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  1. Steve Bruce

    Formation = 4 - 3 - 3 Tactics = Keep it tight lads and please, please, please take your bloody chances when they arrive!
  2. Steve Bruce

    We need to be on approx. 40 points at the halfway stage of the season. We will need to take 30 points from the next 15 games to do so. Sounds a lot but, to be fair, Bruce did say earlier in the season that we need to aim for 2 points per game. We just need to start doing it now.
  3. Steve Bruce

    And therein lies the problem for most fans IMO. Whichever team he puts out, we often find ourselves struggling to create chances. Tonight's team had Onomah, Lansbury, Hogan and O'Hare in our lineup and still we struggled to create a chance. Who coaches the attacking part of training at Villa? Whoever they are, they need to be replaced.
  4. Steve Bruce

    God help us if Terry, Chester or Taylor gets injured. The back up CB's and left back cover Bruce has left us with is just not good enough. Bamford had scored 1 in his last 42 before tonight!
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Don't worry lads, Bruce is concentrating on automatic promotion now so let's not go thinking there's a crisis. The mass hysteria is about to begin - Villa for the Championship title! No cup games to distract us until the end of January so a nice, clear 4 months to win Championship games.
  6. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    0-2 and Thor did a great job of losing his bearings and not jumping to allow Bamford a free header
  7. Steve Bruce

    That's a good point you make about there being no runaway teams this season. Like you, I thought Leeds were showing signs of being the main contenders for the title and then they go and get beaten at Millwall. I think this season might contain many different teams filling the top 6 places throughout the season and there could be all to play for right until the very last game. Also, the points tally needed for top two finishes could be lower than usual which would give us an even better chance. We just need to make sure we stop with the 0-0 draws at home.
  8. Neil Taylor

    My thoughts exactly. I think he does a good defensive job but at least 4 times yesterday, in the second half, the ball was played around between our players, in order to keep possession, and as soon as it got to Taylor he just clipped a hopeful ball down the line that reached nobody from our team. He needs to protect the ball more and play it simple if it means we keep possession.
  9. Steve Bruce

    I certainly don't wish for Villa to lose or play poorly in order for Bruce to be sacked. I also don't want him to fail because that means the club and team fails. I have just got to the point where I expect those from Bruce and have not seen enough in terms of performances to believe he has found a way of making us promotion candidates. If he gets the time and we win 4 or 5 of the next 5, 6 or 7 games, I might start believing he has found the formula to success with this team.
  10. Steve Bruce

    We were not outstanding tonight and ahouldnt be fooled by the result. We beat a team that had lost 50% of its last 20 league games so always had a great chamce of winning that game. Let's see what happens in the next 3 or 4 games and then judge him.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Bruce is more about hope than optimism. Why can't he say something like "we were good today but can improve and will improve because that's what will take us up" instead of "let's hope we can continue this into the next game"? That is bollocks and really needs to change. Talk like future champions instead of hoping we can make play offs FFS.
  12. Steve Bruce

    We will churn out yet another 0-0 or 1-1 today and tomorrow morning he will be gone. I said 8 games at the start of the season and my mind hasn't been changed by what I have seen from us this season. Regarding the "abuse". People in the game, especially those that have been in it as long as Bruce, know what to expect from the fans. They shouldn't moan about it either because pretty much each and every one of them will have given abuse to the referee or other match officials in their careers. If they give it they should be able to take it. Also, how many players or management staff would have sat there and not slagged off the fans when they have heard rumbles of moaning following a poor attempt at goal or a missed pass? Of course they would sit or stand there and say something like "they couldn't effing do any better". I remember a previous Villa manager swearing his head off at players, officials. I've heard opposing managers doing the same so they should be able to take it too!
  13. Steve Bruce

    Bruce himself said, I think it was after the Cardiff defeat that, if we're still playing like that after 10 games he will be sacked. We're now not far off the point where Xia can replay that comment to him before giving him is P45.
  14. Steve Bruce

    League games?
  15. Steve Bruce

    If Xia allows him a run of 11 games with 11 points, or close to it, after having 3/4 of last season, two transfer windows AND a pre-season, quite simply he needs to start taking the flak too. Surely you can't go from giving RDM 11 games to giving the new manager the same but, after 3/4 of a season and two transfer windows? He might just as well have kept RDM!