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  1. Davis has to go. He has no idea what to do with the ball at all. He runs like he's got a grenade at his feet that could go off any minute.
  2. People calling for Smith to go need to realise that any replacement will have the exact same group of players to choose from. Too late for change now. He needs to stick a rocket up them and push them as hard as possible to get 7 points minimum from Palace, Everton and West Ham and hope it is enough.
  3. I'll tell you something guys; earlier today I remembered back to when we last got relegated and that hammering we took from Liverpool. I feared tonight might be that type of result and even checked out the odds of a 0-5 (50/1) but didn't want to jinx them so didn't bother. McGinn off should've happened after about 30 minutes. El Ghazi shouldn't have come out second half. Samatta has had no service so feel sorry for him.
  4. He's clearly spent his time off recovering by bulking up as he is way too top heavy. McGinn, Mings and Grealish, on this form, would not be missed at all.
  5. Watch the behind-the-goal replay of that second goal. John McGinn was trudging back like an overweight pissed bloke running for the last bus home. He actually ends up a couple of yards behind Greenwood when the ball is returned to him. If McGinn had shown any pace at all he would have got back to intercept that pass. Sorry but this John McGinn isn't 10% of the player we saw last season.
  6. Prediction time from me. The referee - Jon Dross - will find out at half time that he f**ked up with the penalty decision. He will wait until around the 75 minute mark before sending off one of their players to "atone" for his error.
  7. When we go down, the only saving grace is no more VAR. We might actually go into games on a level par.
  8. Seriously, McGinn has come back and is way off the pace of post-lockdown football.
  9. Can I please have Super John McGinn back because this John McGinn is far from super right now.
  10. F**king cheating VAR. No way is that a penalty. Absolute bullshit decision all around. On the other hand, Trezeguet needs to score that chance. It was a poor effort.
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