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  1. Harry McKirdy

    Christopher Samba will be the first name in Bruce's mind to cover our striker shortage!
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Is this possible with our manager? I view our set-up as one that goes out to be tight and compact and hit on the break. With Terry missing I can't help but think Bruce will keep the midfield even closer to the back four and I fear this will limit our scoring chances. It will be no surprise to me if we see a few matches where we draw 0-0 or lose 1-0, 2-0 in the forthcoming games. Of course, I hope this doesn't happen and we win a decent few and sustain our challenge at the top end of the league. It's just that the past 12 months, together with the injuries we have to key players, do not fill me with any great expectations.
  3. Steve Bruce

    With our best defender (best player JT?) playing, we tried to keep it tight against Wolves and were out-played and still managed to concede two goals. Against the better teams, and we are looking at facing several of those soon without JT in the team, we will probably concede so what's the point in trying to keep it tight? We will be better off trying to out-score our opponents' because I simply cannot see us shutting out the better sides, particularly without our Captain and best defender. Bruce needs to grow a pair and go for it. Surely people would rather watch that kind of football than turgid batten-down-the-hatches football that ends up in defeat or bore draws?
  4. Steve Bruce

    He's only talking of getting a check-up, dude!
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We have improved our forward line no end but until our manager realises he needs to let them attack more we won't get full use out of them. Because of that, I simply cannot see us improve much on last season's finishing position. Maybe as high as 8th but probably around 10th. Wolves, Sheff Utd, Cardiff, Bristol City, Leeds, 'Boro, Derby, Brentford, Sheff Weds, Forest could all easily finish above us. Reading are showing signs of recovery too! We have a good starting eleven and decent back up in certain areas but I fear this key area, where we will have Samba, Jedinak or someone else not seemingly adequate enough, will cover our leader and best defender for several weeks, is going to cost us dearly. We could lose 4 out of 7 and be outside of the play offs by a couple of wins - that's how tight it is.
  6. John Terry

    With the defensive cover options being so weak, is it now time to put the emphasis on attack?
  7. Steve Bruce

    Making that point twice makes me question if TRO really is Steve Bruce in disguise Huddersfield played some decent footie last season but now they are in the top flight they have put a lot of emphasis on having a tight defence. I think it is all about finding the right balance. For me, I'd rather watch a game where my team tries to out-score the opposition rather than try to concede less.
  8. Steve Bruce

    This ^^^^ needs to be written by a tabloid journalist so that a wider audience can see that it just isn't all about being in the Premier League - it's about being able to enjoy what we watch too! PS: I work with an Albion fan that hates Pulis with a passion and says that he would rather see Albion in the Championship playing something close to exciting football than to just plod along being defence-mind, don't lose at all cost also-rans in the Premier League.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Hope you're right but think you are underestimating Sheffield United because they look the real deal this season too!
  10. Steve Bruce

    To be fair TRO, IF Bruce is not the person responsible for tactics, he needs to fire the f***er(s) that is!
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Every setback doesn't include losing your talismanic captain and best defender for a couple of months. But, that shouldn't be a problem for us as, according to you a couple of days ago, we have enough strength in depth to cope. Time will tell if you're right - I hope you are!
  12. Steve Bruce

    I can honestly say that I was not screaming for Hogan to play alongside Davis. In fact, I'm not screaming for him to play alongside anyone at our club.
  13. Chris Samba

    At least that proves there is competition for places!
  14. Albert Adomah

    This is the problem. He's asked to do a lot of covering of the left back but gets no support with an overlap.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Not having adequate central defensive cover is the responsibility of either Bruce (thought we had enough) or the board (didn't find the money). This may well prove costly.