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  1. I wonder how nervous the NBC executives are about a Jags versus Vikings Superbowl? Personally I think it will be great - a proper old school defensive battle.
  2. Other forums

    I occasionally look at Onkyo threads on hotdealsUK to see a meme about it not been a well known brand appear which has been going on for close to a decade now. It's the little things in life...
  3. Fortnite

    Tried it, got bored and went back to Overwatch. I can see the appeal but there's too much downtime in between gunfights for me.
  4. The Official VillaTalk Legend of Zelda Rankings

    Same for me. The DS Zeldas were pants and the only other Nintendo console I've owned was the gameboy.
  5. Gaming 2018

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance could be amazing or could be total pants. I'm hoping for a deep RPG with decent combat (no press x to win) which it seems to be promising. They could have bitten off more than they can chew though. Not necessarily. Polybius seemed to manage well in VR and that is a lot faster than Wipeout. I'm still waiting for the price to drop before I venture into VR though.
  6. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I had low expectations going in and it wasn't a horrible movie but doesn't really make sense in the context of the Star Wars universe. There's about forty five minutes of the film that should have ended up on the cutting room floor and the ending never delivered on it's long and slow build up. Crait and the casino scene could have easily been removed from the film with nothing taken away from the plot or character development. I wish they would go back to the formula that made the original so great , a reboot of Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers with a touch of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood, but I think the franchise is too old in the tooth to reinject the mystery and innocence of the first film.
  7. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I used to play chess at a club in Quinbourne. One of the people who regularly attended was a brummie who once embarrassed and beat World Chess champion Karpov with 1...a6 (The late great Tony Miles)
  8. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Picked this up in the sales and it's a really good but flawed game. The starfigher mode is brilliant and worth the price of admission alone. Comfortably the best dog-fighting game I've played on console. There's not too many maps but the mechanics and flight model is spot on. I can see myself coming back to this again and again. Luckily the lootbox/progression system has not ruined the infantry combat. There are certain advantages to be gained by having better cards but they are minimal. The real advantages are in the weapons and attachments which have to be unlocked through in game progression. Personally, I would prefer a game where there were no progression systems but unfortunately that ship has sailed long ago. Hero combat is unfortunately totally ruined by the cards with huge advantages gained from having a full stack. There are also multiple balance issues which left me spawncamping the entire enemy team in one game with Finn who has a health buff and an auto targeting system. The main meat of the game, galactic conquest plays like the operations mode in bf1. It's decent but arbitrarily restricts your flanking routes (especially trying to get in behind the enemy) and often the game finishes at a well defended chokepoint that the attackers have no chance of breaching especially if the defending team have hero players with stacked decks and knowledge of the map. Overall, it's worth picking up if you like spaceship combat or want a more arcadey battlefield experience set in the Star Wars universe.
  9. Game of the Year 2017!!!!

    My Top 3 are all PS4 2017 games but all came out on PC over a year ago. 1. Paladins 2. Elite Dangerous 3. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  10. The retro gaming thread!

    You could bowl the computer for under 20 runs by placing a fielder where that red line is on the bottom right of the wicket. They would run out any straight drive played. The challenge was to score a four against the fielding as the computer almost never mis-fielded and took perfect routes to the ball. I still have my copy on disk (think it came on an ST Format disk) and there is a emulated version out there.
  11. Elite: Dangerous

    There's a lot of grinding in the game which is unfortunate but I guess is the result of the devs choosing an MMO instead of a solo or coop experience. There's the grind to earn credits, the grind to earn faction rank and then collecting materials for the engineers. I've tried to avoid it as much as possible and chosen activities that interest me (pirating and combat). The base game and mechanics are brilliant, they just need to make the world less sterile. Unfortunately, that has been the crutch of most epic space games for 30 years.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    I'd prefer a system where little johnny robs $200 from his parents to get a 2% advantage here and there. People are stupid enough to pay for anything that may give them a small advantage. Indulging them in such an overpowered way is way overboard and its aim clearly was to turn the fps genre into another Ultimate Team cash cow. Things like 40% extra health is just gamebreaking. If 2 players face off with 100 base health and 20 damage per shot, the person without the star card has to land 7 shots while taking a maximum of 4 shots! I prefer it if progression systems it didn't exist but modern games seemingly are judged on them. It's all b*****ks if you ask me, I prefer everyone to be on the same footing with access to the same weapons and customisations. If the game is good enough then I will keep playing. Luckily there is no exclusivity with fps games like there is in sports games so they haven't been able to get away with this. However Ultimate Team fps is the future and it will be popular because there's enough people who will lay down money and kid themselves that they are gaming gods.
  13. Elite: Dangerous

    Currently, I have a Clipper, Asp X, Vulture and Fer De Lance in my hangar. The Asp X is my multi-purpose ship. I tried the Python but it was too sluggish compared to the Asp. The Clipper looks like a combat ship but actually plays better as a hauler (huge cargo), mining ship and pirate ship. If you're ever hauling diamonds in an anarchy system then I will be after your loot. The trick is to pick on harmless T6s in agriculture systems, shoot out their power plants, then loot them for all the juicy diamonds. 6 mil is my best payout so far for 20 minutes work. The Vulture will be my go to combat ship once I git gud. Currently I don't have the skill to take on larger ships with it. The Fer de Lance is my current combat ship which I am pimping out. I have it A rated and just collecting mats in order to create the perfect shield tanking killing machine.
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    It still has OP starcards in the game so it hasn't changed much. It's no comfort that you died to a player with 40% extra health that they earned the card rather then bought it.
  15. Elite: Dangerous

    Was flying around in my clipper picking off Diamond miners in a lawless system when I noticed an NPC who seemed somewhat familiar.. I immediately interdicted and blew him up. Unfortunately he was only hauling useless anime