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  1. Fortnite

    I see the appeal but I don't think it's for me. I'll play it for an odd hour here and there - I doubt I will ever win a game though.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Anyone playing the Beta? Despite its flaws, I loved the first game (2015). It did not have a huge amount of content on launch but I really liked the casual arcade feel of the game. A lot of the early balance issues and grenade spam were fixed and I had a blast. Supremacy on Endor was probably the best map I've played in a multiplayer console shooter. The best thing in the beta is the space combat. I think it's good enough to carry the game and the closest we will get to a dogfighting multiplayer game on console. I didn't care much for the infantry fighting. There is a huge amount of grenade spam, little choice in weapons available and once defenders figure out that turrets are OP it will become a very frustrating experience. I also am experiencing frame rate drops during hectic action. The most egregious aspect is the new lootbox system. It's blatantly pay2win with some legendarys offering huge bonuses (40% extra base health on starfighters being the most obvious example) I suspect they will leave this in until month or two after launch then nerf the hell out of it. They did a similar thing with the preorder bonus (Han Solo's pistol) in the first game. This is the main reason I wont be buying at launch.
  3. Overwatch

  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    There's a free short stay car park at the rail station. As long as it's not peak time you wont get hassled to move on and there's a monorail across to the airport that takes about 5 minutes in total.
  5. The retro gaming thread!

    If it comes with a decent USB competition pro knock off which works on PC then it's a definite buy for me. I missed out on the last batch and need a new one for Kick Off 2.
  6. Destiny 2

    Bear in mind that the expansions are due out in early December and Spring 2018. If you buy the game then don't buy the expansions then you will be locked out of content. If you can wait then it may be better to buy a bundled version later down the line. Angry Joe's review is the fairest and most accurate I've seen Having played it a week I prefer it to Destiny 1. The drop rate is much much better. In Vanilla Destiny, I had to play around a month before getting my first exotic and then another week to fully upgrade it. Legendarys took over a week to earn as the number of tokens you could earn was capped. So far I've unlocked 8 or so exotics and around 20 legendarys from the campaign and crucible. Shaxx is awesome in the crucible and probably the best thing in the game
  7. Destiny 2

    I bought it on sale (simply games has it for £30) and very little has changed from the original. Sometimes I want to play a brainless, low effort shooter and this one is the most brainless of them all. The crucible is the main draw for me but the amount of cheap one hit kills stops it from being a great multiplayer game. The game looks incredible and the level design is much improved but the story is almost exclusively revealed by narration and in game conversation, meaning there is little point in doing anything other than running as fast as you can through them all. With a minimum amount of effort they could put nuggets of lore around the level to reward exploration, much like in fallout.
  8. Paladins

    The game is going from strength to strength and I am finding myself playing it more than Overwatch these days. So far there is no pay2win but the grind for newer players is longer and there are now four (yes four!) ingame currencies. However they have just released Raeve Maeve which is probably the best skin in any game:
  9. What game you currently playing?

    Are there still loads of instant death traps in the first 20 hours? The first game was brutal for that.
  10. What game you currently playing?

    Tried a couple of twin stick shooters tonight: Nex Machina - Really highly reviewed but really disappointing considering the high praise. The enemies are as generic as it gets and there's little in the way of tactics apart from shooting the most pertinent target. I'll sink a few hours into it though as it's still fun though I doubt I'll be chasing a high score. Neon Chrome - A slower, more tactical shooter with some fun RPG elements. I really like playing as with a melee build, unleashing hell on unsuspecting enemies. The only really challenge I've faced are from the bosses but it's definitely worth a look. I'm going to try and complete this without sinking any points into the stat boosts to ramp up the challenge.
  11. Sonic Mania

    Picked it up and it's been great. The only downside is that it highlights how bad the Ds4 is for platformers. Oh and I had forgotten how much I hated Tails.
  12. Playstation 4

    It's been a really good month for ps4 releases: Sonic Mania, Undertale, Circuit breakers, Shadow Tactics and Cities Skylines are all titles I will want to try eventually. Shadow tactics looks a lot like Commandos which was a great great game back in the day.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That's right. sometimes you see things which look like black, but when you look at them closely, you'll see that they are very very very very very very dark blue
  14. What game you currently playing?

    Picked up Talisman on sale. The interface/controls are a bit funky and the tutorials are rubbish but it's Talisman and therefore one of the best random boardgames going.
  15. Overwatch

    Some Diamond Torb gameplay from Nepal: