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  1. villarocker

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Temptations are my favourite Motown artists - brilliant group!
  2. villarocker

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The album I can't stop listening to is Prequelle by Ghost. What a great album it is! Ghost are a brilliant band!
  3. villarocker

    The complete and utter chants thread

    I quite like rock/metal music and have been listening to the latest Ghost album today, which is pretty damn good imo. My favourite track is called Pro Memoria and was singing these alternative lyrics to the opening verse and chorus: John McGinn, tackle won, who can he play in on-side? Who runs behind? Who runs behind? He plays it out to Jack Grealish but who can he find who's on-side? Who runs behind? Who runs behind? Don't you forget about Tammy. Don't your forget about his friend 'goal'. Don't you forget that he will score! Sorry guys, I know it's a bit slow, morose and never going to happen but I quite liked singing it at home today whilst doing the ironing and watching the Blackburn v Boro game! Ghost - Pro Memoria
  4. villarocker

    André Green

    Forgive me for adding my penny's worth but Green's goal won us a point against Sheffield Utd. Adomah hasn't scored for nearly a year!
  5. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    Whether you're for Smith or against him, right now, our future is very uncertain as a football club. We will lose many players during the summer and the first team match day squad is probably going to have at least 9 or 10 new faces in it. Question is, how much money will the manager be given the spend to bring those players in? Smith has already spent a fair bit on the new keeper and right back. But, we still need a decent few new players in and unless we sell Grealish how on earth are they going to find the money to buy quality players to take us up? It's ok saying Smith shopped at Poundland for his previous club but, ultimately, he didn't take them up. So many new players will also need time to gel together. For all their good results and plaudits last season, Brentford only won 2 of their first 14 games of last season - against Bolton and Millwall. If we saw a similar start to next season, let's face it, we would be struggling to get promoted again. I would love to know our financial situation and the thought process regarding Smith's employment but, these days, we seem to hear very little from the club. I suspect that the powers-that-be realised the situation we would find ourselves in next summer and went for a man that has achieved relative success (for Brentford) with younger, cheaper players and felt that the re-build was so big that funds would be limited and Smith would be more suitable to the task than say Brendan Rodgers. Maybe they see Smith as being able to recruit smartly and build for that long term journey back to the top flight. If that's the case, those fans venting their opinion that Smith isn't up to it are going to be in for one hell of a tough time supporting this club.
  6. villarocker

    Conor Hourihane

    Not intentionally though, TRO. However, Elphick intentionally turned his back on the shot!
  7. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    Given the fact that all teams down to 16th have games in hand on us, and can go above us, I'd say 15th isn't such a wild guess. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if we finished as low as 18th! I think we'll lose and Small Heath too. Whether they finish above us will probably come down to points deductions. I think we just need to see how bad this gets because, personally, I'm convinced we haven't seen the worst of it yet. We probably won't see Hutton, Taylor, Mings, Hause, Elmohamady, Whelan, Jedinak, Adomah, El Ghazi, Abraham and Grealish after this season. Yet, we will more than likely rely on at least 6 or 7 of them to play regularly for us from now until the end of the season. Now, that's where our problems start!
  8. villarocker

    Tammy Abraham

    God knows where we'd be without his goals this season but, we desperately need him to convert those easy chances he seems to often miss.
  9. villarocker

    Conor Hourihane

    Smith mentioned how Hourihane didn't need to dive in for that second goal but, after passing Hourihane, Rodriguez still had a defender and keeper to beat. The defender (Elphick) turned his back on the shot - criminal - which resulted in the ball deflecting past the keeper who seemed to go down too slowly although, he did later get subbed because of injury so maybe that hindered him? I wasn't at the game so can't comment on his overall performance but I wouldn't blame him for that second goal.
  10. villarocker

    Jacob Ramsey

    Nerves disappear with experience mate. He should get games now because he's part of our future whilst many of the current crop will be distant memories very soon.
  11. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    I honestly believe he would JV. But, if he looks at that bunch and honestly thinks they are beyond any other manager, why go then? I guess this all comes down to what funds will be available close season. If he will be expected to sell Grealish and go into next season having spent hardly anything on assembling a new match day squad, well, what will that say of the owners' ambitions? In fact, did they realise the depth of the crisis and think that, going forward, Smith would be ideal for the job of building up from scratch with very little money to spend, as he did at Brentford?
  12. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    Those asking for this to be turned around are in for quite a tough time between now and the end of the season. We need to accept the fact that he has about 5 decent enough players to select each game and after that we are useless. They cannot play his way because they are either too old, too slow or both! He needs his players but, will the board give him that license to do his thing? Time will tell but I do fear that we will continue in the same way until the end of the season and then his position will be in the balance, especially if the likes of Rodgers becomes available.
  13. villarocker

    Pre-match thread

    I will be surprised if we don't get anything other than a defeat today. Come on the Villa, prove all us doubters wrong!
  14. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    Seriously, does it matter? Bruce had a season and half, spent money and had a load of loanees to measure him against. Smith hasn't had such pleasures and, immediately after joining, had us watching the best Villa performances probably since we won 3-1 away at Liverpool in the Premier League! Smith may not prove to be up to the task but, before we judge him, at least give him the same time that Bruce had.
  15. villarocker

    Dean Smith

    I don't think he wants draws mate, I think we just end up with them! It's become obvious that the players are either too old or just not willing or good enough to play his way and, as a result, he's returned them to a way they are more comfortable with. However, I think he should have plugged on with his way and see where it took us.