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  1. Subs combined for the winner so have to give credit where it is due.
  2. Any players out there fancy a Wembley cup final appearance?
  3. World class without any doubts. He would stand out in the Barcelona team.
  4. He made at least two world class saves tonight. Fantastic performance and truly deserved to be MOTM.
  5. Not many people gave us a chance against Leicester over two legs given the way they destroyed us at Villa Park in the league game. No matter how we achieved it, we turned that form around massively. We'll done to Dean, his staff and, all his players.
  6. I was impressed. Yes, he missed a sitter. But, overall, he gave me the impression that he k ows how to get into positions to be able to get chances to score and that's a great sign. He did it on several occasions. He's lean and will undoubtedly look to run off the shoulder of defenders and I like that kind of forward.
  7. He certainly has an engine and gets around the pitch. I like him and love that he plays with a smile of his face.
  8. Great cross for the goal. Elmo has always been able to deliver a decent cross.
  9. I really like the guy. He's a trier and works hard every game. Yes, sometimes he has a terrible first touch or the end product is missing but, he's new to this league and country and needs time to settle. I'm so glad he scored the winner today and got himself some adulation. Well done Trez! Goal made in Egypt.
  10. Look, City have tanked us twice this season. We are looking at a hammering and possible the biggest defeat in a Cup final. But, wouldn't fans rather get to Wembley and have that day out, that big occasion, than losing to poxy Leicester in the semi? Who knows, there might be some players out there picking up the phone to their agents right now asking them to get them a game at Wembley!
  11. Leicester never lost a cup semi final until tonight. Brendan Rodgers undefeated at Villa Park until tonight. Dean Smith has been manager for less than two seasons and given us two Wembley finals - so STOP F**KING MOANING ABOUT HIM!
  12. I've watched their goal over and over. We had a decent line to defend that but just one player didn't do anything whatsoever and we got punished for it. Targett scored at one end but that equaliser was on him for sure.
  13. You could have said "someone from Villa score a second and finish this"
  14. That miss! I hope his head doesn't drop just because Deano subbed him so early after missing the sitter. He did well overall and got into some good positions. I think that putting Davis on might be a good decision as hopefully the ball will stick up front a bit more. We're having the most chances and need to take one at some point.
  15. I like the look of Samatta. He gets into good positions. For the Targett goal he took up a poachers position at the back post. Later in the half, Freddie Guilbert crossed into the box and there were four Villa players in there. Again, Samatta took up an attacking position unmarked at the back post. Mid-half, Luiz broke and had a through-ball on but turned out wide instead. The through-ball, had he played it, would have seen Samatta running off the shoulder of Evans into the channel and clean through. You can see he thinks like a striker. For his first game, that's good to see.
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