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  1. Or, to out it another way, we were in for Rashica so, did we use that money to get Traore or, did we give up on Rashica and still have that money to spend?
  2. Absolutely. No way Barkley comes here to be a sub for us when he can be that at Chelsea. Barkley will be behind the striker but, let's face it, Luiz, McGinn and Barkley can all pretty much do the same job so will be comfortable wherever they find themselves in the middle of the pitch. Unfortunately, the Rashica dream seems well and truly over. I'd say our dealings are probably over too now.
  3. I don't mind this signing at all. It's a loan deal from a club where he's been getting top level football and playing with a lot of international players regularly. We needed someone in that midfield who adds a bit of everything. He will track back, not afraid to make a tackle and he has an eye for goal. He can only strengthen us, surely? Also, he is going to be aware that he will need to perform well in order for Chelsea to want to keep him on and to have a chance at being picked for England.
  4. Who are these great central defenders in the Premier League? Apart from Van Dijk are there many others that stand out? The Manchester clubs are struggling at the back and so are Chelsea. Arsenal too. Spurs don't look so solid these days. Ollie will get goals for sure.
  5. Villa have no pinned tweet tonight. Signing tomorrow?
  6. Champions League place sealed already - nice.
  7. That one-two with Jack followed by a 40 yard switched pass to Watkins was brilliant. That took some vision to make that pass and this guy fills me with hope of a good season from him.
  8. Look, he looks poor sometimes but, he gets no cover. Trezeguet tracked up and down his wing to help Cash out. Jack drifts inside and quite often Targett is left exploited. But, he gets up and down that flank all game - even when on a yellow card. Having said all that, I'd swap him for Joe Bryan any day.
  9. Bad mistake that could have cost us but my God can this guy pass a ball from the back. He's like having another player in defence rather than just being a keeper.
  10. I love him for his work ethic. He gave such great cover to Cash tonight and you saw during the game how much Cash appreciated his work. He gets forward too but doesn't always have the composure but there's no doubting his effort.
  11. Absolute collossus tonight. Outstanding performance and marshalled Mitrovic really well. Best performance in our shirt IMO.
  12. Great, brave goal. He works harder than any other player too. Does things with the ball that other players cannot dream of. What a player!
  13. Brilliant from SJM tonight. More like the player we came to love.
  14. He gets into great positions and some of his link-up play is brilliant. He works hard too. He just needs a goal as he's clearly desperate to score.
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