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  1. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Eerily similar to this:
  2. Have you omitted Saquon Barkley on purpose? I think Cleveland will draft him at 4. If it does pan out that way it will be even more awkward than Aaron Rogers!
  3. RunRickyRun

    You're in a bar fight

    Zvonimir Boban (he did start a war with a kick) and Frank Barson (the hardest footballer ever)
  4. RunRickyRun

    Joe Lolley

    Should've put money on it! Joe loves scoring against the heathens.
  5. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The BBC's athletics coverage. Is there another sport where pictures of the actual live event are given second preference to showing four people sitting around a table discussing the events?
  6. RunRickyRun

    "I Hate Their Guts"

    This word removed:
  7. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Yes I know what you are talking about! My lockpicking came in handy but I couldn't remember which one was which! The little details are great too: I robbed someones's sword early on and when involved in a battle later on the poor bugger was doing his best Scrappy Doo impersonation trying to take on several armed bandits with his fists. I did feel guilty so made sure he didn't die.
  8. RunRickyRun

    Best British TV comedies of all time

    Porridge is head and shoulders above everything else though there have been some great shows mentioned in the thread. I don't think Nighty night and Marion & Geoff have been mentioned which were decent.
  9. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    The difficulty and progression is very inconsistent. I asked a villager for a reward after one easy quest and he offered to teach me bare fist fighting. Went from level 1 to max level in an instant! Today I found an unlocked chest in the woods. I looked and there was about 10-15k of endgame gear inside. Years of RPG gaming has taught me that something bad was about to happen but nothing did. I was a bit drunk afterwards (randomly) so I thought it was cursed but nothing. I hope it does bite me in the backside later but I think it was just a cheat chest they left in the game by accident. I would advise against taking the best perks because they seem overpowered. Hunting has gone from very difficult to Far Cry easy after netting a few bonuses. That been said this is my favourite single player game on the ps4 so far. The freedom is great, the quests are excellent and there's so much to do. The feeling of powerlessness when you first start was fantastic and having the option to avoid combat entirely is very welcome.
  10. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Had my first game breaking bug. When falling off my horse I clipped into it and became a human horse hybrid. I could gallop around and try and talk to people but mostly angered them by running them over (I was facing sideways into my horse so steering was difficult). Had to reload and lost around a half an hour of play but it was kind of worth it - closest thing to a centaur I have experienced. I bagged a few roe deer which sell at 700 coin each so made a decent amount from the vendors. I blew it on a complete noblemans outfit which makes me look like Errol Flynn. Probably not the best for combat but I look great in the cut-scenes.
  11. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I've noticed my bed at the millers does not save all the time. I use the inns to save. They're only 2 gold and there's fair few of them around. Spent most of the day hunting in the woods - brilliant fun and it pays very well (tip - launder the meat by cooking it). I've gone from taking 10 shots to down a rabbit 5 foot away to being able to take on deer. I took my archery skills back to the range and beat the beginner level but cannot take on the next level as one guy refuses to shoot. The nagging worry I have is that once you've got good at everything and become the standard RPG badass - will the game still be as fun?
  12. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I relented, picked it up and it's brilliant. It's definitely a passion project and very little has been compromised in order to appeal to a wide audience. For anyone who is on the fence - I'd slap a huge buyers beware on the title as you really need to know what you are getting yourself into. It's a very old school RPG - the sort of title that came with a thick manual, where you have to learn to do everything slowly. There's no manual in this but it does a decent enough job in explaining all the mechanics. It does take a fair few hours to do that though (almost reminiscent of Persona game beginnings) On Ps4 it looks about as good as Oblivion did but with much better animations and voice acting. It's buggy as hell and the pop-ins are hilariously bad. I haven't had any game breaking bugs. If I accidentally pick pocket someone (it happens) and reload my last save, usually the person I have tried to pickpocket disappears but I've found that goes away if you quit out completely and reload. I was also in a fight for about half an hour until I went back to my attacker and punched him once in the head to trigger a cut-scene. I've now got my horse, bow and sword sorted so a life of mischief awaits.
  13. RunRickyRun

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I'll wait for a few weeks until they iron out the major bugs but the early signs look good. It looks more like an RPG than other recent titles. I would have preferred free combat over the lock on style they have opted for but it looks promising - certainly not press x to win which has put me off other acclaimed games
  14. RunRickyRun


    The Mercy Meta is finally over! Here's a POTG to celebrate:
  15. RunRickyRun


    Cleveland made some impressive moves at the trading deadline and now look comfortable favourites for the East. They're a long way away from Golden State though. On a side note, did you know Hakeem Olajuwon now lives in Birmingham is coaching here!