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  1. My concern is about letting my guard down. The doctor says I've had the virus but I've had no test done so he can't be 100% sure although I'm pretty certain I've had it. However, there are some horror stories like the 44 yera old Asthmatic woman who thought she was over it then ended up in hospital where she died. I'm coughing and it's leaving me short of breath so I'm taking it as easy as possible until I'm back to normal again - no chances taken. Also, there was some news yesterday about 51 South Koreans that had the virus, got over it, then were tested positive again. They reckon the virus sleeps in you then starts up again. Now that is scary!
  2. BMA apparently now telling doctors they will have to decide who to save and who to let die when the ventilators run out. My GP mentioned this to me last week. That's come around pretty quick.
  3. It's a very interesting read indeed. All I can think of now is: the night time, is the right time, to fight crime - I can't think of a rhyme...
  4. It does seem a really random virus. It's supposed to be a killer of the elderly but there's been stories of really old folks getting over it.
  5. I called my GP to discuss my concerns but couldn't get past the woman on reception who simply said the doctors were too busy and were not giving out any notes or documentation to do with Coronavirus.
  6. When I'm over this I'm going to have another problem. Basically, my Asthma medication puts me in the "high risk" bracket and therefore should shield myself for 12 weeks as per the government’s guidelines. However, the government hasn't sent any communication. I followed the NHS111 advice and contacted my GP asking for a note to prove I'm entitled to shielding but they said they're not giving out any medical notes relating to Coronavirus. So, how do I get my bosses to understand that I should be shielded?
  7. For people wondering if this virus really is all that bad ask yourself this. Do you think, in the same time frame, there would have been so many deaths and people in ICU across the UK from just the flu this year? Then, for those questioning the severity of the lock down measures, imagine how many more infections and deaths there would be without it! I think that, even if they've been over cautious, the risk is too high not to have been so drastic.
  8. That's really shitty of them. The government introduced that package to compensate companies to pay their staff 80% wage in order to protect jobs. Aren't holidays also supposed to be protected?
  9. Also found out that my brother-in-law's grandad died in hospital whilst being treated for the virus. Another elderly victim
  10. Has anyone else gone more than the advised 7 days of isolation whilst having the virus? Today is my 8th day. I was hoping to get out of here but still have the nightly sweats and a cough.
  11. And the world is scared of Coronavirus!
  12. My missus is fully working from home. She's our son's teacher and for the last week been my distant nurse as well cook and cleaner. She's in self-isolation because of me having the virus and it all got too much for her over the weekend so Saturday she got in her car and drove around the streets for 10 minutes to get away from the house. She got in and out of the car on our drive. What harm has she done there? I think the police need to be careful.
  13. I've had none since last Tuesday or Wednesday
  14. See, this is my worry. Imagine if it kicks off there and people are getting essentials that people are struggling to get here. How soon before the idiots start it here? If that happens, don't bother with Police, send the army in and shoot them.
  15. I've got a bottle of JD in the cupboard but no point drinking any because I have still got no taste or sense of smell.
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