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  1. Amazon are definitely the ones you need to go after. According to the Sale of Goods act, you are entitled to a refund or replacement Martin Lewis has a decent guide https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/consumer-rights-refunds-exchange/
  2. This one was a must for me - A spaceship dog fighting game with full VR support selling for £30 at launch. All I needed to know after hearing about it was that it was functional! The modes are pretty barebones, offering only a dogfighting and a grand scale fleet battle at the moment, but there are four different spaceships for each faction which are customisable by unlocking different components through grinding . The gameplay though is excellent and in VR it's even better. For the first time I'm craning my neck to see Tie fighters which have flown past my cockpit and once a few salvos h
  3. I honestly think Madden peaked with 2004. I think it has got incrementally worse since.
  4. Started a new game of Crusader Kings 2. I'm playing a Dwarf Viking and prioritising abducting the few dwarf nobles around the world so I can create a lineage of dwarven norsemen. My current ruler has lost so many duels he currently only has 1 arm, 1 leg and 1 eye but is still going strong at 48. He's had to arrange a few accidents for his children who do not share his stout genetics to ensure the bloodline remains pure. In short I'm having a blast in what could be my last run before switching to Crusader Kings 3.
  5. James Burke's Connections is on YouTube. This is the pick of the bunch:
  6. As you improve and play against better players, you'll find they will resign a lot earlier. It's common for beginners to play to the very end, even multiple pieces down. As a rule of thumb, if you are ahead materially (ie up by at least two pawns), rather than look for a checkmate, you should look to exchange as many pieces as possible to force an endgame then use your material advantage to advance your remaining pawns to turn them into queens . This is where practising the endgame helps a lot.
  7. My tips for learning chess 1) Lean how to checkmate - Play King, Queen, Rook verses King. Queen King verses King all the way down to Pawn King verses King (ignore bishops and Knights). Until you master this keep practising 2) Learn the endgame. Start with 8 pawns verses 8 pawns and mix it up by adding in a knight or rook or reducing the starting pawns. 3) Learn a simple white opening that will teach you how to develop pieces. Ruy Lopez (exchange variation) is a good one to start with. Don't get too bogged down with opening theory as it's only relevant once you get to a club stan
  8. Mount and Blade Warband on the PS4. Never knew this existed on the platform and it is a very good port. Very sketchy looking but it's tonnes of fun.
  9. Check out T90Official who casts AoE games on Twitch and Youtube. He features a mix of pro tournaments and community games on his channel, which is perfect background material while I am "working from home". The regicide games are often very entertaining with 8 players allying then stabbing each other in the back.
  10. Reminds me of a taller Ricky Williams. I love a back who is dominant between the tackles.
  11. Game of the Year : Outer Worlds Game of the Decade : Crusader Kings 2
  12. The Outer Worlds is out now and is the spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas but in a futuristic Sci-Fi setting. If you've followed coverage of the game, then you probably have heard every outlet and game review mention this but it's still worth emphasising because since New Vegas, there haven't been a lot of RPGs like it and New Vegas is almost ten years old. I've had a ton of fun playing it so far. Its refreshing to play a game that is clearly made to be the best game possible and not a vehicle to entice you to spend extra money on cosmetics and upgrades. In fact, at the time of pos
  13. As a long time player, I would avoid Overwatch at the moment. If you want to play as the "fun" class (DPS), there are 10 minute queue times to get into a game. It's basically become a bit bloated and was far better on release. The Outer Worlds may be a good game to go for - I'm downloading it now. You may also like Kingdom Come Deliverance but check out gameplay videos first as the combat system is a bit marmite.
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