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  1. I didn't get it on this one!
  2. It was a relief to see the frustration and displeasure on Deano's face early in the game when we clearly were second best and not having too much of the ball. He sees what is wrong just like we do and he must clearly know they're better than that and knows they can do better, which they did. That's what fills me with belief in our manager and I really think he's the real deal and we've got ourselves a legendary manager on our hands. I was asked after the Spurs game how long it would be, in my opinion, before we win our first game. I said it wouldn't surprise me if it took 6 games before we recorded a win due to the new players needing time to gel etc. To beat Everton 2-0 in only our 3rd game is a real big achievement from the team and should really inspire them. We'll done to all connected
  3. Spot on mate! Freddie has been a revelation down the right and carried the attack forward with Jota whilst the left side has been pretty quiet. Get Targett playing like Freddie and we'll be playing total football in no time.
  4. Yeah, makes you wonder why he didn't cost £20m.
  5. I'm watching this thinking that we have the equivalent of Mellberg and Laursen back - in terms of a centre back pairing. He takes a Mings boot and blocks a goal bound shot close to the line minutes later. He's another legend in the making.
  6. I think that what you said is clear for all to see and he even came clear with a reputation for not being an out and out striker. It might sound mad but I can see a scenario where Luiz is the closest player to him and Nakamba is DM. What that means for Jack and McGinn I don't know.
  7. Dog turd for us so far. About as pointless as an ice cube in the Antarctic. Let's hope we get some decisions go our way!
  8. In the words of Axl......
  9. Spot on mate. We gave it all we had. It looked a bit shoddy at times and a bit rushed so it's right that they need to learn to rest a bit on the ball. The lack of bounce at the end was a bit worrying as we also tailed off last week against Spurs. For me, that's the only real concern I have about the team going forward and I think that will be addressed as soon as January arrives. We need someone better than Kodjia and Davis coming off the bench as neither of them look like making an impact right now. I think Deano needs to drop Taylor as he offers nothing going forward. Personally, I think he should play Targett. El Ghazi should be dropped with Jota playing wide right and Trezeguet moving out wide left so he can cut in onto his right foot. We should then go with a bench of: Steer, Hause, Guilbert, Hourihane, Nakamba, Kodjia and El Ghazi.
  10. I like the new positive version of you. Maybe you could send a few lessons to Screwdriver!
  11. The thing about Pukki and Norwich is continuity. They had a youngish side last season that clicked and won the league. They've not changed it and gone on this season with the same way of playing and it's working for them. On the other hand, we had an ageing squad that required lots of changes and we lost two key players in Axel (looks to be replaced by a star in the making and Abraham, whose replacement needs time. We will be OK once our players settle down and gel together. We just have to hope all that happens in time for us to gain enough points to stay in this league.
  12. Does that mean you agree with me about Mings turning his back?
  13. That is so true. He needs to love towards the ball more because then he will have more of it and do more damage to the opposition.
  14. I thought this too! He was probably tricked by an opponent. However, I don't blame him for that goal. From 25 yards out I expect my centre back to block that and not turn his back on it and deflect it goalwards.
  15. I remember you from last season. Mate, seriously, wind your neck in and remember that we were the 5th best team in the Championship, won the final by 1 goal and, have built a squad that has changed by approx 50%. We need time. Smith will make mistakes and so will the players, especially the new ones. If you're panicking this early I suggest you take a sabbatical and come back around mid May 2020.

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