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  1. My concerns about these supposedly easier forthcoming fixtures is that we may be missing the left half of our defence.
  2. Totally agree. El Ghazi has height and pace and would hopefully apply himself a bit better. Let's face it, it wouldn't take too much effort to out-perform what Wesley is giving us. Plus, El Ghazi has shown before that he can shoot/score from outside the box. Yesterday, when that ball was crossed, he was the only one out of him, McGinn and Wesley who got a shot away. OK, he missed a sitter but at least he managed to get something on it.
  3. It seemed more like it was aimed at the bench. I recorded the game because I was out with my family. I watched it over and over again because the commentator apologised for the language used by Jack. You clearly hear him tell someone to eff off. At first, I thought it was towards the Leicester bench but after watching it a few more times it does seem like he's looking towards the Villa bench. Also, Alan Smith said, after it happened, that it looked like Grealish was unhappy with someone on his bench.
  4. There's no denying that what you are saying is right. Yesterday, they players looked very stroppy and ill-disciplined after Leicester got their third. It was by far the worst they had looked in terms of mentality. That team needs a striker that looks like he can score and gives the rest confidence. Right now, take Grealish out of that side and you wonder how on earth we're going to score. McGinn looks empty of anything positive and El Ghazi missed our clearest chances. Unfortunately, the rest looked like rabbits caught in headlights yesterday. Leicester aren't individually miles better than us but, when it comes to effort and guile, they were in a different league. One final thing. Deano needs to put Jack back behind the striker. Playing him wide has seen him score more goals but he just does not stay in that position and we lose the shape of our team. He's a maverick who drifts into the centre too often and there was no surprise that 60% of Leicester's attacks came down our left side in the first half. They knew Targett would be left exposed.
  5. I still think Deano will keep us up but he's got to add to that forward line in the January window and also sort the defence out. But, if we get a forward who puts himself about, maybe the ball doesn't come towards our goal so often and so easily. After all, defence is supposed to start from the front.
  6. Absolutely what needs to be done IMO. El Ghazi up front as he's got height, pace and a finish in him, although not today.
  7. Swore towards our bench today so someone said something to upset him. They must have told him to pass to Wesley more!
  8. He should have but Wesley's lay-off and Mings' injury were the main issues with that goal, for me. Another issue of that goal was that both of our more defensive midfielders were ahead of our striker when he lost the ball - not clever! Definitely Nakamba's worst game but I did think he was improving at the time he got taken off.
  9. I'm not impressed either. He just isn't physical enough to play the deeper role and is anonymous for most of the game. For one or two games, I'd like to see last season's middle three playing in those roles. Hourihane, McGinn and Grealish with Trez wide left, Elmo or Jota wide right and El Ghazi down the middle. If not Hourihane, play Nakamba there.
  10. Wesley has to be dropped. He simply isn't up to it right now and is a liability. Forget the bad lay-off that led to the first goal. For me, it's his lack of movement when the ball goes into the box together with not doing enough when opposing centre backs bring the ball forward. First half today, Elmohamady put in a beautiful cross that landed on the penalty spot. Evans cleared it without any pressure. Wesley made a late attempt to try to get to it but, as a striker, he should be seeing that cross and making sure he's first to the ball. Then, there was a back-pass that Schmeichel cleared where Wesley ran in on him but didn't even bother to stick out a boot to try to block the ball, which only just cleared him. Time and again their defenders brought the ball forward and had an easy pass or could play a long ball towards their forward players. Then, there's that really bad thing he does when he goes down like he's been shot and then gets up and runs around like nothing happened shortly afterwards. I'm not making a scapegoat of him. He just simply isn't up to the task right now and he has to be taken out of that team as we're playing 10 v 11 each game right now with him in our team.
  11. Something happened with Grealish today. He aimed a "f*** off" towards the bench. Not sure who at but it definitely seem to go that way. There was an instance not much before that where Deano was shouting at Jack to come towards the left wing. Thr discipline of the players seemed off today and we were lucky to finish that game with 11 players on the pitch. McGinn, Grealish and Targett all seemed to lose their discipline. Smith has to drop Wesley otherwise it could really come back to haunt him. We look like we've got 10 players per game right now. I don't know how he gets around it but he has to drop him and put someone else - El Ghazi? - down the middle.
  12. The decision to leave Freddy out makes me think that Smith is showing that you keep the shirt if you play well enough. However, that does not make Elmo a better player overall. With Chilwell bombing forward at every opportunity, I'd rather has seen us playing Freddy as he could have given him something to think about going the other way that may have made Chilwell think twice about getting forward so much. We'll see, I guess.
  13. Looks like we woke Manure from their slumbers! People are worrying about relegation, which is understandable but, we've played all bar Liverpool of the so-called big boys away from home. We still play both Mancs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs at home. We - the fans - will have our chance to make a difference and will probably need to. We have not hi g to fear from the teams in the bottom half. We just to make sure we take our 'A game' to those teams when we play them.
  14. The North Stand or the Doug Ellis! What terribly sad news. Ron Saunders was the first Villa manager I familiarised with as a small boy. I recall stories my late cousin told me of when he decorated Ron's house. What great times Ron brought to our club. Memories that secure his and those players' places as legends in the history of our famous club. R.I.P Ron - many condolences to all your family and friends at this sad time.
  15. If you're setting up not to lose then surely Hourihane doesn't start that game? By his inclusion, I thought that Deano felt he might be able to inspire us on to something positive.
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