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  1. Okay Einstein, go ahead. Interpret what else that could mean: 'One in 9 feel sympathetic towards those who want to fight against Western intrests'?
  2. 'One in 9 feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against Western intrests' Not sure what to make of that. Does that mean 1 in 9 are sympathic towards groups like ISIS? How else can that be interpreted? Most damming of all the survey if that is the case.
  3. Wrong. 1 in 10 actually. It's in the link and quite easy to find on the bbc website via a quick Google search. In regards to the 'point' being made, I personally find it a deeply worrying statistic especially as it was a survey conducted in the UK.
  4. Does that statistic not bother you in the slightest? Point is in the statistic. What do you want me to say?
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11434695/Over-a-quarter-of-British-Muslims-have-sympathy-for-the-Charlie-Hebdo-terrorists.-That-is-far-too-many.html
  6. It is the case. Deal with it.
  7. 27% of 1000 UK Muslims surveyed by the BBC had sympathy for the motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks. 10% surveyed agreed the magazine deserved to be attacked.
  8. Wonder what his means for Euro 2016. Surely with the amount of attacks in France the last 2 years it's to high risk.
  9. You can't say that on here!!! Even though everything you said is spot on, it's only a matter of time before the do gooders on here call you a racist.
  10. I think you're suffering from short term memory loss. He was easily one of our best players last season along with Benteke and Delph. He was easily our best defender last year as well with Vllar and Senderos always being injured and Okore hit and miss. One awful game against Tottenham now you're on his case. Ridiculous.
  11. Blown away by Grand Central to be honest. The food quarter is brilliant, love the design of the roof, like the fact it's higher end shops. Superb. Let's be blunt the Pallasades was disgusting and could be dodgy walking through there at night. As much as I have always hated on Birmingham it's looking great these days. Just wish they knocked down and rebuilt that bit of street where Primark and the Villa shop is. Full of crappy cheap clothes shops, dirty old buildings and a buffet for a fiver!!! God knows what the food must be like. Thoughts on Resort World??? Now that is a massive disappointment.
  12. Potentially we have some of the best attacking midfielders we have ever had. Adama Gill Grealish Ayew Why oh why are these 4 never played together ffs. A new striker and a new GK is a MUST. A new CM depending on how Veretout progresses also is a must. If we get those 3 and play our best players we stay up.
  13. He is 20 years old ffs. It's his first full season. Pathetic. Pathetic is calling somebody who may have been suffering from a concussion 'a pussy' Luckily I didn't say that. He DOES need to step it up. He was a passenger today. He does, I don't think anyone would disagree. But to say step up or **** off to a young kid still developing and still very much just starting his career is ridiculous. Especially to a kid who clearly has ability. There's a reason two national countries have been fighting for him to commit to them. Our situation and the way we're currently playing wouldn't help any young player get better and better. He needs to be dropped and eased back in the team, the problem is we've become such a desperate shambles of a club that we've put unrealistic pressure on this kid from the moment he stepped on the pitch. Yep agreed. Bang out of order.
  14. He is 20 years old ffs. It's his first full season. Pathetic. Pathetic is calling somebody who may have been suffering from a concussion 'a pussy' Luckily I didn't say that. He DOES need to step it up. He was a passenger today. Did I call him a 'pussy'???? Find the quote..... No I didn't. Lie as per usual. The way he stayed down was pretty weak. We have all been hit like that im five a side and got straight back up. (Obviously you don't)
  15. He is 20 years old ffs. It's his first full season. Pathetic.
  16. HYPERBOLE!!! First full season in the premiership and the idiots are already out writing him off ffs.
  17. Grow some balls and man up Westwood. Absolutely pathetic. Barely got touched.
  18. David Fincher is one of the great directors of our generation. Everything he does is superb. However, how did he make such a mess of Alien 3??
  19. Lambert's probably felt more real because he was actually a decent bloke, as opposed to a complete cock. sounds far from a decent bloke in my book. He wouldnt quit as he wouldnt get a payoff. Classy Neither would Tim. Neither would 95% of managers. Why would you when you're talking millions of pounds? But, just for you, I'll rephrase it. Lambert's probably felt more real because he CAME ACROSS as a decent bloke. Where as Tim Sherwood comes across as an absolute prick. To you. Of course. But I'm fairly certain my opinion here is shared by most villa fans. And, in fact, most football fans. The man is an arsehole. Utter nonsense. Pure guesswork that the majority shares your opinion when this isn't the case at all. Haters going to hate as they say. Myself and all my Villa mates loved the guy. Brought a breath of fresh air to the club for a short time compared to the dour Lambert and Mcleish. Gave me one of the greatest moments of my Villa supporting life at Wembley against Liverpool. I mean how often do we win at Wembley let alone play there. It was right for him to go but in his short time he brought me more joy as a Villa fan in a few months then Lamberk and Mcleish did in 4 years. Love the guy, love his charisma and wish him all the best.
  20. Kept us up last season, got us to our first cup final at Wembley in many years, gave a chance to Grealish which he would NEVER have got under Lamberk and proved to be a potential star, got us playing (at times) MUCH MUCH better football then the utter dross we had to watch under Lamberk. 9 games in of a new season with practically a new team and the fans want him out. Pathetic. Give him to Christmas at least.
  21. Pathetic how people are moaning about this team. Best starting 11 we have had this season with the exception of Amavi being out which I'm sure is down to an injury or illness so only makes the bench. Gil is playing, Sinclair is dropped, Ayew is playing. This is what all you whinge bags on here wanted and STILL you moan. Pathetic. Get behind the lads.
  22. Talking of shit, still waiting for a reply for your made up statistic I commented on? Also did I say all men??? NO.
  23. Just thank god we have the Conservatives in power! 20,000 over 5 years is a fair enough number as long as they are women and children (I.e genuine refugees). God forbid what the numbers would have been with Labour in charge.
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