much what we drastically lack now.