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  1. RunRickyRun

    E3 2018

    I have 2 reservations about Fallout 76 being a multiplayer game: You wont be able to kill anyone important Crazy OP builds will be nerfed to balance the game To me, it's not Fallout if you can't walk up to a main character and blow their brains out with a mini-nuke because you felt like it (hence why Fallout 4 was the weakest of the series in my eyes)
  2. RunRickyRun


    Commiserations to our Cleveland fans on here - you still have 2016 which was a great series. I think LeBron goes to Philly next and will continue to dominate the East. Part of me would like to see a Kawhi, Paul George and LeBron super team but that would likely see them end up in LA which would also make me a bit sick.
  3. RunRickyRun

    Tony Xia

  4. RunRickyRun


    Houston miss 27 3 pointers in a row. Ouch. If you take a 35% success rate it's odds of about 100k to 1 to be that bad. Warriors in 4 for me. I hope I'm wrong and LeBron pulls off a miracle.
  5. RunRickyRun


    It's all nicely poised. LeBron needs two of his teammates to show up and Houston badly need Chris Paul back or both teams are toast.
  6. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Originally, it was a Roman city. The first time the English visited London, they burnt it to the ground.
  7. RunRickyRun

    General Chat

    The complete lack of co ordination from all participants reminds me of this: Probably the best fight scene ever.
  8. RunRickyRun

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    I think Indianapolis had the best draft. It wasn't sexy but if Andrew Luck returns fully fit,they have added some solid pieces to protect him. With the current state of the AFC that is probably all you need right now to make the playoffs (and then get shredded by Brady)
  9. RunRickyRun

    The Film Thread

  10. RunRickyRun

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    Drafting QBs is definitely a crap shoot. Ryan Leaf probably had the 3rd best QB grade in the last 20 years and he was an abject bust. I think Darnold was the safest pick and Allen has the greatest upside. Mayfield and Rosen appear to be the most ready to start right now. I think Rosen will be the pick of the bunch but it's only guesswork. I would have chosen Chubb instead of Ward though.
  11. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Eerily similar to this:
  12. Have you omitted Saquon Barkley on purpose? I think Cleveland will draft him at 4. If it does pan out that way it will be even more awkward than Aaron Rogers!
  13. RunRickyRun

    You're in a bar fight

    Zvonimir Boban (he did start a war with a kick) and Frank Barson (the hardest footballer ever)
  14. RunRickyRun

    Joe Lolley

    Should've put money on it! Joe loves scoring against the heathens.
  15. RunRickyRun

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The BBC's athletics coverage. Is there another sport where pictures of the actual live event are given second preference to showing four people sitting around a table discussing the events?