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  1. A man mating his 7 year old son at any game is both dangerous and cruel in equal measures
  2. I think Norwich's lack of investment this summer will cost them dearly. Their good early form was down to continuity leading into the season but that's clearly worn off already and they will continue to slide down the table. Sheffield United will be in the same boat as Norwich. There's one other team to make the bottom three and it could be any of a group of teams, which probably includes us. But, I have faith in us to stay up because I believe we will keep getting better as the season goes on due to the players getting to know each other more and settling in. I hope we stay up because I believe our team will be a very good side next season after they've had a season together, the new players have settled and, more players have been signed.
  3. Man Utd are appalling in comparison to previous side's of theirs over the years. To fall to Bruce's old style of keep it tight and try to knick a goal is laughable. Just shows how far Man Utd have fallen and I hope they play like this against us when we get to have a go at them.
  4. That goal was spectacular. The way he curled it around the defenders and brought it back inside the post... Beautiful goal.
  5. It was a mistake for their goal but he made at least 4 goal bound blocks today so I think it's unfair to want him dropped.
  6. Targett is a million miles away from Taylor in terms of being a footballer. For Hourihane's goal he won the ball back in the centre of the pitch. He had a very good game today.
  7. That goal showed that we have a Brazilian in the side. He needs to play but not as DM.
  8. He won't go to City IMO - too much squad rotation there. Little John likes to play footie so, for me, he will go to the Premier League champions - Liverpool. He's better than Fabinho and Wijnaldum and Milner is past it now. Super John would walk into that Liverpool side.
  9. So, by your own reckoning then, if Villa stay up this season Dean Smith is a miracle worker?
  10. I think John Terry needs to start defending against him in training and rough him up a bit to wake up the inner man because he is far too weak both mentally and physically.
  11. Villarocker

    Tom Heaton

    The striker headed it from about 6 yards maximum. Without doubt, a decent keeper should be dealing with that. Heaton should be unhappy conceding that one.
  12. His positioning sense is terrible. Look at his position whenever the opponents have the ball and start going forward, he's way too narrow. He leaves an easy pass out to the ride side and that's when we come under attack because the opposing player either backs Taylor into the box or he gets a free cross in, unchallenged. We need a left back that can get out to a wide opponent before he's got control of the ball. We need a left back with a brain.
  13. They have fielded a team to lose and get out of the cup. We've picked a team to win. I'll be very disappointed if we lose tonight.
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