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Found 37 results

  1. As a Villa fan who lives in Toronto I am re-doing my office and need an Aston Villa picture put on the wall. I am looking for something great. What do you recommend, what are your favourite Villa related photographs of the stadium, players, moments etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can't find one doing a search which considering all the whimsical musings over the years is probably operator error so mods, feel free to merge it or whatever as usual, but in answering a question on another thread "Is this the longest run in the clubs history without winning a League, FA Cup or League Cup?" it caused me, as this site can from time to time, to delve into the recesses of the interweb to find some answers. I thought instead of filing my findings away in my never to be seen again file on my desktop I may as well chuck it here as surely someone else might find it interesting over a cup of tea. That or I've wasted a couple of hours!! But there are many times over the last few years where posters have said "I just spent an hour working that out" and maybe somewhere to chuck all this stuff as a resourse tool might stop all that time and effort disappearing into the ether. Proper history buffs please feel free to correct anything you see wrong. Mathematicians feel free to check I've carried the one It is now, in 2017, 21 seasons ago that we lifted the League Cup back in 1996. There are bound to be posters on this site that weren't even born then. That puts it into context somewhat! And counting all divisional titles it is indeed the longest run without one. There's a 37 year period between the 1920 FA Cup win and the 1957 FA Cup win where we didn't win either a Division 1 title or either of the 2 cups (although there was still only the one back then) but there's a division 2 title in there and also 7 years lost to WW II. Anyway here's what I found amongst that long list of numbers we've all looked at. The honours. But with the angle being how long we've had to wait between trophies. It took us 13 years to win an FA Cup from our formation although granted some of that time we were still playing Rugby one half and Association Rules the other! And League Football just wasn't around yet. 1874/75 - 1886/87 (FA CUP) 13 YEARS One more year to go until McGregor does his thing and league football is born......and then it takes us 6 years to win it. 1887/88 - 1893/94 (DIV 1 ) 7 YEARS (1888/89 Football League formed) Own the 1890's.....including the second ever double (after Preston do it in the inaugural 1888/89 Football League season). 1894 - 1895 (FA CUP) 1 YEAR 1895 - 1896 (DIV 1 ) 1 YEAR 1896 - 1897 (D1 + FA CUP) 1 YEAR 1897/98 - 1898/99 (DIV 1 ) 2 YEARS 1899 - 1900 (DIV 1 ) 1 YEAR 3 more trophies before the war...... 1900/01 - 1904/05 (FA CUP) 5 YEARS 1905/06 - 1909/10 (DIV 1 ) 5 YEARS 1910/11 - 1912/13 (FA CUP) 3 YEARS 2 more trophy-less seasons after the 1913 FA Cup win WW I breaks out and we lose seasons 1915/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, but win the FA Cup the year it starts up again. 1913/14 - 1914/15 WW I 1919 - 1920 (FA CUP) 3 YEARS Then it is barren. 37 years until our next First Division or FA Cup win. Our first relegation in 1936 but then also our first Second Division title in 1938. Either way our longest time without a trophy at that point and our longest wait since the formation of the league since which the fans had only ever gone 6 seasons without one of the major trophies. 1920/21 - 1937/38 (Div 2 ) 18 YEARS However 1 year after promotion WW II breaks out and we lose another 7 seasons - namely 1939/40, 40/41, 41/42, 42/43, 43/44, 44/45, 45/46. It takes 11 years after it gets going again before we beat the Busby Babes and all that..... 1938 - 1939 WW II 1946/47 - 1956/57 (FA CUP) 12 YEARS Then 60 years ago we decided the FA Cup wasn't really for us before obviously getting relegated again in 1959 just to get another Second Division title under our belts before the inaugural League Cup... 1957/58 - 1959/60 (Div 2 ) 3 YEARS 1960 - 1961 ( L CUP) 1 YEAR It would be 14 years, some relegations and a promotion until we saw a major trophy like that again (well exactly that trophy), although the Third Division title would set the record for 4th longest wait for any trophy at the time at 11 years. Relegated for a 3rd time in '67 and again to the third tier in 1970. 