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  1. So Nakamba's dream is a move to Liverpool - been there, done that - bloody marvellous!
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Jonathan Bamba play tonight. Attacking player from Lille who is very tricky and has a great pass on him.
  3. villarocker

    Ethan Ampadu

    I watched him in a live game on TV for Wales where he started the game as DM and moved to CB during the game and he was brilliant. I couldn't believe his age when they mentioned it on TV, it was as if he'd been playing Pro football for 10 years!
  4. Only after you've convinced Messi to see out his playing days at The Villa!
  5. Spot on! I mean, they even allowed SHA to take what were probably their best three players in one transfer window a couple of years ago.
  6. You won't laugh at - Withe and Shaw!
  7. You are clearly the man to get this job done then or you will have to face a thousand lashings from the mods?
  8. Shame on you for forgetting the mercurial talents of Super John McGinn.
  9. If you and Trent are right, if we aren't looking at Phillips, I hope it's some big, imposing, nasty piece of work to sit in front of Mings so that Tyrone just simply needs to finish then off rather than have to do the whole kill.
  10. What I liked so much about this transfer was there was no cryptic messages and no PR related staff popping on to the board to tell us to watch this space etc. It was Bam, there you go have a Brazilian, a club record transfer for you to go and check out all about online.
  11. Demi, I think you have created a new word there and I like it - transfee - meaning a loan transfer deal that involves a guaranteed transfer fee at the end of it or, more simply, a transfer fee. Not taking the pee either, it's in the same realms of British exit from the EU - Brexit.
  12. To be fair to Bournemouth, they had a deal with Villa whereby we had to match the highest bidder to get Mings. They're probably holding out on a bidding war in order to ramp his price up before letting him go.
  13. I think Jack could be England's next Paul Gascoigne but without wasting his talent. Gazza scored 10 goals in 57 appearances for England, Jack could easily equal or better that but, more importantly, he would get the ball and take it forward and drawer the attention from the opposition to create space for others and, like you say, there's nobody else in the current England squad doing that.
  14. I think Purslow, Smith and the owners have looked at what Wolves have achieved in their first season back and seen that outside of the top six the rest are beatable on any given day if you field a decent enough team against them. Hopefully, that's where we will be within a couple of seasons and then we kick on from there.

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