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  1. Is anyone else bothered by the rumours we're going to offer him £200k pw to stay? We've not won anything with him for him to earn that kind of money from us. I think that sets a rather dangerous precedent for any incoming stars we chase in the near future.
  2. I agree with this. Jack has won nothing with Villa. All he's done is Captain the team to a promotion back to the Premier League. However, he also played in the team that got relegated. He's the best homegrown talent we've produced in an eternity but he won't achieve legendary status at Villa unless he wins something with us. Either that or he stays and becomes a lifer. Jack, if you leave us before winning something with us it could lead to the club going backwards. Your talent is immense and it means more to us than just the playing side. Your selling the club to each and every corner of the globe now via your image. Leave and that could set the club back on its journey back to the top. Stay and you can help us reach that. As a Villa fan, if you were supporting right now and not a player, would you want to see yourself leave? How would you feel about that as a fan? I hope Jack stays and gives his everything for the club for all his career.
  3. He looked like a nervous wreck at times today. We need a new number two.
  4. If we bought Alvarez he could start as a right-sided forward and deputise as striker when changes are needed. He'd be my main hope right now.
  5. I suspect he is frustrated at the time he's been out and that he probably suspects himself that the injury is going to prevent him being the player he promised to be. I wouldn't be surprised to see Villa sign a striker or attacker that can play up front and then loan Wesley out somewhere to see how he gets on.
  6. I was watching the game but got a call at the same time as the sending off so missed it. What happened lads?
  7. We are NOT selling Jack. Jack and Tyrone have been away on international duty with England. If Jack was leaving, do people seriously think the club would use him to model the new home shirt? No way! They'd have released it sooner without them both and blamed their absence on their involvement with England. The club knows that most shirts bought would have Grealish on the back so there's no way they'd have allowed that to happen knowing he was leaving.
  8. I see what you did Villa! A gold coloured goalkeeper shirt for a gold-winning keeper
  9. So, Emi is the archer, he is now a dad, he's the hero of Argentina and the breaker of Gooners hearts We need to offer him a new year deal with a pay increase, clean sheet bonus and, a huge sale clause of at least £100m.
  10. Maybe the players he wants are playing or, have been playing, at the Euros and that's why we haven't signed them yet?
  11. The proposed team fails to feature Jack yet again. I guess he will only get some game time if the team is struggling to break through the Danes and need a goal. Jack would get into any other nation's team with his talent. It must be so frustrating for the lad.
  12. Remember the articles in the papers about an England player being hooked on sleeping pills......
  13. Just bust the porn brothers and give Wet Spam £80m plus a van load of dildos for Declan Rice.
  14. Jack won't get a game tomorrow, I'm sure of it. Southgate wants to keep things tight and I can see him playing the same style as the last three games. Keep it tight and try to use pace at the top end of the pitch. Germany have a weak-looking attacking lineup so we should be looking to put more trust in our defence and try to exploit weaknesses in their defence more. I'd love to see Jack given a game where he gets lots of the ball. Then we'd see his true qualities.
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