1961/62 - 1971/72 (Div 3 ) 11 YEARS One more League cup before I'm born 1972/73 - 1974/75 ( L CUP) 3 YEARS And then people stopped counting and lived the dream I guess ending the 71 year wait (60 seasons) for the 7th title along the way. 1975/76 - 1976/77 ( L CUP) 2 YEARS 1977/78 - 1980/81 ( DIV 1 ) 4 YEARS 1981 - 1982 (EUROPEAN CUP + Charity Shield) 1 YEAR 1982 - 1983 (EUROPEAN SUPER CUP) 1 YEAR (As a side note people often say to me "I wish I was born when we won it all". Do you? Do you really? Because I was, but I don't really remember it, so I always wish I was a bit older and could have been around to actually appreciate it. I feel more mocked by the Gods than you basically!! anyway on with the boring.....) 11 years and joint 4th longest wait for a trophy (at that time) with another relegation and resurgence thrown in along the way of course Turner, McNeill, Taylor, Venglos and then League Cup wins for Big Ron and Brian Little, it's all becoming a bit clearer..... 1983/84 - 1993/94 ( L CUP) 11 YEARS 1994/95 - 1995/96 ( L CUP) 2 YEARS And then, just nothing. 1996/97 - ???? 21 years without a trophy. 36 years without a league title. 60 years without an FA Cup win. Longest runs without any trophy: 1996/97 - Present - 21 years 1920/21 - 1937/38 - 18 years 1874/75 - 1886/87 - 13 years 1938/39 - 1956/57 - 12 years (7 lost to WWII) 1983/84 - 1993/94 - 11 years 1961/62 - 1971/72 - 11 years N.B. This does not include the Intertoto Cup. See below.
  3. Do we have enough for an all star XI? The obvious candidate is Robert Pires. I’m tempted to throw Peter Schmeichel in as well, perhaps a bit harsh, but he was a pretty mediocre player by the time he arrived here.
  4. Just seen on the local news we played Chelsea in 2000 final on this day. Regardless of it being a terrible negative performance I've always thought that was the last day we were really seen as a big player in the English game. Even though the 90s were seen as a period of underachievement we still won two cups, finished 2nd in the league and had many other top 6 finishes in that period. Also had many top international players in our squad. After that game I can remember Merson, Ugo, Southgate and David James all putting in transfer requests and wanting to leave although they were all still actually at the club for the start of the next season. You could see though they all sensed that was the end of the road for that squad. Even though Chelsea were only seen as big player in English game from Abramovich onwards their 11 that day had likes of Zola, Marcel Desailly and George Weah in it. They'd reach the champions league quarter finals that season and indeed had finished above us in the league for the previous three seasons (I don't think we've finished above Chelsea in the league since 96/97 season which is a sobering fact). Since that season I think we've only finished in the top half of premier league 7 times in over 20 seasons. The next two seasons we finished 8th twice so we slipped from the top 6 regulars we were for majority of the 90s. A hugely disappointing day that had a long term knock on impact for us. Also that summer the old Trinity was knocked down which also chipped away at our self esteem given it was one of those things that set us apart from many clubs.
  5. Seen something like this on Twitter, thought I'd start a thread. We have had our share of tough players. Back in the day we had, Mike Pejic, Leighton Phillips, but my favourite has to be Garry Thompson, or has we affectionately called him, Bruno. I remember his tangles with Steve Walsh of Leicester, two tough men giving no quarter. Neale cooper was another, boy, did he like a tackle. Such a shame he didn't replicate his Aberdeen form for us.
  6. This was probably the closest thread i could think to put this in. The iconic, if short lived yellow shirt of the early 90s.....love the way the badge is imposed on the shirt at a angle.....but.... I've only just noticed that the lion is still upright and not rotated to the left in line with the lettering....and it's bugging me !
