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  1. Sonic Mania

    Picked it up and it's been great. The only downside is that it highlights how bad the Ds4 is for platformers. Oh and I had forgotten how much I hated Tails.
  2. Playstation 4

    It's been a really good month for ps4 releases: Sonic Mania, Undertale, Circuit breakers, Shadow Tactics and Cities Skylines are all titles I will want to try eventually. Shadow tactics looks a lot like Commandos which was a great great game back in the day.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That's right. sometimes you see things which look like black, but when you look at them closely, you'll see that they are very very very very very very dark blue
  4. What game you currently playing?

    Picked up Talisman on sale. The interface/controls are a bit funky and the tutorials are rubbish but it's Talisman and therefore one of the best random boardgames going.
  5. Overwatch

    Some Diamond Torb gameplay from Nepal:
  6. PS4 must play list

    No Man's Sky *runs and hides* In all seriousness, the first 10 or so hours are incredible - gathering resources in an unknown world then blasting off into the infinite universe. It's only after you get used to all the mechanics that the game dies a death. It's now too controversial to recommend to everyone. Oh and Polybius needs to be experienced at least once. I've stopped playing so I can still have the wow factor once I get VR.
  7. Elite: Dangerous

    Decided to take a medium passenger mission of 1400ly to do some exploration. Spent a few hours putting my stamp on a few systems before finally reaching my goal. Then I looked at the destination name - "Strong G" - A planet surrounded by 8 or 9 suns with a gravity of 9.61 times Earth. They weren't joking. I quickly saved up and watched a few youtube videos on how to land on a high G planet. It was no help I couldn't control anything so decided to back out. Problem was that even with modded grade 5 thrusters (dirty drives are a lot of fun), I couldn't escape the gravitational field. Luckily I managed to quickly cycle to another system and barely frame shifted out of danger taking heat damage in the process. It's probably a broken mechanic that allows you to do this but it saved my bacon and a few million worth of exploration data. Lesson learned. I will never ever try to land on a high G planet ever again.
  8. Elite: Dangerous

    I Can't recommend the Asp Explorer enough - it's a great ship that opens up so much of the game. I'm running a hybrid build so I can do a bit of everything (6 pulse lasers, 64T cargo, 6 capacity first class cabin, an advanced discovery scanner, a detailed planet scanner and an SRV for landings). The only thing I can't do is interdict pirates but I've done enough of that in my Vulture. I went to pick up the community goal reward (400 ly away) arrived and was excited when I saw a passenger mission to visit a black hole. Did the mission (i'll try and post a pic later) then flew back to the bubble forgetting to pick up my goal reward - d'oh.
  9. Elite: Dangerous

    From what I've read most can't beat this one at first so no need to worry. If you want to, you will need to set up a button for the chaff launcher (I use circle and have set boost to R3) put 4 pips into systems (triples your shield strength) and 2 into weapons and keep your throttle in the blue zone (max maneuverability). Fire only when you get a lock on, use missiles when shields are down and keep spamming the chaff to keep yourself out of trouble.
  10. Elite: Dangerous

    Tried my hand at piracy in an anarchy system in my Cobra mk 3. Only picked on low ranked ships while I got the hang of the hatchbreaker limpets . Turned over a nice profit of 10k for 2 hours work:
  11. Elite: Dangerous

    Upgrade the fsd (jump drive) in the sidey so you can do more missions. I'd save until you get a million from missions/bounties then either get a Viper mk 3 if you like combat or the cobra mk 3 for anything else. There should be a new community goal on Thursday. Grinding the bounties over a week can net you around 20 million which can be used to buy and upgrade your first good ship. I went for the Vulture.
  12. Elite: Dangerous

    o7 cmdrs I'm really enjoying the game. The controller implementation is sublime and noticing a nice progression where you get better every play session and open up more activities to do. I'm yet to go on an exploration trip, trade, smuggle or mine but I'm comfortable leaving that until later. There are a few notable issues. The mission structure is a bit flawed. It's better to grind missions in one or two systems in order to gain rep to unlock better missions which goes against the grain of the open world nature of the game. Hopping from system to system leads to offerings of meagre payouts and activities. Even when you do rank up in a system, you often find yourself at the mercy of RNJesus, quitting out and loading back in to get a decent mission. I've also found the factions to be a bit sterile and passive. I recently did well in the community goal slaughtering hundreds from a group called the Purple People Crew. What surprised me was that they never sent anyone after me, left me alone whenever I encountered them and even continued to offer me missions when I docked. My early impressions are that a permanent karma system of some sort would benefit the game's narrative, where your actions within the game have consequences and would lead to incidents within the game. When I get a bit more time, I'll check out powerplay to see if that's where I'll find this. Saying that, I've been waiting a long time for a great space game and I've definitely found it in Elite.
  13. Elite: Dangerous

    You are not wrong! I'm impressed with how little handholding there is so far but literally have no clue about 90% of the things wizzing past my hud. It will be fun to figure all this out. Managed to master docking which I guess is the first baby step. I've even managed to beat the advanced combat training mission. I've still got to rebind a few keys. My rookie mistakes so far: -Accepting a mission which I could not reach with my limited jump range -supercruising into an asteroid field in a planet ring -panicking when taking off (usually mixing up my throttle and thrusters), forgetting all the controls and spinning wildly within the station. -Accepting a mission with only 2 jumps. Loading the cargo for the mission then finding out I now need 13 jumps because my weight has increased.
  14. Persona 5

    Emperor and Tower. I probably did too many attribute activities early on which would have naturally been maxed out by hanging out with confidants later in the game.
  15. Persona 5

    Just completed it and have to say it's a brilliant game and stands up with the rest of the series. There's a point when you start palace 6 where the game ramps up from a good game to a great game. The story advances rapidly, you max out most of your confidants, the music is amazing, the palaces are more interesting, you don't have to manage your sp as much and it's boss fight after boss fight after boss fight (plus another boss fight because 3 boss fights in a row would be too easy). The weakest part of the game is Mementos. The music is uninteresting and the enemies are too weak (often filled with lower shadows than the palace you have just beaten). Grinding is definitely a chore here. I don't think I'll play a NG+ because I've maxed out all but 2 confidants. The most useful confidants by far are Fortune (level 7 allows you to increase affinity with someone every day) and Death (those 50k SP recovery accessories are awesome) My party for the endgame was All that's left for me to do to complete the true Persona ending is to aggressively argue online on who is the best Waifu