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  1. Fair enough mate, I didn't follow the discussion so apologies if I got you wrong
  2. No mate, please don't get me wrong. I thought he had a great game. Its just that he had a couple of worrying moments that came to nothing. As I've said though, most attacks build from him so he sees more of the ball. Also, Konsa is just so error-free that it all adds up to Mings sticking out if he makes an error. I wouldn't swap him for Maguire and he's a £75m defender, apparently. I love Tyrone. Sometimes, I just wish he'd be a bit more switched on.
  3. I totally agree mate. I think they're desperate to get there to get that out of the way so they can play with complete freedom. As fans, do we want European football or to narrowly miss out? I mean, get it and we will have to spend loads to re-inforce for next season to compete. Narrowly miss out, recruit further, then have that hunger to improve the finish next season.
  4. I'm really looking forward to the Saints game. Remember, they've had a turnaround like ours. Conceded 9 against Leicester City last season and look at them now. We will be looking for revenge after what they did to us at The Mecca of Football earlier this season so should make for a really good game. Before then we play Burnley. I hope Ben Mee gets his comeuppance. I can't stand the bastard after the way he took out Wesley last season. I hope we give them a tanking before going to Southampton and hopefully getting revenge.
  5. Oh man, what a graph that is. I mean, that's exa tly what we need to monitor our progress. What I can't wait to see if how this team performs after it gets to 40 points. They will know they're safe so then it will be a case of will they just rest on their laurels or will they go for every game and try to finish in the European places. That's when we will see what they're made of.
  6. To be fair, about 4 players had a dig at Maxim in one passage of play about 10 minutes after he came on. After that he hardly touched the ball. Cash's side of our defence has taken a bashing all season. He's either seen as a weakness or, maybe they want to keep the ball from Grealish. Whatever the reason, he's endured more attacks than anyone but, he's given his absolute best every game he's played and mostly suppressed the attacks he's faced. He is another one who will only be better next season after having this season's experience behind him. We also have to remember that,
  7. Can you believe this after last season? Can anyone genuinely say that they thought Emi would achieve this after what they witnessed from us last season? Obviously, it's not all down to him but bloody hell has he msde a difference. The management team deserve so much credit for getting Emi to join us. He must give so much confidence to our defenders to play in front of. Best signing of the sumer for me.
  8. JV, he's unbelievable, isn't he? I mean, he catches everything. He saves properly and not just punches at everything. He's a giant and he plays football out from the back with both feet. I absolutely love Emi. I hope he stays for the rest of his career, I really do. At the end of this season I'd sign him for another 5 years on double the wage, he's that good for us.
  9. Best keeper since Bosnich but, without the controversies following him. He's the real deal.
  10. Ollie is new to this league and that's what we all have to remember. It's not about what he does this season, it's about the experience he gains. He is as genuine as day and night. He will always give his all and with experience he will only get better and better. Imagine him 2 or 3 years from now? He will be lethal.
  11. I have a nickname for Ezri - the silent assassin. I watch him closely every game. I remember when we signed him from Brentford and he played at the England u21s at the Euros. He looked pants. But, wow, what a player he is now. I absolutely love him. He goes about his business quietly but I bet every striker he faces remembers him because they simply do not get a sniff of a chance or error out of him. I have said it before, last game of last season in the tunnel, he looked absolutely psyched up. He looked like he meant business and he's been the same ever since. I think that playing
  12. I was disappointed in his attitude when subbed. He has to see the bigger picture in that moment. He was lucky VAR didn't see him red-carded for the elbow on Shelvey. Smith was right to protect him from injury and another yellow when comfortably going to win the game. Also, it gave Jacob Ramsey some more game time. Come on Jack, be bigger than tonight please.
  13. What a bundle of fun you are. I've not seen him play any game on TV. I've watched a 10 minute compilation video where I was far from impressed. But, and here's the thing, look at our current team and tell me who has been a waste of money? I trust everyone at the club right now so I can't doubt this guy. He probably won't play this season. But, he's got several months to get up to speed and hopefully he'll be an asset next season.
  14. That pass map is **** insane. I mean, seriously good. Marvelous was marvellous tonight. Brilliant to come in and seamlessly fit into this team with what they're doing this season. The same as when Elmo, El Ghazi and others have played. The training sessions must be absolutely amazing to watch. The football we play is sublime at times so imagine what that would be like to see without any pressure/points at stake?
  15. Bertie plays football like he's taking the piss. Totally flamboyant and that's how we need to let him play because you can see that's how he wants to play. His skills are sublime. Did anyone acknowledge that quick shuffle he did where he sort of moved it from left to right really quickly to take a player out but Dougie was too slow to react to it? Great goal and great skills/energy. Love watching him play and right now he looks a snip at what we paid for him.
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