  7. The favourite Villa shirt thread, and Gareth's never ending collection of shirts, got me wondering what else other Villa fans had collected over the years. I have a few things, old programmes mainly but, I do have three prized possessions. An unused (f**king dreadful, I know) match ticket, for the European Cup Final, signed by Allan Evans with the final programme - bought for £10 in 1988 at a Villa programme fayre at the back of the North stand. For the record, I was 10 in 1982 and had nobody to take me to the final! Gutted! An official Villa club football signed by the entire 1994 League Cup final winning squad - a Coventry supporting in-law saw it a car boot and bought it with me in mind, for £6. An official Villa club record (book) of every player who'd played for us up until 1988 (time of print) and got it signed by the entire squad plus Graham Taylor. Sent it back to Bodymoor Heath at a date and got it signed by a few more players. Also got Jimmy Macewan to sign it. He was a player from back in the day who used to visit the shop I used to work at in Erdington. If there's already a thread for this mods, please relocate for me?
  8. Hi guys and any ladies, I have joined your forum in the real hope that you can just maybe, hopefully, help me. What it is, I am trying to research the career of my second cousin, on my grand-father's side, Leighton Phillips. Leighton is from Briton Ferry, the same as my dad and they were cousins From my research I can see that Leighton played for your great club and I would very, very much like any memories of him, any anecdotes, and to just maybe be able to tell me what he was like as a player? I believe he actually captained your famous club but I don't know any dates. Any info at all you can give me would be very much appreciated. Especially the time when Villa won 5-1 v Liverpool and also 2-1 at Anfield - circa late 70's, amongst other, no doubt, note - worthy games. When I was a young boy Leighton passed on a black and white photo of Villa, through my auntie Ena, but sadly, I don't know where it is now.. I love footballer and I have supported Liverpool for years but this is something which I have always wanted to do and now is as good as time as any. Anyhow, all the best, Thanks for reading, Andy Phillips
  9. I’ve been looking for footage on YouTube of our early years in the Intertoto Cup (2000/01, 2001/02 and 2002/03). I’ve only found the Marila Pribram (aka Dukla Prague) game at the Hawthorns in 2000 and the Lille away game in 2002. i’d love to see some others, particularly the 4-1 win against Basel in 2001 when Ginola scored. Does anyone know where any of these games might be available to watch or buy?
  10. Hey guys, I was having a conversation with a friend about John Terry and at one point I mentioned that he was probably somewhere in my Top 10 list of Villa Captains of my lifetime*. This got me wondering if there was a list somewhere of ALL Captains from Villa's birth in 1874 to the present day. A very brief Google search wasn't particularly helpful, though there's emphasis on the words "very brief" There's many many learned posters on this forum and stats guys that may have this. Can we start a chronological list please? I'll happily edit this post when there's changes. Apologies if this has Bin Dunne before but just thought it was an interesting topic. UTV *born 85, fully fledged support as of 94.
  11. I got to thinking last night about my youth and the Villa....memories of certain things that will never leave me, so here goes a few of em : - 3pm kick off on a winter's afternoon....half way through the second half, the A V floodlights kicking in, twinkling against the slate grey sky, pigeons fluttering off them as they warm up. - Having a crap view of the game from the Holte until we score, a mad surge and you end up 10 yards away from your mates, but now with a better view ! - Same crush in the Holte, no room to move, a fat drunk bloke behind you declares loudly he needs a piss....then as if by magic a 5 yard gap appears all around him ! The theme from an "unfinished silent movie" (Hurricane Smith) as players warmed up. Music supplied by Andy Cash records of erdington. - Cigar smoke drifting across and its lingering smell.....(and I dont even smoke) - Geezer in front of you, with a transistor radio, letting you know the other scores. (Who needed smart phones !) - Or, checking the scores as they were put up at half time - each game had a letter reference. Game A was Liverpool v Cov, game B was Forest v man city... - Chanting "Sid Sid Sid !" before the match as he warmed up by the left corner flag, but I dont ever recall Mr Cowans even acknowledging us ! - Singing "seats aggro" if the trinity road posh boys got outraged at the ref. As you can work out, these were recalled from my days standing on the Holte. I've tried to leave out stuff like on the way to the game/after the game & just tried to keep it of memories inside VP. I realise this thread might appeal to those of a certain age !
  12. That Stoke game where we were 2-0 up with 5 minutes to go, Ryan Shawcross and our very own Glenn Whelan scored for them. It ultimately killed us as a football club at the time, we never really recovered from it. What could have been? Champions League football? Who knows? It’s a distant memory now, makes me sad what are you memories of that day?
