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  1. If she's old enough she's gotta be Captain Jack's next shot on target, surely?
  2. Thanks for that story Mike. I knew Jimmy Mac from my days when I was a fishmonger working in Erdington back in the late 80s, my first job after leaving school. Jimmy was a customer but moreso a friend of the shop owner, who himself was Scottish and former British Amateur Boxing Champion - Johnny Kidd. Jimmy knew I was a Villa fan and used to share great stories of when he played for the club. I bought a book back then that was a book with a listing of every player that had played for the club up until then. I had sent it up to Bodymoor Heath to get it signed and the whole squad, as well as Graham Taylor, signed it for me. I showed it to Jimmy and he was chuffed to see the old pic of himself in the book and he also signed it for me. He was a truly great bloke!
  3. I think you need to be granted eternal life and make it your only purpose in life to keep this game by game predictor thingy going. Few years from now we'll be Champions League winners
  4. That was mentioned at the start of the season, could the small squad of players keep that going for the long season. Tell you what, if there are signs of that, a packed Wembley Stadium on a sunny May day will not be the place to be if you're already feeling weary, especially when you're chasing around trying to get the ball off Jack Grealish!
  5. There's one thing that really makes me believe we can go up this season - we've got a Manager that believes in his players and isn't a coward. At least if we do go down during the play-offs, we will have at least had a go and gave our all. For me, that's what makes Dean Smith a perfect fit for us because we want to see our players given chance to win instead of the old remit of trying not to lose!
  6. Brilliant turnaround from all at the club to get us to a guaranteed play-off spot and to break a club record in doing so. Let's hope they can finish the job now and win the play-offs and get us back where we belong, in the top flight of English football. Whoever decided that we should bring back Steer, Green and Elphick. Whoever decided we should loan in Mings and Hause. For me, it's those decisions that have turned out season around - together with sacking Bruce in order to get Smith and his team in.
  7. Well done Dean - I'm so happy and proud that I watched a Villa team, during my lifetime, break a 109 year old record and it was done with Villa fans Managing and Captaining the club!
  8. During the match commentary today, the commentator said that Villa have twice previously won 9 games in a row but not 10. We've equalled the run today and will beat it on Monday
  9. Gotta take care of business today and then again on Monday. That'll do it as the others around us are going to drop like flies over this weekend. Although we will have enough on the board, I can really see this team going the rest of the season unbeaten.
  10. Positions 3-6 will be Sheffield United, WBA, Villa, Bristol City. We'll beat the baggies away and then again at home. Sheffield will lose by 1 at Bristol but win by 2 at home. Villa will beat Sheffield 3-1 in the final.
  11. Think you need to go listen to some tunes to help you get over past weekend. Tunes such as but, not limited to: Loser by Beck Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat King of wishful thinking by Go West I'm sure you get the idea
  12. That pic shows Jed Steer's starting position as being decidedly dodgy.
  13. I hope we have nice looking kits for our first season back in the top flight! Kappa is uninspiring so let's hope they allow Luke a bit of input.
  14. I hope, for all connected with our club, that we get to the play-off final, take a full-strength squad there and we get to see a Dean Smith Villa performance. At Wembley, that would be something to see!
  15. Anyone fearing a play-off final needs to remember that we won't have a coward as manager for that game, unlike last season!

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