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  1. To be honest, if Jack being out means we miss out on Europe, I can live with that. Playing midweek European games would have been beyond us as a club right now. We need much further depth to our squad before we go down that road.
  2. One does the salsa whilst the other does the can can?
  3. How can that pen be given when the ball was off the pitch at the point Kane goes down?
  4. I personally thought Mings made the wrong decision sliding in on the player crossing it. It left two completely unmarked.
  5. Their defence is so shite even Davis might be able to get a chance tonight. Move Watkins wide left, put Davis on up front and put Barkley on for Sanson in the hope he can get on the end of a Davis knock-down/lay-off.
  6. But, let's be fair here, if the shite ref had given the penalty we would have most likely scored and gone on to win that game by 2 or 3. He bottled it. He bottled sending off McGoldrick too. The whole officiating team were terrible tonight. The players didn't make good in-game decisions tonight. However, there's no denying that Sheffield Utd fought like crazy for that win.
  7. Yet, a "game plan" was exactly how we won away at Leeds. Look, tonight was not pretty. For me, the reason we didn't take advantage when playing against 10 men is simple - we didn't stretch them. They were happy to jump and head clear cross after cross. We needed to get to the byline more and cut the ball back - make them face their own goal. We just kept doing the same thing over and over. Let's not, as fans, start showing ourselves up by being over-critical. This squad beat the champions 7-2. We've won our fair share for where we are as a club. Let's be respectful and hope they le
  8. Do you say the same to women if they don't orgasm after the first night? Jesus. He's not even started a game yet.
  9. Can we please not embarrass ourselves by being over-critical of the players. They have given us a fantastic season and let's not slag them off too much. We won't every game. If we did we'd win the league. Our lack of creativity stems from one thing - we are crossing in front of them. We need to get players overlapping to the byline and crossing into runners.
  10. Corner not given then McGoldrick throttles Konsa to the floor and the free kick goes to the man already on a yellow card and who minutes ago committed another foul. We should be playing 9 men by now.
  11. This commentary team on BT Sports is absolutely shite. The main commentator has no idea what he's talking about. He must usually commentate on Swimming or Polo because he knows fook all about football.
  12. The question is more; how did VAR not give that penalty?
  13. Songkran? I can see what your extra curricular activities involve. He won too, right?
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