  13. Any recommendations for good books worth reading that are AVFC related? I'm not especially interested the old history stuff but more so biographies from more recent times.
  14. Come on then, which one of you dickheads did it? Fess up.
  15. sidcow

    Tony Morley

    I have seen on another forum which shall not be named that Tony is in hospital for a knee replacement. My ultimate hero is Sid Cowans obviously.. Truth be told I am unfortunately a couple of years short of really seeing the League/European champions teams in action, I only started going with my mates in the mid 80's but I saw them a couple of times when my dad took me to Villa Park and started the obsession. Sid is my ultimate hero because I had the privilege of seeing him play regularly in his second and third stints with us and my god he was beyond supreme. Still for me better in his position than McGrath. HOWEVER when I was 10 years old I was ALWAYS Tony Morley when playing football. I was shocked to not find a thread specifically about him when I went to write about his hospital appointment *. This guy is a true Villa legend. He crossed the ball to Withe for our greatest ever moment. Anyway I wish him well and hope his new knees provides a better quality of life for him, bad knees are a real downer for people who suffer. I once met him and like all the old players I have met seemed a really decent fella. Good luck Tony. * it may actually exist as I am technology incompetent but I did search for a thread with his name in the title which came up blank. Apologies if this is me in the wrong!
  16. I heard mention of a WW1 poem which mentioned Aston Villa which was published in Wipers Times, a kind of trenches fanzine. I tracked it down so here it is if you are interested: The Burning Question Three Tommies sat in a trench one day, Discussing the war, in the usual way, They talked of the mud, and they talked of the Hun, Of what was to do, and what had been done, They talked about rum, and – ’tis hard to believe – They even found time to speak about leave. But the point which they argued from post back to pillar, Was whether Notts County could beat Aston Villa. The night sped away, and zero drew nigh, Equipment made ready, all lips getting dry, And watches consulted with each passing minute Till five more to go, then ‘twould find them all in it; The word came along down the line to “get ready!” The sergeants admonishing all to keep steady, But out rang a voice getting shriller and shriller: “I tell yer Notts County can beat Aston Villa!” The Earth shook and swayed, and the barrage was on As they leapt o’er the top with a rush and were gone Away into Hunland, through mud and through wire, Stabbing and dragging themselves through the mire, No time to heed those who are falling en route Till, stopped by a strong point, they lay down to shoot, Then, through the din came a voice: “Say, Jack Miller! I tell yer Notts County can beat Aston Villa!” The strong point has gone, and forward they press Towards their objective, in numbers grown less They reach it at last, and prepare to resist The counter-attack which will come through the mist Of the rain falling steadily; dig and hang on, The word for support back to H.Q. has gone, The air, charge with moment, grows stiller and stiller – “Notts County’s no earthly beside Aston Villa.” Two “Blighties”, a struggle through mud to get back To the old A.D.S. down a rough duck-board track, A hasty field dressing, a ride in a car, A wait in a C.C.S., then there they are: Packed side by side in a clean Red Cross train, Happy in hopes to see Blighty again, Still, through the bandages, muffled, “Jack Miller, I bet you Notts County can beat Aston Villa!” Whilst looking for this I saw reference to another WW1 poem mentioning Villa Park, I'll maybe try find that one as well. They think the guy who wrote this was killed the day after the edition was printed. Shame for the guy who got injured, no way we would be losing to Notts County. Must have been shell shocked or summat.
  17. Ok, Samba may perhaps not qualify for this list as it can be questioned if he was a quality player...but nevertheless he made me think of how many really good quality players we have signed towards the end of their careers, 5-7 years too late. The first player I can remember was Luc Nilis. We have then had so many really good players who we have signed too late, like David Ginola, Robert Pires, Chris Sutton, Robbie Keane, Joe Cole, didn't we even have Peter Schmeichel at some time? Would be fun to try to list how many of these really good quality players we have had who has signed for us too late...
