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  1. Cheers mate What you said about your daughter sounds so very similar to my son. Last year, he had all the symptoms I had but tested negative. Right now, he has the same symptoms as me, and a worse cough, yet tested negative. It makes no sense.
  2. Last Friday, I started coughing, developed a runny nose and a sore throat. My girlfriend and our son had exactly the same symptoms. We did Covid lft's at home and all were negative so we all went about our day as normal, son off to school and Mom and Dad off to work. Our symptoms are still the same now, today. However, I'm Asthmatic and my asthma wasn't great all weekend so I stayed home and did bugger all. On Monday morning I went to work. I told my boss that my asthma wasn't great and how I'd been etc so I would be unable to wear a mask as anything around my face when I'm feeling like that makes me worse. Now, I shouldn't have probably gone in if I'm being honest as I didn't feel well enough to but my bosses always have a go at me if I'm off and frown upon any time I spend away from my work. So, with that in mind, I went in. Tuesday morning, I got up as if to go to work and just before I left the house I had an asthma attack. Thankfully, my girlfriend was home at the time and she helped calm me down and get me breathing better. I was struggling so stayed home from work. Yesterday, I did the same. Got up, not feeling good with my breathing so stayed home but, when I coughed I noticed a sharp pain in my side. So, I took a covid test at home. It was positive. My girlfriend and son took one and theirs was negative. I took another two and they were positive. I booked a PCR test and did that yesterday. Today, they've text me to tell me I have Covid. I previously had Covid in March of 2020 and was really poorly. I've since been double-vaccinated and have to say that this time just seems like a bit of a bad cold. Symptoms are completely different to last time. The difference is remarkable really and for that reason I can strongly advise anyone who hasn't been vaccinated to do yourselves a favour and get it done as it clearly does work.
  3. I like this run of games. That'll mean we've gotten a lot of potentially tough away games pit of the way before Christmas. Personally, I think we will get at least 6 points and as many as 8.
  4. I agree with you Trent. I don't think anybody could argue that, on form since the start of last season, Konsa has been the best centre back for Villa. If it continues throughout this season, if Villa were to strengthen with a big player at centre back they would surely replace Tyrone.
  5. Not a Captain's performance that.
  6. Really? He couldn't have just stood his ground and shown him down the line?
  7. Appalling refereeing today. The most biased in a while and that's saying something given what we endure as fans.
  8. Good ball in from Targett and nobody challenged the 'keeper. I can't see Bailey getting a sniff in the position he's playing in. Havertz will know what he's capable off and centrally he'll be getting the ball with his back to goal and Jorginho pressed right against him, stopping him from turning and getting a run at the defence. For me, he needs to be out wide where he'll have more space to run at them.
  9. So Smith is to blame for Tuanzebe not staying on his feet and Mings having yet another brainfart?
  10. This is exactly why I wouldn't have chosen him for the armband. He's a natural leader on the pitch anyway but, if you had to put money in anyone making a mistake at the back most people would put it on him. You need a Captain that doesn't make mistakes. For me, Konsa should be Captain. If not Konsa, McGinn.
  11. If its gonna happen we know who's going to do it.
  12. McGinn needs to push onto Jorginho. He dwells on the ball and will foul in trying to retrieve it.
  13. That performance against half of other Premier League times would see us going in at half time winning the game.
  14. No, don't the set up is perfect today. The only change will be personnel as Ramsey tires and finds it difficult to get any change out of Jorginho who will undoubtedly come on at half time for Niguez as he's having a poor game. I can see Sanson replacing Ramsey with McGinn going further forward, maybe after an hour.
  15. That is as good a first half as anyone could hope for at Chelsea. We were dominant from the off. But for Tuanzebe twisting himself to the ground we may have gone in level. Regardless of the goal, we should probably have gone in at least one ahead.
  16. Ramsey's looking like he's thinking "who the f**k needs Grealish anyway? I'll show them what a homegrown Villan looks like".
  17. Where's Villalad21 whilst we are clearly not as ultra-defensive as he suggested we would be?
  18. Because the ref is a clearing in the woods of massive proportions and is just waiting for another Ramsey or Mings foul so he can get out the second yellow.
  19. Apart from the daft yellow he's looking really switched on and confident. We need to take these chances now. Too many misses and rushed attempts that aren't cleanly hit. Ings also at fault for not playing Watkins through early on. Just got to be aware that this ref looks like yet another car crash waiting to happen. He'll probably get a visit at half time from someone in Blue carrying a brown envelope.
  20. What if the likes of Archer, Chuckie and Philly-Bidace fix the imbalance in the squad?
  21. I cannot see us doing any further deals I to the club tonight. If be very surprised if we did.
  22. Why are people panicking about McKennie joining Burnley when he hasn't even joined yet? Like my missus moaning at me to get ready on time to leave the house at 11am to go shopping when it's only 7am in the morning!
  23. Sky making up stories to get the viewers in shock.
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