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  1. Persona 5

    Persona 3 and 4 are fantastic - worth picking up a Vita just to play them. Expect a fair amount of reading though - They both have long setups IIRC. The only link between 3 & 4 comes in the fighting game which is pretty fun with some good stories.
  2. Overwatch

  3. What game you currently playing?

    I really like the Witness but it definitely falls short in some areas. The puzzles are some of the hardest and rewarding I've come across (f*ck tetris though). The problem is that you will hit a dead end on a number of occasions and be left with the choice to either hit your head against a brick wall staring at the same puzzle for ages or give up and move on. Either way, it does break the flow and immersion. When you do finally find that abstract solution, though, it is very satisfying - only once did I think the logic was cheap. The easter eggs are very nice. I've been watching a lot of James Burke videos on Youtube thanks to this game.
  4. Super Bowl LI

    Hightower has now made two of the great game saving plays to help his team win superbowls. The tackle on Lynch at the one yard line gets better every time I watch it and the sack on Ryan stopped an almost certain touchdown (Robinson is about to be wide open down the middle of the field at the moment Ryan gets hit). Given the drama in both games I wonder if people (outside of New England) will even remember them in 10 years?
  5. Super Bowl LI

    An astonishing comeback helped by some really bad calls by the Falcons. Matt Ryan did not choke but his coaching staff certainly did. I still can't work out why they decided to run a five step dropback from the shotgun on 2nd and 11 from the 20 or why they thought exclusively playing a cover 1 in a shootout wouldn't gas their dbs As for goat picks - I still have Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Otto Graham, LT (the original one) and Hutson above Brady but he's definitely in the conversation.
  6. Super Bowl LI

    This game is a tough one to call. My gut feeling is that Matt Ryan will show up (doesn't do a Cam) and if he does I think he has too many weapons for Belichick to stop.
  7. Overwatch

    Ban plz
  8. Overwatch

  9. Gaming in 2017

    Battlefront has been my favourite game of the current gen so Battlefront 2 is my most anticipated game. I predict it will be well received but sales will be poor, mirroring Watch dogs 2 and Titanfall 2 in that respect.
  10. Game of the Year 2016

    GOTY = Overwatch. Best DLC - Battlefront Death Star.
  11. No Man's Sky

    Not really. It's more likely to appeal to an older person. Kerbal Space Program my be worth a look.
  12. Overwatch

    Season 3 has started. Finished my placement matches. Went 5-4-1 and I'm in the top 1% for eliminations per minute, Damage done per minute and k/d... ...Placed in silver @ 1789 (bottom 4% of players) Serves me right for picking Torbjorn though
  13. Overwatch

    If you look closely you can see my Torb golden gun!
  14. No Man's Sky

    Unfortunately, you can't change a bad ending and I think this is what killed the game for a lot of people. I found the first 20 or so hours fun. I liked picking up information about the world, exploring and learning the mechanics. When I learned that the ending was what it was, I stopped playing. I'd done everything I had wanted to at that point so grinding for a crap ending was never on the cards. What would bring me back would be enhanced space combat. If you could upgrade your ship a ton, added a bounty system, trade faction relationships and improve the mechanics & Ai it may help. Even throwing a multiplayer system in there that you could warp to would be an idea. Never a full price release though. If they had kept it sensibly priced, been a bit more open, released it as an alpha with the promise of updates and hired a decent scriptwriter, the base game was good enough to make it a very good title.
  15. Black Friday gaming deals

    I'd recommend Battlefront for 12 quid especially for those who play in a duo (it uses a partner system). It's still has a healthy playerbase (around 20k on ps4) and is a lot of fun.