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  1. I’ll be in Vegas for Sunday’s game. 6am start Does anyone have a location to watch the game?
  2. I’m in Carlsbad about half hour from SanDiego - anyone know of a bar where I could catch the game? Much Appreciated UTV
  3. Anyone going down on the Friday and making most of the weekend? Note its the Brighton half marathon on Sunday so be mindful where you park with several road closures planned. The race date for 2022 is Sunday 27th February, and the start time is 9:00am. We advise all runners to be at the race site by 8:15am. Start & finish area The start and finish of the race is on Madeira Drive, BN2 1TB. The start and finish line is close to the Steve Ovett statue. Key timings 6:30am: Park & Ride site opens 7:00am: Race site and help desk opens 7:15am: Baggage facility opens 7:15am: Road closures start 8:57am: Wheelchair race starts 9:00am: Race starts 10:45am: Elite winners’ presentations 10:45am: Wheelchair race presentations 2:00pm: Race site closes https://www.brightonhalfmarathon.com/take-part/half-marathon/ MENU Event info Preparation Race day Run for charity in 2022 News Volunteer ShopRace informationDate & start timeThe race date for 2022 is Sunday 27th February, and the start time is 9:00am. We advise all runners to be at the race site by 8:15am.Start & finish areaThe start and finish of the race is on Madeira Drive, BN2 1TB. The start and finish line is close to the Steve Ovett statue.
  4. To help out @MNVillan what are the best away Pubs? Looking at various away fans guides the 2 pubs that crop up for away fans are The Prince George and The Railway Telegraph but someone was suggesting they might not be busy. I have been once and I just drank in The Metropolitan Bar near Marylebone before then journeying to the ground. I think a lot of Villa Fans might also use The Globe over the road from there? Surely a few thousand Villa Fans on a London jolly must meet up somewhere?
  5. Fingers crossed we get The Green Man side. Citeh (who at this time I assume we will play) had that side on their last visit at the start of this season in the community shield, but have had the other side mostly. I hope the police generally choose the sides based on previous allocations to ensure fans familiarity with the environment. If so we have pretty much always had that side. Green Man and Box Park trump all pubs than other side I think.
  6. The big question everybody is asking themselves before the game tomorrow; what Villa shirt do I wear? I’ve decided I’ll be sporting the ‘95-97 “AST” home shirt.
  7. sidcow


    Got me a ticket for this. Woooohooo. Mind you my last away was Crystal Palace which was miserable as sin. Going on a coach which is leaving at 7.30 am I assume we will be at the ground with hours to spare. Anyone know which is the pub most Villa fans go to? Most fan sites talk about Yates and Slug and Lettuce in the towns centre.
  8. Some of us local Bournemouth Lions are meeting in the Christopher Creeke pub from 12 on Saturday - it is just outside the town centre. About a 25 minute walk to the ground but there will also be taxis around. Here is the pub web site which has a location map. If anyone wants info about Bournemouth send me a message. https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/dorset/the-christopher-creeke-bournemouth
  9. kiltorken


    Does anyone know which pub(s) away fans are welcome near the stadium?
  10. deeps


    Going to this and excited for a day out on the coast. anyone know the best pub for away fans by the ground?
  11. Are there any pubs in Birmingham that still show non-televised games?
  12. Anyone know where most Villa will drink before the game? I am thinking around Marylebone but around London Bridge might be better. I would prefer to avoid pubs immediately round the ground as I assume there is probably like one away pub which will be rammed. How are Palace with away fans? Is it advisable to avoid wearing Colours?
  13. Anyone know if this will be open pre-match and whether it is just ST Holders as per previous seasons? If so, what time does it open? TIA!
  14. Pelle


    Not wanna hijack the thread, but which pub will everybody meet up at pre game? Asking for a friend...
  15. Thought I’d open a thread for those of you on VT that will be drinking before the game in various pubs. Great chance for some of you to meet fellow VTers, and have a good drink before the game. I notice on other teams forums it’s common for fans of that forum to start a thread so posters can meet up.
  16. Hi guys, it seems that the pubs near the ground won't be showing the game (I read that none within a 2 mile radius can), so I was wondering if anybody knows where people who don't have a ticket can go? Any recommendations?
  17. Do anyone know any decent places to watch the game on Monday? Either in the city or even are the club gonna show it? If I can't get a reasonable ticket to get to Wembley I really would prefer to watch it with fellow Villans rather than at home. Cheers.
  18. As I'm going to my 2nd away game ever I just wonder which pub everyone's meeting up at for a pre-game beer. If you don't wanna tell me just keep it instead of sending me and my friends to a rotherham fan pub.
  19. Can anyone tell me what time the team arrive at Villa Park for a 3pm kick off? I think I am right in saying that they all arrive on a coach from the training ground now. I want to try and get some autographs and before the game suits me better than afterwards. Thanks in advance for any info.
  20. Ive joined the site as 5 off my mate and I are heading to Birmingham for the game v West Brom next Saturday. I'm looking for info on where people think is best to go pre and post match. We are are heading down from Edinburgh on the Friday night so are good for a early start on the Saturday. We are all Hibernian fans bar one Aberdeen fan so hopefully get to see John McGinn. Thanks in advance for any help
  21. Larscapaldi


    Any decent away pubs for this one? We'll be in Reading around 10 am coming from Belgium so need to kill some time before the game
  22. wedge


    I presume all the usual haunts such as the Aston Social, Aston Tavern, Witton Arms etc will be opening between 8-9am on the morning of the game. Are any pubs in town or Erdington/Kingstanding/Sutton Coldfield known to be opening early to accommodate?
  23. Wainy316


    Is there usually anywhere allocated for away fans near the ground without a bar 5 deep?
  24. Anybody know what pubs have been allocated to us yet? Green Man please, Dilly-dilly
  25. I'm getting married in Cyprus next week which means I wont be able to attend the game. I thought i'd start a thread for anyone who will be watching the game abroad, and to coordinate where to watch it if people want to. So if anyone is watching in Paphos and wants to meet up at a bar let me know! (or if anyone has any recommendations for bars in Paphos where we can watch the game, that'd be great!) UTV!
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