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  1. RunRickyRun

    General Chat

    You're in bed with a cold or a flu and 50 pounds is left next to your bed. If you have a cold you will pick it up. If you have flu then you will not care and will leave it.
  2. RunRickyRun

    Games of the Year 2018

    Not much has been released this year which has grabbed my attention enough to pay the premium on a newly released game. I've spent most of the latter part playing the PSVR back-catalogue so haven't indulged in RDR2 yet. From what I have played, Kingdom Come Deliverance was the best followed by Astrobot. Overwatch and Dirt Rally have been my most played titles of 2018.
  3. RunRickyRun

    Virtual Reality

    It's a good as time as any to get into VR. The headset is as low as £200 and there is now a decent sized library. Resident Evil, Dirt Rally, Astrobot, Farpoint, Firewall, Skyrim and Superhot are all excellent titles in their own right with lots of other arcade and indie titles to keep your interest.
  4. RunRickyRun

    What game you currently playing?

    Hooked on Dirt Rally VR. It's an incredibly difficult but rewarding sim and in VR it's incredible. I've managed to beat the master difficulty but only in the 1960s cars. Here's me in Colin McRae's Impreza trying not to crash and die in Finland.
  5. RunRickyRun

    What game you currently playing?

    Have you played Blood Bowl? It's a turn based tabletop game based on a very violent version of the NFL but the port to PC/Console is very good.
  6. RunRickyRun

    Virtual Reality

    I picked up a cheap bundle and really enjoying it so far. It's blurrier than I expected but very immersive. I haven't experienced any motion sickness. Dirt Rally is much easier in VR and I noticed my lap times tumbling. If you are a fan of driving games then VR is perfect for them. Polybius is easily my favourite game so far. It's absolutely incredible in VR - It's like being inside a trippy 80s shoot 'em up. I would definitely recommend it for anyone - just bear in mind that you will have no clue what is happening for the first few playthroughs but the gameplay is very intuitive after a while.
  7. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    "Ah yes. This is handled by our head office in Dubai..." They normally hang up before I get to the fake number part.
  8. RunRickyRun

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    Let's party like it's 1990!
  9. RunRickyRun

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    Composed. Comfortable. Very good performance.
  10. RunRickyRun

    Black Ops 3

    Installed the game. Get matched with players of level 50 despite an influx of new players I could have been matched with. Got Rekt. Uninstalled.
  11. RunRickyRun

    World Cup : Quarter Finals

    I will probably watch this 10 more times before the game today. Good luck England ?