  18. So whilst packing my bag last night for a sneaky trip to Romania today, I opened a beer, or four, and I watched on YouTube my favourite ever Villa match. In all its glory. 1994 Coca Cola Cup 2nd leg semi final against Tranmere. It's incredible. The noise from the stadium, the players we had, the complete drama. It was a little emotional too, watching Ugo and DalIan on the pitch. Big Ron too, full of swagger. Then the there's the less discussed heroes like Earl Barret, Kevin Richardson and Shaun Teale. Bozzie with the penalties, (quite how he avoided a red card I'll never know!) God of course is beyond hero status. So, I'm curious. What's your favourite Villa game? Perhaps we could include some links so we can catch up on the best of Villa times whilst the current time is in a slight lull...
  19. turvontour


    Goals We haven’t scored enough goals this season, simple as. I mentioned elsewhere that the team we fielded at Newcastle on Monday night contained just one player that had scored for us this season! Irrespective of the number of new signings, to me that’s a terrifying statistic. It was seeing Chris Samba’s goal scoring stats at his recent clubs – something like 8 goals in 50 games and It struck me, I can’t remember us having even one goal scoring defender (centre half or full back) in recent times. And, I’d even extend that to midfielders. So, who were our last proper 6-7 goal a season defenders? Lescott bundled a few home last season I recall? And our last proper 10 goal a season midfielders? I honestly can’t remember that, can only presume it was from the Barry, Milner, Young era . And I guess most importantly, why don’t we have them anymore? Few obvious reasons linked to recent demise of club be we still have a lot of corners for our defenders to attack, right?
  20. With the links to Henri Lansbury and his remarkable man-bun, and with Amavi and Bacuna already sporting more tramlines than Snow Hill, are we entering a new golden era of hairstyles at Villa Park? As a kid, the summers were filled with three moments of excitement - new signing, new kit, Tony Daley's new lid. So this thread is a chance to post your favourite (or least favourite) Villa barnets, from Andy Lochhead's half-a-combover to Nigel Callaghan's spikes to Kevin Gage's mullet. Have at it!
  21. This just turned up over on the facebook Irish Supporters Club page. An elderly man owned it and it was then given to his carer, who gave it to her own grandson. Very cool piece I think you'll agree I've done some digging and come up with the players who played that season and I can spot most of them on there. Joe Rutherford (GK), Harry Parkes, Con Martin, Danny Blanchflower, Frank Junior Moss, Dicky 'Ironman' Dorsett, Herbert 'Little Sport' Smith, Johnny Dixon, Dave Walsh, Tommy 'Toucher' Thompson, Les 'Schmidtz' Smith, Peter Basil Aldis, Derek 'Doc' Pace, Billy 'Cowboy' Goffin, Amos Moss, Larry Canning, Graham Cordell (GK), Colin Hayward Gibson, Stan 'The Wham' Lynn, Keith Jones (GK), Ken 'Shunter' Roberts. Albert Vinall (didn't play)
  22. With the Old Firm game rearing it's head again this weekend, it got me thinking that there appears to be a surprisingly large amount of Aston Villa and Celtic managerial connections for 2 clubs in 2 different countries miles apart from each other. First up there is Jimmy Hogan, who is probably more famous in central European football than in this country. Hogan managed Villa back in the 1930's and later coached at Celtic. Then there is Tommy Docherty- who was influenced by Mr Hogan as a young player at Celtic, had a short spell in charge of the Villa in the 1960's. Fast forward 20 off years and Villa had Billy Mcneill in charge. He was is considered a legend with Celtic as the European cup wining captain and later manager. He was at Villa in a short time in the 1986-87 season in which we got relegated. After this Villa had Doctor Josef Venglos as the manager for a season in 1990-91, as the first foreign top flight manger in English football. He was probably a bit before his time in the pre sky english football era. Doctor Jo then had a year as the manager at Celtic later on the in 1990's. After 2006 we had the salad days of Martin O'Neill, who had just had a year out in management after previously being the boss at Parkhead for five years. And of course who can forget Paul Lambert spell at the Villa? I know we are trying to. Lambert of course played under O'Neill at Celtic. That seems a lot of connections- its all a bit strange!
  23. So if there's one already merge it mods but I couldn't find one Mine was sometime in the 80's away at Maine Road. Villa won 2-2 Can't remember much else to be fair, not even the scorers now lol. I'm going to search the internet for answers!! I do remember being in awe at the sheer awesomeness of it all. EDIT: I'm sure City had 2 goals disallowed that day aswell.
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